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Apparatus donut: advice on the choice and feedback of entrepreneurs

Donuts love everything. Yes, it's harmful, but so delicious! It is possible to earn good money on this attachment. How to turn donuts into a profitable business? First of all, establish their production and refine the preparation formula. About the specifics of the choice of equipment for the preparation of donuts, we will talk in this article.


According to the general definition, donuts are a dish made from a mild dough fried in a lot of oil. They can be made both from yeast dough, and using a baking powder. The main charm of these products lies in the contrast of crispy crust and soft, gentle center. The choice of the recipe, according to which donuts will be made, directly depends on whether you plan to fill them with all kinds of creams and fillings after cooking. If so, it is worthwhile to dwell on the mixture using yeast. It is the yeast that will provide you with larger pores in the test, which are convenient to fill. If the sauce will be served separately (or you generally limit the sugar powder), then you can take a mixture with baking powder - donut machine will cope without any problems.

From a commercial point of view, the following types of donuts are distinguished:

  • Donuts are the same donuts in the form of a ring, covered with various glazes and sprinkles. If desired, can additionally be filled with jam, cream, chocolate.
  • Berliners - whole donuts in the form of a bun. Always pre-filled with mixtures to choose from.
  • Churros is a rather rare kind of donuts. They are fried deep-fried ringlets from a custard pastry, served with a thick chocolate sauce. National Spanish dish.

We will point out the most popular types of apparatus for preparing donuts of the first two kinds.

Apparatus atypical Atesy

The Russian brand Atesy deals with industrial equipment in all its diversity - it's thermal, and neutral equipment, and distribution lines, and devices for making "fast food." He offers his customers the simplest model for roasting dough products - Gulf Stream 1/1. The donut apparatus is characterized by the following points:

  • Bath-fryer;
  • A manual dispenser installed over the deep fryer; The dispenser is equipped with a head of a special shape, which allows the user to form a donut with a regular ring-shaped shape, regardless of the density of the dough;
  • Control unit that allows to maintain the optimum temperature of the oil in the deep fryer for the thermal processing of donuts;
  • A pallet for laying out finished products;
  • Connection type - 220 V;
  • Power - 3,1 kW;
  • Donut device "Gulfstream" produces on the average about 200 items per hour (the more precise quantity depends on the density of the test);
  • The finished donut on the output weighs 35-45 grams.

The average price for such a device is 25,000 rubles. According to the owners, this is a good option for those whose range is not limited to donuts alone. It was also noted that the manual dispenser is a minus of the design, since it forces the cooks to be constantly at the apparatus.

Apparatus donut "Sicom"

The most popular brand in Russia, which offers equipment for the preparation of donuts. The models are as follows:

1. PR-7M. The model is very similar to the device "Gulf Stream", described earlier. Perceived as a better quality and productive older brother. The characteristics are as follows:

  • A dispenser for 7 liters,
  • Working volume of deep fryer - 12 liters,
  • Productivity - 300 pieces per hour for donuts from yeast raw materials and 450 pieces per hour for a mixture on baking powder.

The dispenser allows you to adjust the weight of the workpiece in the range from 36 to 56 grams. The average price is 27,000 rubles. Customer feedback makes it clear that this is a good base model for the start. Yes, not without flaws: the donut machine Sikom could have a more convenient temperature control system, but a couple of days of practice will be enough to learn how to work with the one that is.

2. PRF 11 / 300M. Similar to the model above, the main difference is that the 11 / 300M has three plunger pairs, and not one (36 and 40 mm added to 30 mm). This allows you to prepare donuts of different diameters. And from the 40-millimeter billet the final product will have a size that will allow it to be stuffed with something. For this luxury will have to pay already 45 000 rubles. And yes, it's still mechanical.

3. PRF 11/900. Finally, automation! This apparatus does everything by itself: it heats the oil, and turns it off, and turns it over, and separates the finished products. The donut machine PRF 11/900 has the following characteristics:

  • The working volume of the dispenser is 7 liters,
  • Working volume of deep fryer - 16 liters,
  • 3 plunger pairs - on 30, 36, 40 mm,
  • Warming up to operating temperature in 20 minutes,
  • Productivity - 450 yeast products per hour, 600 blended products per hour.
  • Price - 120 000 rubles.

According to reviews, we can conclude that this is a good quality model for a small production. Not without disadvantages, of course: with the device there must be at least one employee controlling the process, since the donut unit "Sikom" sometimes turns not all products.

Equipment for preparation of donuts SHELDEM

The SHELDEM brand comes into play where "Sic" does not cope anymore. Models:

1. ACE 350/40. Compact unit, fully automatic - you just need to load the dough into the bunker, everything else he will do himself. Roasting of billets - vertical. Built-in counter of ready-made donuts. Settings allow you to change the weight of the workpiece from 20 to 66 grams. Productivity - 200 pieces per hour. Connection type - 220 V. Performance desktop. Economical oil consumption. The average price is 98,000 rubles. The donut device APF 350/40 does not cause absolutely no complaints from the owners, except that the modest performance is embarrassing.

2. MP 2. The volume of the dispenser is 5 liters, the working volume of the bath is 20 liters. Built-in counters of ready-made donuts. Ability to work 24 hours a day. The diameter of the finished product is 9 cm. The productivity is 600 pieces per hour. Connection type - 220 V. The price is 180 000 rubles. We love those who are not enough for the ACE 350/40 model.

Equipment for the production of donuts JUFEBA

German brand, which creates excellent equipment for confectionery and bakeries. Their thermal lines have outgrown conventional devices for molding and roasting donuts - they are equally capable of producing independently a variety of patties and curly buns. Basic Models:

1. The donut machine JUFEBA WW-T 05. Prepares 360 donuts per hour. Connection type - 380 V. Execution floor. The price is 600 000 rubles.

2. Apparatus for donuts JUFEBA WW-G 10. Prepares 480 donuts per hour. Connection type - 380 V. Execution floor. The enclosure includes a cabinet, which is very in demand where a dense yeast dough is used - after proofing it will become softer and more magnificent.

Belshaw donut cooking equipment

This American brand is known on the Russian market only one model - Donut Robot Mark 2, and it is impeccable. Give a donut for this device about 700 000 rubles, but it is worth this money. Characteristics:

  • Electric conveyor;
  • Productivity - 600 pieces per hour;
  • Possibility to work with yeast and mixed test;
  • Fine adjustment of temperature and cooking time, depending on the consistency of the dough;
  • Is equipped with a set of plungers, allows you to prepare donuts of variable sizes and berlinery.

The owners working on it, there are no complaints. It is simple in maintenance, does not require special operating conditions.

Equipment for the production of donuts Rilling Systeme

The equipment of this German brand is assembled at the plant for the end user, as a designer. In this regard, we can not even voice the approximate cost, since it directly depends on what the customer wants to see. Upon request, you can add:

  • The cabinet is a raspberry one - it is indispensable where the dough for the donuts is used rather dense yeast (for more airiness and splendor before roasting, it needs a little to come after molding);
  • Separate containers for molding and roasting donatsov and berlinerov;
  • The possibility of roasting in submerged baskets;
  • Floor or tabletop execution;
  • Possibility to complete the device with a donut with neutral surfaces for laying out blanks or ready donuts.

Not a classic, but still: the device for donuts Enigma

The IDM-6 model is a budget small-sized device capable of preparing 6 donats at a time. A characteristic feature - the products are not fried, but are baked. It is more useful and convenient, but, unfortunately, there will not be a crusty oil crust. The average price is 12 500 rubles.

Optional equipment

To maximize the success of your products, we advise you to purchase a special dispenser that will evenly fill the finished donut. The price of it is not particularly budgetary - about 46,000 rubles for a mechanical unit, but judging by the reviews, it is reliable and will last for many years.

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