Means for weight loss "Dietressa": reviews, composition and mechanism of action

One of the most popular drugs for weight loss is the medicine "Dietressa." This drug is sold without a prescription, it is advertised on television, and in pharmacies, pharmacists recommend buying it even to those who originally planned to buy a completely different drug for weight loss. What is the reason for its popularity, and what are the reviews about the preparation of "Dietressa"?

According to her creators, taking this medication should contribute to a significant decrease in appetite. The drug is advertised as an exceptionally convenient weight loss tool for modern, busy women, who once sit on diets and attend gyms. Its effect is due to the antagonists of the cannabinoid C1 receptor, which cause the saturation effect. Thus, taking this medication, as the description to it, helps to suppress hunger and significantly reduce the daily volume of food, and weight loss as a result of this happens by itself. In this case, the drug "Dietressa" (the reviews confirm this) are not addictive, do not inhibit or "spur" the work of the central nervous system.

Contraindications for taking this medication are described in the instructions. This is the standard list: pregnancy, lactation and age of 18 years, as the relevant clinical trials have not yet been conducted. It is recommended that the tool "Dietressa", reviews of which can be found on many sites, in the course of treatment of patients suffering from overweight (obesity I - II degree). The drug is well tolerated and does not cause negative manifestations of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Nevertheless, manufacturers warn of the possibility of dyspepsia in overdose, caused, however, by the inactive component of the drug, and its constituent auxiliary substances.

Meanwhile, opinions on the efficacy of this remedy for those who have tried to lose weight with it, diverge. So, a significant part of them argue that as a result of taking the drug they failed to lose a gram of excess weight. In some, there was a paradoxical reaction to the "Dietsressa" tablets (the reviews describe it): instead of reducing appetite, there was an increase in it, as a result of which the person not only did not lose weight, but also gained a couple of extra pounds. Such a reaction may indicate that this drug is not suitable for you personally and it is worth trying another method for losing weight. Others, on the contrary, argue that the increased appetite within two to three weeks passes, and everything falls into place: the feeling of saturation comes much faster, there is almost no desire. This is also warned by the description of the preparation "Dietressa", the composition of which is carefully verified. According to the instructions, the medicine can provoke an increased appetite within two to eight days after the start of its administration. This condition should be simply endured, in norm it should not lead to a set of weight.

One "Dietsressy" tablet contains 0.006 g of antibodies to the cannabinoid C1 receptor. Take them one by one 2-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. The tablet is kept in the mouth until it is completely resorbed. When taken in this dose, the drug does not cause side effects, but its individual intolerance is possible.

Available on the "Dietressa" testimonials testify that it gives a particularly noticeable effect in combination with a low-calorie diet. This is quite reasonable, because it is important not only to reduce the amount of food consumed, but also to make the diet balanced. Eating cakes and fizzy drinks, you are unlikely to lose weight, how effective you would be the weight loss agent you take. For a long-term effect, it is important, first of all, to develop the habit of proper nutrition - in this case, you will not only lose weight with this drug, but also save the result for many months and years.

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