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The film "And the storm struck": reviews of the audience

The genre of "film-catastrophe" that bypassed in the 70s of the last century on the demand for peplum and neovesterny, continues to remain popular today.

Among the interesting Hollywood works of the past few years, you can name the picture of Craig Gillespie "And a storm struck." Reviews of those who watched the film differ, but all the spectators, as its unconditional plus, celebrate the reality of what is happening.

How was it created?

It all began with the publication in 2009 of the novel by Casey Sherman and Michael J. Todzias "The Selfless Hours". It was written on the basis of real events that occurred in 1951 on the Cape Cod Peninsula.

After 2 years, the company "Walt Disney Pictures" acquired the rights to its screen version. To create an adapted scenario, Oscar nominees Paul Tamesy and Eric Johnson met with eyewitnesses of the disaster of two oil tankers that occurred 60 years ago, as they intended to create an extremely realistic picture without the invented "feats of superheroes". However, this did not mean that the film should be boring, since the main emphasis was placed on creating a vivid and impressive picture of the terrible storm.

Work on the picture

Filming began in September 2014 in Quincy, Massachusetts. As a nature, various places of the southern coast of the United States and Chatham's vicinity were also used. Part of the picture was also filmed in the city of Marshfield. The installation of the painting "And the storm struck" (see reviews below) lasted one year. During this time, about 1000 visual effects were processed.

Film crew

Produced by the picture were Dorothy Ofiero and James Whitaker. As the main operator was invited to the Spaniard, six-time winner of the "Goya" Javier Agirresarobe, and the composer - Carter Burwell, who wrote music for "Twilight" and many other famous paintings.

Staging the plot

The first thing that those who decide whether to watch the film "And the storm struck" want to get acquainted with - reviews. Regarding the scenario, they are usually positive, as it is difficult to make claims to real events.

The action of the painting takes place on the site connected with the 1951 accident. Bernard Webber serves at the Coast Guard station in Chatham , Massachusetts on the Cape Cod Peninsula. He is in love with the local girl Miriam. The couple decides to get married on April 16. However, according to the service instructions, a young man must first apply for permission to the station commander Daniel Cluff.

When Bernie goes to her immediate superior to announce her desire to marry, the station receives a message that the SS Pendleton oil tanker is suffering near the coast of Chatham. The ship was subjected to the destructive effect of the Norister storm and split into two halves. The situation is complicated by the fact that a couple of hours before the same fate befell the ship "Fort Mercer" and the main forces of rescuers were thrown to the elimination of this accident. However, leaving the Pendleton crew without assistance is inhuman. Therefore, the station head appoints Bernie commander of the detachment, which on the boat CG 36500 must get to the tanker and rescue his crew. With him, he takes Andrew Fitzgerald, Richard Livesey and Erwin Maske.

Learning about this, his girlfriend Miriam understands that the rescue operation is suicide. Most of Chatham's residents agree with her. Some of them believe that Commander Cliff simply does not know the degree of danger to which he subjects his charges. Miriam hurries to the station to convince his groom's boss to call Bernie's boat and return his crew. Cluff not only refuses, but also rudely orders to expel Miriam from the territory of the station.


Bernie and his friends get to the broken tanker, despite the fact that on the way they lose the compass. CG 36500 is designed to transport 12 people, but rescuers manage to take on board 32 crew members of the collapsed ship. In the absence of a compass, Bernie leads the boat to the house. The task of rescuers becomes more complicated when it turns out that the town was left without electricity. However, Miriam and his neighbors build their cars at the pier and turn on the lights to show them the way.

As a result, Bernard Webber and his colleagues receive a Gold Medal for saving the United States for a beautiful operation.

In 2 months Miriam marries her hero. Their marriage lasts 58 years until Webber died in 2009, and Miriam also dies after 2 years.


In the film "And the storm struck," reviews of which are very different, there were more than 70 actors starred, not counting the extras. The main roles were performed by:

  • Chris Pine, known for the films "Star Trek", "Startrek: Retribution" and "Startrek: Infinity" - Bernard Webber.
  • Eric Bana, laureate of the Screen Actors Guild Award, - Daniel Cluff.
  • Casey Affleck, nominee for the Oscar, - Ray Siebert.
  • Holliday Granger, nominated for the prize of the Monte Carlo TV Festival for Best Actress in the TV series Borgia, Miriam Webber.
  • Ben Foster, winner of the MTV Movie Awards, - Richard Livesey.
  • John Ortiz, known for the TV series ABC "American Crime", - Wallace Quirey.
  • Kyle Gallner - Andrew Fitzgerald.
  • Graham McTavish - Frank Foto.
  • John Magaro - Erwin Maske.
  • Kayan Lonsdale is Eldon Hanan.
  • Michael Raymond-James - D. Brown.
  • Bo Napp - Mel Gohoutro.
  • Josh Stewart - Miracles of Sutherland.
  • Kanean Lonsdale, known for 2 parts of the "Divergent" - Eldon Hanan.
  • Rachel Brosnahan - Bea Hansen.
  • Abraham Benruby is George Myers.

Interesting facts about the picture "And the storm struck" and the real rescue operation

  • In 2011, after the death of the real prototype of the hero of Bernard Webber's film, the command of the US Coast Guard decided to name one of the boats in honor of this bold rescuer, thanks to which 32 people were saved lives.
  • Actors Eric Bana and Chris Pine had previously starred in the film "Star Trek". Thus, "And a storm struck" (reviews of the film specialists posted at the end of the article) - this is their 2nd joint film.
  • Shortly before the premiere of the film, the United States Coast Guard posted on the Internet genuine photos of heroes to rescue the tanker off the coast of New England.
  • At the time of the 1951 storm in this region of the Atlantic Ocean, there were 18-meter waves and the wind blew at a speed of 100 km / h.

"And a storm struck", 2016: reviews of the film (positive)

Most viewers who have already seen the picture, believe that the film was a success. First of all, this is due to the fact that it is about universal values, such as dedication, heroism and love, who know no boundaries. At the same time, many recommend watching the picture in the IMAX 3 D format, as in this case the viewer appears to be in the center of the storm and experiences all the events of the picture as their participant and eyewitness. There are a lot of people who liked it, how vividly and precisely the creators of the painting conveyed the atmosphere of the 50s of last century.

"And a storm struck," 2016: reviews (negative)

Young people, accustomed to the super-spectacular action with elements of fantasy, the picture may not like. After all, in the film at the most interesting moment there are no aliens, and from the darkness does not float a ship with vampires. It will not cause delight and cynics, in which the word "love" causes laughter. This category is also not worth buying a ticket for the picture "And a storm struck."

The testimonies show that the story of how a young girl collects friends and neighbors to light the way for her lover's boat, and then lives with him all her life, seems to many to be fresh and uninteresting. There's nothing you can do about it, because from the consciousness of mankind all the bright and high is being erased by all means for decades, and this is not the last role played by low-quality films.

Opinion about the picture of critics

Now that you know the content of the movie "And the storm will break out," the viewers' reviews and the cast of actors, it's time to read the reviews of specialists. Critics believe that the picture is strongly spoiled by the lyric line, which looks unconvincing and out of place. In particular, it is noted that if the protagonist looks great in the scenes during a storm, then at moments of communication with his girlfriend he is constrained and not sure. According to some critics, it even seems that the girl is forced to take the initiative to force Bernard Webber to make himself an offer.

By the way, to the number of pluses of the picture experts attributed the work of artists paintings, perfectly recreating the atmosphere of the 1950s.

Everyone decides for himself whether it is worth watching the movie "And the storm struck" (2016). Reviews, as always subjective, so do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of experiencing strong feelings, being in the epicenter of a disaster, especially if you have the opportunity to see a picture in the IMAX 3 format.

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