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Top 5 Russian films. Rating of the most cash projects

Production of films in Russia every day is expanding more and more. Projects are becoming more interesting for viewers, and also receive many positive reviews from critics around the world. Below is the rating of Russian films. The list contains the five highest-grossing Russian tapes.


On the fifth place in the rating of the best Russian films is the picture "Admiral". The project was released in 2008 under the guidance of Andrei Kravchuk. At the box office, the gunman collected about 34.5 million dollars.

In the center of the story is a historical personality - Alexander Kolchak. "Admiral" presented the audience four years of the life of the commander. The service of the main character fell on a difficult period for his country. He survived the collapse of the Russian Empire, two revolutions, as well as the Civil War. At this time, Kolchak is trusted with fleet management. Alexander has to combine the leadership of the troops with his personal life. This task is more difficult than he could imagine.

Thanks to a good acting role of the performers of the leading roles - Konstantin Khabensky, Sergei Bezrukov, Vladislav Vetrov, the tape also got into the rating of the best Russian films. We also remind you that the key female roles went to Elizaveta Boyarskaia and Anna Kovalchuk.

"Wii 3D"

The fourth in the list of the best Russian films in the rating for the biggest box office is the movie history "Wii 3D". The ribbon with the slogan "Do not be afraid" brought almost 34.6 million dollars to its creators. The production of fantasy thriller engaged Oleg Stepchenko.

The project tells about the cartographer Jonathan Green. He decided to go on a scientific journey from Europe to the East. At first, the scientist's trip was going according to plan, but this continued only until he reached Transylvania. The weather deteriorated sharply, and due to thick fog Jonathan lost his way. As a result, Green was in a small village, all the inhabitants of which lived in horror. The scientist will have to fully experience the whole nightmare of that village and evil spirits that hides nearby.

From the first minutes of watching the audience attracted the atmosphere of gray history. Perhaps, this contributed to the fact that "Wii 3D" was on the fourth place in the list of ratings of the best Russian films.

"Firs 3"

Further in the rating of Russian films, which are in the top five most cash projects of the country, the third part of the New Year's franchise "Yolki" is listed. The picture of the director Timur Bekmambetov has earned more than $ 38 million for showing in cinemas.

This time in the center of the tape will be the theory of the boomerang, that is, the assumption that any good deed that a person will perform will return to him through someone else. It all starts with a little girl Nastya. She is very worried about her dog, because he was separated from a fine thoroughbred dog. The mistress of the beloved took her to London to bring her down with the same noble dog, and not the mongrel Nastenka.

The film will also show the continuation of the stories of Boris and Zhenya. Now, old friends, as well as secret rivals became fathers. The guys do not even realize yet that they will take part in the "boomerang". For this New Year they will not be able to get bored again.

"The irony of fate." Continuation "

The second place in the rating of Russian films, which were able to collect more money at the box office than the rest of the Russian production, is occupied by the film project "The Irony of Fate." Continuation. The film was directed by the same director who created the previous story, Timur Bekmambetov.

In the center of the tape is the son of the protagonist of the first part of the film story "The Irony of Fate," a young guy named Zhenya. He knows his father's love story very well. Despite the fact that the couple soon broke up, Eugene decides to please his dad extraordinarily, repeating his feat and going to Leningrad.


The rating of Russian films is headed by the tape "Stalingrad". The project collected more than $ 51 million. The action of the film takes place in 1942. The troops of the USSR are beginning to regain their territories. Now the army is preparing to seize the right bank of the Volga. The operation fails, and the river is crossed only by scouts under the leadership of Gromov. Their task: how to keep the defense of the house where they are located for as long as possible.

All the works of Bondarchuk on the film were crowned with success, because for four years the picture topped the rating of Russian films on profits from the film distribution.

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