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How to invite a player to the clan

Since ancient times, people have gathered in groups to more effectively achieve any goals. Since then nothing has changed, and now very few people work by themselves - all have partners on all fronts: business, educational, sports and even gaming. Many people like to spend time playing computer games, but they do not like the fact that everything is not alive there. Therefore, such people unite with friends and play in a cooperative mode. But this is just one of the outputs - some computer games offer a multiplayer mode that allows you to play a lot of people. However, it is most interesting to look at mass multiplayer games, whose popularity began to grow at the beginning of zero and still does not fall. Someone might think that these games are no different from others, and he will be absolutely wrong. Why? What is the difference between mass multiplayer games? What are clans? How to invite a friend to the clan? Or how to join the clan? If you are familiar with this genre, then you will have detailed answers to all these and other questions. But if you are just starting an acquaintance, then you can learn some useful information.

MMO Games

Particular attention should be paid to how to invite a friend or any user to the clan, but this will be discussed a little later. First you need to understand in detail what is a massive multiplayer game and what is its difference from the multiplayer mode of any other game. So, first of all it is worth noting that MMO-games are separate projects, which are created exclusively for mass multiplayer. There is no clearly expressed plot, but there is a huge world in which there is a large number of various monsters with which you can pump your character and find him more powerful weapons and quality things. One of the distinguishing features of mass multiplayer games is the opportunity to join the clan. This is worth talking about separately. You might be interested in how to invite friends into the clan, how to join the clan, how to organize it, and so on. In different games, this is done in different ways, but the principle is almost the same everywhere.

Clans in MMO games

So, it's worth starting with what a clan is, and then it will be possible to move on to more particular questions - how to join a clan, how to invite another player into the clan, and so on. What is meant by this term? In a mass multiplayer game, each player is responsible for himself - he swings on monsters, improves the skills of the character, arranges dueling with other characters. In general, he travels alone, and so do everything around. However, given the existence of clans, you have another scenario. You can join one of the clans or create one yourself. Accordingly, the clan in MMO games is a community of players who pursue common goals, help each other, make joint trips and so on. It is very important to know how to invite a player into a clan, but it is even more important to know why this is necessary.

Functioning of the clan

At the subconscious level, everyone understands that together are more fun, easier, more efficient and so on. But what exactly are the clans good in online? Soon you will learn how to invite a player into the clan, but why do you need this knowledge? So, as it became clear, the clan is a community of people who pursue similar goals. Most often they select based on the level of characters, if they are not familiar with each other - to recruit only the strongest to help themselves. But if these are friendly links, then a strong clan can take a weak player - more experienced players will help the newcomer, and the benefit will be for the clan as well - the beginner can grow into a powerful warrior and ally. Often the clans divide revenues from campaigns to monsters and from the sale of found things, organize various events and so on. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the fact that mass multiplayer games become much more interesting and exciting when clans enter the business. And now it's time to find out how to invite friends and experienced warriors to the clan (Meincraft, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft and so on).

Entry into the clan

How difficult the process of joining a clan depends on how well you play, how familiar with the founders or members of the clan, and also on some other factors. To join the clan, you need to prove that you are worthy of membership. Sometimes players are taken on probation, sometimes they are just watched for a while, and it happens that experienced fighters are accepted on the basis of their merits. And the higher your level, the more likely that you will be accepted into the clan. If your level is not high enough, then you can claim only a weak and small clan. But in this case it is worth remembering that even the most top-ranking clans once started small. By the way, some clans forbid participants to invite others of their own volition - this can be seriously monitored. But in this case how to invite a friend to the clan?

Creating your own clan

It may happen that you do not like any of the existing clans, and what do you do then? You can try your luck and create your own clan, in which you will be able to call absolutely everyone. Naturally, this option is even less effective at first than joining a weak clan, since your clan will not have a large budget, there will be no recognition, and only low-level players will join it. But the challenge will be worthwhile, so creating a clan is an interesting event that any player can try out. And then there will be no questions about how to invite to the clan. "Tanks", "Dot" or some other game has its own schemes of invitation, but they are all united by a common principle - the leadership has absolutely all the privileges. And if you are the leader of the clan, you can invite friends without problems.

Pros of the clans

So, you learned what mass multiplayer games are, figured out how to join a clan, how to create it in various games, such as World of Warcraft or Minecraft, how to invite other players into the clan, and so on. It remains to sum up and find out which clans have pros and cons. Positive features include constant mutual assistance, a common budget, training beginners - in general, a collective spirit that makes the game much more effective, and most importantly, fun and exciting.

Cons of clans

In fact, the clans do not have many drawbacks, especially when talking about large and powerful coalitions. The only drawback in this case can be called a possible restriction of freedom - you will have to act primarily for the benefit of the clan, and then for your own good. Well, if you yourself organized a clan or joined a small clan, then you may face a number of problems in its promotion.

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