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Boris Krutier is a modern author of aphorisms

Boris Krutier is the author of aphorisms. His winged phrases became famous thanks to such telecasts as "Vremechko", "Do not Cut Down", "Full House". Biography and creativity of the writer is the topic of the article.

Life Path

Boris Krutier was born in Odessa. He studied in Leningrad and Khabarovsk. By education, Boris Krutier is a doctor. For many years the hero of this article spent in the Far East. Settled in the capital in 1970. Aphorisms - the main direction of his work. Perhaps the only modern author writing in this genre is Boris Krutier. His books are collections of witty and wise utterances.

Wise sayings

In 2003, the "Anthology of the Russian aphorism of the 20th century" was published. The author of this book is Boris Krutier. The biography of this creative personality at an early stage was not associated with either literary or political activity. For several years he worked as a doctor. What made him leave medical work and start creating short, topical sayings is unknown. On the work of Krutier, modern writers and satirists respond positively. Many of his aphorisms have a political overtones. Nevertheless, the books of this author are acquired even by those who do not agree with his views.

Krutier paraphrased the famous statement of Louis XIV, in which the French king identified his own person with the state. He cleverly modified quotations from famous Soviet paintings. For example, the phrase of the hero from the picture Motyl, in which the customs officer expressed his agonizing thoughts about the power. In one of the aphorisms, Krutier, paraphrasing the words of this film character, asks a rhetorical question: "Is it a shame for us or for us for the country?"

He did not ignore even the Prince's wise words from the book of Exupery, saying that it's bad not where we are not, but where we appear. And as for the political slogans that were part of the public life of the Soviet people, then, perhaps, each of them to some extent altered by Krutier under modern realities.

Books by this author - "Dvbororie", "Nemudrenye thoughts", "How beautiful this myth".

"Cool Thoughts"

This is the name of another collection of aphorisms. Read Krutier's comments interesting. His opinion can be disagreed, but the author's original humor is what modern people need so much. Aphorisms - the components of the book "Cool Thoughts" - the author himself once called phrases "gnawed at the thought." The statements of the Russian author are translated into Serbian, Bulgarian and Polish.

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