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DayZ Standalone: weapons and ammunition in Chernorussia

Compared with the same-name mod to ArmA II, in DayZ Standalone the weapon has strongly changed, it became much less. If earlier it was possible to find decent equipment of the NATO model after 20 minutes from the beginning of the game, now even at least one hour is needed to assemble the known "moss" and everything necessary for it. And in order to shoot from it for long distances, you will need another and a sight - and in fact not everyone will approach.

Fundamentals and Mechanics

In DayZ Standalone weapons are divided into three main categories - cold, fire and missile. Of the latter can be identified two more - grenades and bows.

First you should talk about the mechanics of firearms. If you're lucky, and during the search you found a rifle Sporter - you still have to find ammunition for it. And, unlike the fashion, in Standalone they are not packed in stores, generously scattered throughout the buildings. To you during wandering only occasionally will come across boxes with cartridges of various calibers. But to find stores for weapons and fill it with the right ammunition is a new task for your hero.

If the store or clip you could not find, despair is not necessary - one shot you can do by dragging in the inventory unpacked cartridges on the weapon. After firing, the mechanism needs to be reloaded manually, by repeating the operation. Maybe it's not too convenient to fire from the M4 through the zombie crowds, but fighting off the bandit will give you a chance.

Urban locations

And now a little about the whereabouts of this type of loot in DayZ Standalone. Where weapons, especially military - there are bandits. Therefore, immediately run to the barracks and to the bases you should not. It is better to first find something simple and reliable from "civil". For example, Sporter 22, the Blaser double-barrel, the famous IZH or its "bleeder" - or, if none of this is found, get hold of the gun: in civilian buildings and fire stations you can find FNX45, the legendary Colt M1911, CR75, PM IJ -70-17A and occasionally Longhorn. With ammunition to such weapons is also easier - in offices, homes, shops and fire stations, you will surely find a pack of ammunition of the right caliber. And if you have the courage to look into the favorite place of bandits - the police station, then you can arm a small team of survivors.

After you have in your inventory the necessary loot for a trip to DayZ Standalone - weapons and cartridges to it (20-30 pieces), food and drink, basic medicines, bags and clothes, you can leave the city and go deep into Chernorussia to investigate the military Bases and tent camps.


NEAF is the northeast aerodrome of Krasnostava. Not the safest point, but also not very popular - there are few weapons here, players mostly loot the modules, clothes and tools here. Sometimes there are cartridges and good weapons, but not as often as we would like.

NWAF - North-western airfield. This is the main and favorite place for players (and bandits). Here you are unlikely to be alone, because there are many infrastructures in this place (as well as military loot in it). In addition to the standard airfield of fashion with a couple of administrative buildings, hangars, barracks, dispatching and fire stations, in the north there is a tent town - a real paradise for a player in DayZ Standalone. The weapons are really everywhere, as well as dozens of tents guarded by crowds of zombies. The game is really worth the candle, especially for a small clan. Here you can calmly arm 5-6 people for one "sunset".

BAF - an airfield in the village of Balot, better known among Russian players as the South. Usually he is closest to the just-started game survivor - just two or three hundred meters from the coastal settlement. Here, too, there are gangsters who hunt novices for fun, because there is not much loot for them here - only a couple of barracks, hangars, a control tower, an office building and several police stations are from the buildings.

Military facilities

In the north-west of the DayZ Standalone card, weapons can be found on the military base "Veresnik", between Kabanino and Pustoshka, not far from Dichina. Three barracks and one guard room are stuffed with military loot - if not three, then two players can be armed here for sure. And the zombies here are quite a bit - usually no more than six. Bandits find it difficult to view this place because of the surrounding landscape, so beginners are usually looted there calmly.

In the south, near the village of Pavlovo, there is a military base with the same name , on which there is a building of the TEC, four barracks, a hospital and technical rooms. Here you can easily get hold of not only weapons, but also medicines.

Not far away, to the west of Myshkin there is a military tent camp, very similar to that of the NWAF. People here are smaller, because this location appeared only in DayZ Standalone. Where to find weapons in the fashion of DayZ to ArmA 2, almost every player who only begins to play the Standalone version knows, and habitually runs to the airfield without even guessing about this tent camp.

The guardhouse on the Tower is a small complex in the northwest of the map, surrounded by a fence. Usually the NWAF players begin to flounder from there, thus gaining an advantage in height. It is located, as it is easy to guess, on Mount Tower, which stands next to the airfield in the north-west. Lutta is not so much there - just one building for the guard. But in the courtyard you can fill jars with water from the column, which again is enjoyed by experienced players.

"Helikrash" - for especially lucky ones

If during the travel you see black smoke on the horizon that hurts from the skeleton of some equipment, do not rush to lay a "hook" - it is likely that you were lucky and you stumbled upon the crash site of a helicopter, commonly referred to as "chelikrash" players.

They appear on the map in a random order, being the main source of weapons and cartridges of the NATO model. Here, Steyr AUG, familiar to players even with Counter-Strike, is very common, besides this, you can find no less legendary M4 and, of course, modules and cartridges to them. Sometimes an absolutely "empty" player comes out of this place completely ready for battle.

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