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How to remove blood in the "COP: GO" using the console

In Conter Strike: Global Offensive plays a lot of people around the world, and each person has their own requests for the game, which is why everyone is trying to adjust it for themselves. Fortunately, CS provides a flexible configuration of many game elements, and it's all because of the features of the game engine. In the game there is a console, which in the future will come in handy in order to remove blood. With its help, you can make some manipulations, which in this way will not violate the rules of the game itself.

Why you need to disable the blood in CS: GO

Many people are looking for information on the Internet about how to remove blood in the "COP: GO". And yet, for whom and for what purpose this function may be needed. Definitely, the answer to the question: "How to remove blood in" CS: GO "?" Will be useful for users who are going to play seriously. After all, the remains of blood on the wall can be distracting, while giving the wrong data.

For example, at a long distance, you can take a dark spot of blood for the opponent, which can greatly affect the outcome of the game, as the user will be distracted from the present competition. Or the counterterrorist can easily merge with blood, which can prevent the aiming. Perhaps, after the above, everyone will want to learn how to remove blood in the "CS: GO", which this article will help to do.

How to make the blood disappear

In fact, you will not be able to learn how to remove blood in the "CS: GO forever", since the features of the game do not allow it to be done. It is possible to just turn it off during the game, and if new blood spots appear, they will need to be turned off again. This must be taken into account so that there are no misunderstandings.

So, it's time to tell how to remove blood in the "CS: GO":

  1. To start, you need to open the console by pressing the "~" key.

  2. A gray window will appear on the screen, in which there will be text, and at the very bottom of this window there will be a line in which you can enter text.

  3. In this line you need to enter the command "r_cleardecals".

Thus, all blood stains and blots from explosions are removed on the map.

It is worth remembering that these actions will lead to the removal of blood residues one-time, and if new spots appear on the map, they will need to be removed in the same way again. Everyone understands that it is inconvenient to do all three points every time, especially during a difficult match. Below it will be told how to avoid this.

Pressing one key

This is solved easily, because there are special commands for the console, which will remove the blood by pressing one key.

To do this, repeat the first two of the above paragraphs and in the third write "r_cleardecals" instead of "r_cleardecals" the "bind" button on which the cleaning will be activated "r_cleardecals" ".

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