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Oleg Nechaev: career history of football player

Nechaev Oleg Mikhailovich was born on June 25, 1971 in the village of Konstantinovka in the Republic of Tatarstan. From a young age, he began to play football and from 17 years, he played for professional teams.

Carier start

Oleg Nechaev as the first team chose Kazan "Ruby". In 1988, speaking in the second league of the USSR championship, the Tatarstan club needed to refresh the composition and saw a good perspective in the person of the young striker. Since the first season, the young forward has regularly started to enter the field, eventually gaining a good form, but he had problems with the performance. As a result, in 1990, "Ruby" was in the third division.

Nevertheless, the coaching staff of Kazan continued to count on the player, and he did everything to justify such trust. As a result, after only two years, "Rubin" won the championship in his division, and because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and changing the rules of the competition was in the First League zone Center. Such changes did not work for the player, and having played two more seasons, after the results of which the Kazanians again found themselves in the second league, Oleg Nechaev went to the Volgograd Rotor.

Success and completion of a football player's career

In the new club Oleg Nechaev played with a new force. His entourage contributed to the replenishment of the goals, as well as the successful forward transfers. In the first year of his speech in "Rotor" football player became the silver champion of Russia. And although the results of the first two seasons on the account of the Russian was only 10 balls, his as yet undiscovered potential was obvious.

As a result, in search of game practice in early 1996, Nechaev signed a contract with the Dmitrovgrad "Lada", in which, along with Alexei Chernov, he arranged a real scoring extravaganza. In just one season, after playing in 37 games, Oleg scored 21 goals, which led Lada to victory in the second division of Russia. The next two years were for the striker not less successful - following the results of 70 matches on his account there were 30 goals. And in the summer of 1998 Nechayev Oleg decided to help his native team - the Kazan "Ruby".

In his first club this time the striker showed himself, scoring 17 goals in 60 games, contributing to the "bronze" of the team in the First Division. However, Nechaev failed to develop relations with Rubin: because of disagreements with the head coach, the attacker moved to Perm "Amkar", where he spent two years, after which he returned to the camp of Kazan.

The third arrival in the "Rubin" was the most successful in the career of Nechaev - in the first season, his goals helped the "dragons" to win the "gold" of the First Division, taking the team to the Premier League. A year later, the "ruby" celebrated the conquest of bronze medals in the Russian championship. But on the wave of success Oleg Nechaev decided to leave the team, the next season having played in another former club - Tolyatti "Lada", after which he announced the completion of his professional career.

Coaching field

Despite the fact that Oleg Nechayev hung the shoes on the nail, he did not part with the football - 1.5 years after his last official match, the ex-striker got a job as an assistant coach to the second team of Rubin, and soon he headed it at all . After two years of confident performances in the second division, Nechayev moved to "Alnas", where he worked as a coach for another year. After that, in the coaching career of the Russian there was a pause, but soon he returned to "Rubin", where he helped lead the youth of Kazan for a long time. And in October 2015, Nechaev followed the senior coach Yuri Utkulbaev, who headed the Kazakhstani "Aktobe" and entered the headquarters of his assistants.

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