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Stefan de Wray - Dutch talent for protection

Stefan de Vrey is a Dutch defender, who has already achieved a lot in his own club, and also reached one of the five strongest leagues in Europe. What was the career path of this player and what lies on his horizon? To date, there are not so many strong central defenders, so you definitely need to find out who Stefan de Wray is and what he is.

Carier start

Born Stefan de Wray in the Netherlands on February 5, 1992, and the fact that he will be a football player, was determined very early. He has two older brothers who have been involved in football since childhood, so Stefan also quickly turned up at the football academy of the Spirit club. It should be noted that both brothers as a result refused to practice this sport, having built a career in other areas, but Stefan was much more persistent, stubborn, and most importantly, talented. Therefore, five years later it was noticed by representatives of one of the strongest clubs in Holland, Feyenoord. It was there that the 10-year-old boy, who gave high hopes, moved. And now, eight years later, in the club system, Stefan de Wray got his first professional contract in 2010, when he turned eighteen.

Speeches in "Feyenoord"

Stefan de Wray is a footballer who showed his incredible talent very early, so the club's management followed him closely. And even before the professional contract was signed, the 17-year-old boy got the opportunity to speak for an adult team. He played 21 games already in the 2009/2010 season, showing that the new star of defensive football of Holland is on the horizon. In the next four years de Vray was one of the country's top talents, he had high hopes, and he continued to perform at a high level, gaining more and more experience. In total, during his stay at Feyenoord, Stefan played in 135 games, scoring seven goals. Unfortunately, at this time the club was not as strong as before, so the trophies defender could not win. This is what prompted him in 2014 to an important decision. The central defender decided to change the team, because they were interested in many major European clubs, among which the most attractive was the Italian FC "Lazio".

Going to Lazio

The Roman club paid for the 22-year-old defender seven million euros and clearly hoped that he would immediately become the player of the base. Stefan was absolutely not against and quickly joined the club, starting to demonstrate an impressive level of skill for such a young age. Already in the first season, the defender entered the field in 35 games, scoring one goal, and helped his club reach the Cup final in Italy. The next season he started no less cheerfully, having played five matches, but received a serious knee injury that required surgical intervention. As a result, de Vray missed the entire season, recovering from injury only in late June 2016.

In the summer there were rumors that London "Chelsea" is going to sign Stefan, since the new coach Antonio Conte is looking for a reliable central defender, but in "Lazio" refused to sell his Dutch talent. And this season Stefan has already played in seven games, scoring one goal. It remains to be hoped that he will no longer receive such a serious injury and will fully reveal his potential.

National team appearances

For the national team of Holland, despite his young age, de Vray played 30 matches. He made his debut in August 2012 in a friendly match against the Belgian national team, having played 45 minutes. At his first tournament, the 2014 World Cup, the 22-year-old player went in the status of the main defender and came out in every match, even scoring the Spaniards in the group stage. As a result, the Dutch team lost in the semi-final to the Argentines, and in the match for third place beat the Brazilians.

The last match de Vrey took place in September 2015, just before the injury. Since then, he has not played for the national team - he was summoned to the last qualifying games, but while he was in the infirmary, the Dutch had already formed another bunch of defenders, so in matches with the Swedes and Belarusians de Vray remained on the bench. He will have to make a lot of efforts to return to the foundation of the team.

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