Ribbed nails on the hands: causes and treatment

It happens that all efforts to care for the hands do not give the desired result. The nails look fragile and are constantly loose. And this is not the worst. Further, ribbed nails can generally form on the hands. The causes of such defects are different. This can be mechanical damage that occurs after an incorrect procedure of manicure. Well and where is worse - the physiological reasons. Most often, they are caused by the appearance of shortages in the body of nutrients, or some disease.

Nail plate ribbing

Looking at her nails, a woman can pay attention that their surface has become uneven. In the eye rushes such defects as bumps and hollows. Suddenly, the nails on the hands became ribbed. Especially brightly considered defect is manifested on the thumbs. In this case, if you look closely, then the waves of each nail are different from each other. Sometimes the hollow on the nail plate can manifest itself alone and not change in size even over time. In any case, it is very ugly. Especially the defect catches the eye if the coating is done with a varnish without the pearlescent effect. All surface irregularities will be visible even with the naked eye.

Fungal infections as a cause of ribbing

In case of detection of the defect in question, the question arises: "Why are the nails ribbed?" On the hands of each person they perform not only the function of attractiveness, but also act as an indicator of the state of health of the organism. Next, we have to figure out what makes the nails wavy.

In many cases, the appearance of ribbing is associated with improper observance of the technique of cosmetic processing - manicure.

  1. Improper nail cutting.
  2. Inaccurate cuticle circumcision.
  3. Frequent and rough use of a polishing nail file.
  4. Inattentive care of hands at home.

But the reasons for the formation of waves on the nail plates are also more serious. This ailment can talk about the occurrence of various infections.

Fungal infections are fungal infections. When there is a suspicion of a possible presence of fungus, it is best to go to a doctor dermatologist or a mycologist. The most accurate indicator of spore damage is the appearance of yellowness on the nails. To confirm the fungal infection in the medical institution will conduct a survey. In addition, in order to prescribe an effective treatment, it will be necessary to isolate a variety of spores from a large number of known bacteria. Mycosis is a contagious disease. It can be picked up completely unnoticed for yourself. For example, it's enough just to hold on to the handrails or handrails or to say hello to an infected person with a fungus. To avoid infection with mycosis, it is best to follow the standard rules of hygiene.

Non-fungal nail infections

In addition to fungi, the nail plate can deform other diverse pathogenic bacteria. And in this case, you need to immediately consult a doctor for testing. After conducting the diagnosis, the specialist will prescribe the correct treatment.

Appearance of nails as an indicator of their host's health

When a person discovers that his fingernails are ribbed, of course, it is best to undergo a full medical examination. After changing the surface of the plate can indicate the occurrence of a malfunction in the body and even the presence of serious diseases. One has only to think about the fact that each of us visits public places every day, in which it is easy to catch an infection. But there are not many people who suffer from this disease. The reason for this is their strong immunity, and, consequently, the waves on the nails are the first indicator of a violation of his work. So, if a person has fingernails on his fingers, it can also mean that he should think about his health. It is necessary to engage in strengthening the immune system.

What actions to take?

When the defects in question arise, one must start with changes in his way of life. First of all it concerns the regime and assortment in the food. It turns out that the body needs vitamins and important microelements. Everyone knows that these substances are transported to us by the right foods. It is necessary to revise your diet.

A balanced diet is the inclusion in the daily menu of foods saturated with vitamins and trace elements. And it's not necessary to chase any exotic fruits. Everything you need is contained in foods that are habitual for our body, like cabbage, potatoes, beets, apples, oranges, and much more.

Today with weakened immunity, almost every person can display such a defect as ribbed nails on the hands. The reasons for reducing the level of body protection are quite common. These include inadequate provision of the body with vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, iron, sulfur and fluoride. There are a lot of products that make up for their deficiency.

  1. To normalize the level of iron, it is necessary to include enough liver and meat (beef) in the diet. It will also be useful to consume legumes, cabbage.
  2. The source of fluoride is fish, shrimp and eggs.
  3. To normalize the level of sulfur, eat fresh salads, garlic and buckwheat porridge.
  4. Supplier of zinc in the body are cereals, nuts and greens.
  5. To obtain vitamins, citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, cereals, yeast, milk and black currants will suit.

To a full diet is necessary to add a healthy sleep, exercise and regular walks.

Causes of mechanical damage

How do the ribbed nails look like on your hands? The photo is shown below. If your nails are similar to those shown in the picture, it is worth starting the treatment.

Most often, the cause of the formation of waves are errors in the performance of cosmetic procedures or accidents. What should I avoid so as not to harm the nail plate?

  1. Damage can occur even with a strong pressure on its surface with a ballpoint pen or with constant finger beat on the button of the keyboard.
  2. Incorrect cuticle removal. When it is processed with metal tools, the nail root is sometimes damaged.
  3. Biting and sloppy cutting of burrs promotes the introduction of bacteria.

Treatment of nails at home

Of course, there are many reasons, after which ribbed nails are formed on the hands. Treatment and prevention of this ailment is also carried out at home under the following recommendations.

  1. Use household gloves during homework, so that bare hands do not come into contact with aggressive means.
  2. You can give preference to unedged manicure. To date, there are such kinds of it as Japanese, European and spa-manicure.
  3. Necessarily regular holding of trays for hands and nails, the main component of which is sea salt.
  4. Daily massage of nail plates with the help of a special manicure brush, as well as using vegetable and essential oils.
  5. It is advisable to resort to the constant use of basic and therapeutic coatings. Use these tools as a base for varnish, or just to protect the nails from damage.
  6. Experts advise not to use lacquers with slinging and sand. They break the base of the nail plate.

Features of manicure

If the nails are wavy, many make a big mistake, trying to polish the defects with the help of special saws. This does not contribute to the health of the nails. Although the surface looks smoother, the nail plate itself becomes thinner. Soon there will be absolutely nothing to level.

Incorrect care leads to the formation of ribbed nails on the hands. The causes of the appearance of waves, as we have already said, are most often the violation of the technique of performing manicure. Therefore, when the defects in question have already appeared, certain rules must be observed.

  1. Do not use acetone-based lacquer.
  2. Can be applied in several layers.
  3. Also it is necessary to use special means for the alignment of nails.
  4. It is necessary to file nails in one direction.
  5. Specialists propose to abandon the use of metal nail files.
  6. It is necessary to correct nails only when they are dry.

In these procedures, do not look for a solution to the problem

Why are the nails ribbed on the hands or feet? Many people start to think about the prevention of the defect in question. But there are certain procedures that will definitely be useless in treating the surface of the nail plates.

  1. Nail extensions. It obscures irregularities, but does not cure the causes of their occurrence.
  2. Polishing of nails. Although removes a layer of coarsened cells, but also does not treat the causes of ribbing.
  3. The procedures for moistening the nail plate and cuticle are just an unnecessary waste of money for various care products. In addition, you can so soften the cuticle, that over time it will become damaged at the slightest touch.

Disorders of the nail plate as an indicator of serious diseases

Experts recommend every day to pay attention to the condition of their nails. After all, their appearance can inform about the occurrence of a serious disease, which should be subject to immediate treatment.

  1. Longitudinal waves report a violation of the water-salt balance and malfunction in the urinary system.
  2. Fragility of the nails indicates a failure in metabolism.
  3. Convex nails with a clouded horny structure report serious lung diseases, including tuberculosis.
  4. The ribbing should draw attention to the work of the kidneys.
  5. In case of detection of vertical waves, it is necessary to examine the cardiovascular system.

So, we found out that you need to observe a large number of rules and carry out a lot of prevention activities so that no ribbed nails are formed on your hands. The causes of the defects in question lie not only in the improper performance of cosmetic procedures.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in the case when regular and intensive care does not give the desired result, you need to contact a specialist.

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