How to Print an Envelope with a Corporate Logo

Every business day of any serious organization begins with sending business correspondence. The duties of the office manager, as a rule, include the preparation and distribution of commercial offers, contracts, reconciliation acts and invoices, invoices, catalogs and various promotional brochures. In this regard, the procedure for filling multiple envelopes requires maximum automation.

Do not forget that a properly designed envelope with a corporate logo is much more likely to stand out among the offers of competitive companies than a dull white envelope with prescribed address data. The effectiveness of your interaction with customers and partners directly depends on how responsible you go to the procedure for creating company envelopes.

Since filling a large number of items manually - a long and tedious occupation, and ordering the printing of a whole bale of such envelopes will be more expensive, it should be easier and use a special software. As an excellent example of such software is suitable for printing envelopes "Mail Envelopes." In this article, we will figure out how to print an envelope with a logo using this software.

The utility contains at least 50 ready-made forms of such popular formats as DL, C6, C5, C4, B4, but this will not prevent you to install other sizes if necessary. The built-in recipient database stores important information about all senders and recipients and is very convenient for multiple mailings. From you only need to accurately and without errors enter the names of counterparties, the specific name and address of their actual location. You can also import data from MS Excel and CSV, if you already have them.

Now let's take a closer look at how to print an envelope with a logo. The program "Zip Envelopes" allows not only to select any available envelope format, but also to select an individual design for it. You can change the background color, add inscriptions, images and shapes, and, of course, logos. To place a corporate logo, it will take only a couple of minutes of your time. First, you will need to select the required format of the letter, using an extensive catalog of ready-made design options. The selected template is then to be edited in a separate program tab, and you can always find the desired logo on your PC, and then download it to the editor. The logo can be reduced or enlarged and dragged into any part of the envelope.

In addition to all of the above, the application we are considering to create envelopes has a function of printing not only on clean, but also on ready-made forms. A mailing label, a delivery notice and an inventory of attachments can also be printed using the utility.

Particular attention when printing envelopes with a company logo, please choose the printer, and, in particular, quality paper. From a professional point of view, laser printers are ideal, but paper can be used both coated and designed - it all depends on your personal preferences and financial possibilities.

In conclusion, we note that, unlike the handwritten envelope for sending mail, using the proper software helps save time and money, as well as avoiding any errors in the filling of coordinates. All this fully allows us to assert that the program "Mail Envelopes" is an excellent choice for the automation of mass mailings.

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