How much does the new "Oka" cost? VAZ 1111 - the new "Oka"

It's hard to say why, but many people are thinking about acquiring the "Oka". In society it is believed that this car is a wonderful gift to his wife or mother-in-law. Only not everyone will like such a simple transport, even though for the ladies something is needed that is compact during their trips for shopping, to the gym or pool. Those people who do not have money now will not buy a foreign car - the same Ford Ka or something like that. After all, in order to accumulate the necessary amount, it takes time. In case the car is needed now, this is not an option.

"Oka" ... and why is it necessary?

In short, the choice of this machine is a big compromise. To purchase did not bring disappointments, you need to take care of the details: to find out what and how, and how much this car will cost. Many recommend to seek advice from an experienced friend who has an impressive experience of "cooperation" with the domestic car industry and will be able to hold anyone through reefs such an event as buying the first car. This will eliminate the prejudiced influence of the seller and will not allow to misuse the incompetence of the future owner of the vehicle. The following will be done:

• All details about the car, possible accidents, mileage, etc. have been clarified.
• After communicating with friends who had this miniature vehicle, "childhood illnesses" and vulnerabilities are identified;
• Clarified where the new "Oka" was manufactured - on KAMAZ or SEAZ.

How much is the car for the people?

The last car came off the assembly line in 2008, except for the small lot series, which was released in 2010. The car was made as a pickup, but a number of its design flaws prevented a new body from being installed on the conveyor. "Oka" in this version is more like a curiosity, which not everyone recognizes now. After all, its practical use with a standard chassis is limited. All this in combination with small dimensions raises serious doubts about the profitability of such transportation. Therefore, unfortunately, there is a logical conclusion that the new "Oka" in 2014 is a machine that is virtually impossible to meet. After all, the last serial car manufactured at the SEAZ plant was sold as early as 2009. As a result, you can buy Oka only with hands. And the search for a car with a minimum mileage can be delayed so much that the needles in a haystack seem trivial.

How much does the "new" "Oka" cost? The figures that are presented below show the real price of the car depending on its technical condition, mileage and year of production:

• until 2002 - from 30 to 55 thousand rubles;
• from 2002 to 2004 - 60 000-80 000 rubles.
• 2004-2006 - averaged cost of about 70,000-90,000;
• from 2007 to 2008 - as much as 120 thousand rubles.

Additional expenses

As everyone knows, these are not final values. You will also need funds for registration, which can be compensated for by bargaining with the owner of the car. The year of production is also not the only criterion, because the "new" Oka, which left the assembly shops in 2006, because of the attentive attitude, timely maintenance and garage storage can be much better than the same machine, but in 2008.

What to pay close attention to

First of all, you need to look at the state of the body and engine. Only key aggregates can cost a decent amount to the buyer in case of unsatisfactory condition and subsequent repair. Therefore, it is important to carefully weigh how much the "new" "Oka" costs, and whether the game is worth the candle. The weak point of the car is still considered to be doors, because they are sagging because of unreliable fastenings and do not close well enough, but this deficiency is not critical, and, perhaps, it can be fixed.

Which "Oka" is preferable: assembly of SEAZ or KAMAZ?

After talking with car enthusiasts and owners of this car, it's easy to see that the product of the SEAZ enterprise is still much better than its twin from Naberezhnye Chelny. First of all it is necessary to note the quality of the paint and varnish coating. Serpukhov cherished many ambitious plans. It was planned to develop a modern city car based on the Soviet past. The new "Oka" was to become a hit of sales of the Russian Federation, respectively, and the painting was carried out in boxes, on high-quality foreign equipment. At the same time, KAMAZ paid less attention to the project. The paint was produced in the shops on obsolete equipment, which had previously been used on the truck line. As a result - after the winter, this pair of visually indistinguishable cars could behave absolutely differently. The model from Naberezhnye Chelny required an obligatory repainting, the decorative layer did not stick to the surface of the machine, it constantly cracked, swelled and flaked. The car from Serpukhov did not have such shortcomings.

Secondly, despite the use of an identical engine for cars that was produced at VAZ, the motor on the Oka from KAMAZ had many shortcomings. Although it does not find documentary evidence, the rumors still persistently assert that all the best specimens were sent to the SEAZ. Almost half of the power plants with the marriage went to Naberezhnye Chelny. Nevertheless, it did not help manufacturers to realize the Russian dream. "Oka", a new model of which remained only in the plans, did not become a hit of the Russian car industry.

Not only flaws

For its time the car was magnificent, so it still meets on the roads. Initially, the "Oka" was equipped with an engine of 0.65 liters, but this power unit was too weak, and since 1997 began to install the engine at 750 cubic centimeters. The car accommodates 4 people of medium build, so the passengers from the club "who has a growth for 190 cm" there is nothing to do. In the trunk very little space, but if you fold the rear row of seats, you can fit a small refrigerator or TV. On the fuel economy of this model can not remember, because on average the consumption does not exceed 4-6 liters, depending on the driving style. Although it is very difficult to drive fast on this car, it has many other advantages. After all, in a dense traffic flow of a megacity, the car allows you to perform miracles because of its maneuverability. However, respect for other drivers should be forgotten, the culture of their traffic leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps, for those who really care about the fate of this car, it will be possible to change the situation. After all, the new "Oka" - a machine that will try to revive once again at the VAZ. Presumably by 2020, it will be a success.

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