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How to pass the 15th floor of "Liquidation" in "Warfay"

In "Warfare" most players are divided into two teams and fight among themselves. However, this is by no means the only way - there are also regimes that allow you to team up with friends and perform certain tasks against bots. Naturally, they are different in complexity, and one of the most difficult is the level of "Elimination". It is a twenty-story building, each floor of which is a certain test for the team.

You go into the building, clean the first floor, wait for the elevator, then climb to the second, in the same way wait for the elevator and all this time, defend yourself from the opponents. On the roof you are waiting for the final test - a combat helicopter. Separately it is worth noting that here you are not reborn, and if the whole team dies on the same floor, then the mission will be failed. Therefore it is very important that you have a medical team on your team, or even better, two. In fact, the best combination is two medics, a sniper and a stormtrooper, another character can add one more sniper, an attack aircraft to the command or give an opportunity to use the services of an engineer.

From this article you will learn how to pass the 15th floor of the "Elimination", which is considered even more complicated than the final battle with the helicopter. It is recommended that the team still had two snipers, two medics and one attack plane.


So, you have passed fourteen floors. And before you there is a very difficult question: "How to pass the 15th floor of the" Liquidation "?" There is a very small room that opponents will constantly try to fill, so the main secret of success is not to yawn for a second and act quickly, clearly and consistently. The room has only one table, which can cover up a couple of your characters - and that's it.

You need to think in advance of the strategy, because spontaneously pass this floor will not work. You will be taken very quickly by quantity, and you can not oppose anything in such a small part of the territory. Accordingly, you need to think about how to go through the 15th floor of the "Liquidation" before going there. First of all, you need to have elite equipment that will provide you with greater protection and a powerful attack, as well as reliable communication. If you communicate in a voice, not text, then you will have a much better chance of success. After all, expect to get to the 16th floor only three minutes.

Positions for snipers

Well, it's time to figure out how to go through the 15th floor of the "Liquidation" - for this you need to separately explain how the characters should act. First, we will talk about snipers, since they play a very important role in this task. As soon as the snipers come out of the elevator, they go to the far corners of the room and take up positions there. The fact is that the opponents will attack from both sides along the circumference of the elevator. Therefore, the sniper from the left corner takes on the right flank of opponents, and from the right, respectively, the left flank. It is necessary to act very clearly, trying to shoot all advancing opponents, not letting anyone in to the very table that was discussed earlier. This is one of the main secrets that will make the passage of the 15th floor on "Elimination" much easier. However, some snipers, of course, can not cope, so you should pay attention to other heroes.

Positions for doctors

If you want to know how to pass the 15th floor on the "Elimination", then you need to understand how to use the medics, since they are no less important figures than snipers. Only in contrast to the first, who perform the same task, just from different flanks, doctors have different tasks from each other. One doctor should hide behind the table and treat the stormtrooper and snipers if someone injures them. But the second should prevent the other partners from being wounded. He will have to constantly throw himself at the exit of the elevator smoke grenade to get on it was more difficult. In this case, the doctor must constantly run from the elevator to the table and back, collecting the fire of all the enemies and healing himself.

The position of the stormtrooper

As for the stormtrooper, he must hide behind the table with the medic and shoot those enemies that the snipers missed. Then you do not even have to find out what bugs are on the 15th floor of the "Liquidation" to use them, since you will pass this task without any problems and will be able to advance to the 16th floor.

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