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Plague Inc: walkthrough

Today the term "mass multiplayer online role-playing game" is puzzling. Not because the essence of the term is not known to anyone. The thing is that the vast majority of gamers, Internet users are accustomed to calling them simply - browser MMORPG-games.

What is the reason for their popularity?

Firstly, these are role-playing games, that is, a person can feel himself at any moment as another being, and it is not at all necessary that this creature has a terrestrial origin. The user can choose the character that best reflects his character and temperament. It is noteworthy that the modern game Plague Inc, the passage of which is not available to everyone, allows you to significantly expand the boundaries of ordinary gameplay.

Secondly, most often client MMORPG-games mean a fantasy story, so the main players in this case are gamers who like all the fantastic and uncommon. Also, there are elements of strategy that will appeal to those who like not only to fight with rivals, but also to think through each step before taking any action.

Thirdly, browser strategies are primarily mass games, that is, they unite a huge number of people with the same interests, who, despite the fact that they often fight each other in the game, eventually become not just colleagues but real friends . This client shooter is different from single-player games, which do not offer their gamers such a variety of actions. Today, especially popular game Plague Inc, the passage of which will give a lot of fun to these fans.

Dry statistics

According to statistics, only in World of Warcraft - the most popular game of the genre - is played by about seven million people. Agree, this is a real breakthrough in the computer games industry. Also today, client MOBA games have become very popular. This is a cardinally new direction in the genre of computer entertainment. The modern hybrid game process distinguishes this genre from all others. The game combines an unimaginable number of characters, on whose behalf the actions are carried out, strategic moves that imply a constant search for the right solutions, as well as a real fight, fierce and multifaceted. In MOVA games, users are free to choose the role of the character they like throughout the adventure stage, not focusing on pumping one single hero. Agree, this really highlights this genre. And the popularity of such games speaks for itself.

So, what is next?

If you want to spend quality time and quality interestingly, take your mind off the routine routine and get a lot of new impressions, pay attention to MMORPG. They are a huge number, so that every beginning gamer can choose the strategy that he will like. Most importantly, you will inevitably find your like-minded people, with whom you will not only gain experience in games, but also communicate in the future. In a word, MMORPG is a whole multifaceted and fascinating world, immersed in that, one can not stop at all. One of the most exciting games of this series is Plague Inc, the passage of which is fascinating and unusual.

Why this game?

Because this is really a unique process of its kind, which primarily interests the unusual interface and processes that are simply not available in the ordinary game, simulator or strategy.

It is noteworthy that in this toy you have to independently try to destroy Mother Earth.

So, the process has started. It's time to choose the country with which you want to start liquidation. Think carefully, it will be rich or poor, in what part of the world it will be located, on which continent. Are they intrigued? That's the same!

Methods for the destruction of the population

No, firearms - this is clearly not the theme of the game Plague Inc, the passage of which will make you just fall in love with the process itself. Advanced gamers claim that this topic is favorably different from the platitudes that prevailed in the market of strategies in recent times. Today, the passage of Plague Inc: Evolved is a fascinating process, thanks to which many people around the world can develop their intellect and try to win. But not everything is as harmless as it seems at first glance.

This is a game in which you will need to destroy the world with the help of an epidemic of any of the proposed types. So, you can choose at the very beginning of the game what kind of infection you want to poison humanity, and only then it is necessary to determine the features of the spread of the infection.

It's cruel, is not it? Not at all cruel, but really interesting and fascinating.

So, we will first investigate the virus. Because of rapid mutations, the virus develops symptoms on its own, and this without special need, it only can do harm. Therefore, until the time when eighty percent of the population is infected, the symptoms must be canceled, DNA glasses should not be saved at the same time. This significantly diversifies the passage of Plague Inc. The virus is able to spread rapidly, while it leaves virtually no chance to its carrier. Powerful, is not it?

Bacteria are everywhere ...

If you are interested in fungus, then it is somewhat different. It is extremely slow in the subsequent distribution, which must always be considered in the game. However, this is compensated by incredible abilities called "Explosion explosion" - you can immediately infect the whole state at once. It is also possible "Eruption of Spores" (a function that can infect five random states). It is only necessary to pump all of the above at the start. This is different in the game Plague Inc passage. The bacterium is able to survive in the most difficult conditions, which should be noted. When the entire planet is destroyed, it will nevertheless come in handy.

It is noteworthy that it is impossible to detect a parasite until the moment when he himself does not know about himself. It is necessary to study "Symbiosis" at the beginning of the game.

Nano virus

Want to know about the most terrible weapons? It's a nano-virus! It will be more terrible than the fungus. As for the nano-virus, this substance is of artificial origin. It accidentally escaped directly from the laboratory. It should be noted that scientists have a genetic code for the virus. For this reason, after detection of infection, they immediately begin to search for the necessary medicine. The player at the same time should in every possible way interfere with the development of this panacea.

What in the end?

It should be noted that gamers really like the uniqueness of Plague Inc. Passage of zombies is well diversified, although the game is not boring. In short, you have everything in order to destroy countries and continents in a matter of seconds, without worrying about people and not being afraid of anything. Today the passage of the game Plague Inc is a unique opportunity to have a great time, to diversify your life, to "pump out" your intellect and really relax, to throw out negative emotions. Try it yourself, and everything will become clear! It's not in vain in 2012, this game was the leader in terms of sales. It's not accidental. Millions of gamers around the world have already enjoyed the process. Now it's your turn to learn the real buzz.

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