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Delicious charlotte with apples is a simple recipe.

We all remember fabulously delicious pies that our grandmother or mother used to bake to us in childhood. The filling was constantly changing, and the taste of the pie was always excellent. We ourselves grew up and now we want to please our children and relatives with the simplest and delicious sweets. Of course, charlotte in this sense is a unique dessert: there is not much time to prepare, and the composition of products is common and, for sure, is in the refrigerator of every good housewife.

Charlotte is prepared using a variety of fillings, among which can be both the usual berries for Russia, and exotic fruits, but the classic option is still a charlotte with apples. A simple recipe for this dish will be described below. The taste of the pie depends heavily on the kind of apples used. It is very important that they are natural, not beautiful, chemically-filling. To distinguish good apples is not difficult: firstly, they will not be completely filled and shiny, some defect is always found (small wormhole, crust in various places, etc. - show that this fruit would also like very much insects); Secondly, the freshest apples appear in different regions of the country mainly in late summer - early autumn, when a new crop comes.

To make a charlotte with apples a simple recipe turned out delicious and aromatic, it is best to use acid varieties of apples (Antonovka perfectly suits). The number of ingredients is striking in its moderation, and the result, if the recipe is followed, exceeds all expectations. You will need:
- flour (1 glass),
- vanilla sugar (half a teaspoon),
- sugar (1 glass),
- apples (two medium sizes),
- an egg (3 pieces),
- baking powder (1 teaspoon),
- some salt.

The sequence according to which a charlotte with apples a simple recipe will be ready in maximum in an hour, looks like this:

1) Carefully washed and peeled and seeded apples, cut into quarters. Each quarter is carefully transferred into several pieces 0.5 cm wide. After this, the cut is laid in such a way that one level layer appears on the bottom.

2) Prepare the batter. To do this, you need to beat the eggs with sugar with a mixer, adding salt and vanilla after whipping . Then gently pour the flour and baking powder. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and poured into an already prepared form on a layer of apples. Since the dough is liquid, the apples will not remain at the bottom, but to prevent this from happening, the preparation form is gently shaken, thereby ensuring penetration of the dough to the bottom.

3) After all is ready and the oven is warmed up to 180 C, a charlotte with apples a simple recipe is baked for 30-35 minutes. Readiness is checked in a standard way: pierce a match or toothpick in several places and look at the dryness of their surface. If there is no dough on the tree, the cake is ready.

A very summer and tasty charlotte with a cherry, the recipe of which is very similar to the previous one, is also not difficult to prepare. The dough is also prepared as in the first case, but for the filling use a cherry. Best suited freshly picked berries, peeled, but you can use and thawed. Preliminary it is necessary to defrost the berries and allow to drain off excess moisture, so that it does not lead to excessive softening of the pie. Cherry also fits to the bottom (enough gram 300-350) and poured into the dough. Charlotte with a cherry, the recipe of which is given above, will be ready in half an hour.

How many faces charlotte. The recipe with sour cream is another proof of that. For the test, you will need the same products as in the first recipe, but instead of flour use semolina. Whites are beaten on a mixer, gradually adding sugar. After their size is increased by 3-4 times add yolks, grits, quickly change and put on baking. Should get a biscuit, which after cooling is cut into 3 parts.

Cream for the filling is prepared from sour cream, whisking it with sugar until a firm consistency. Sponge cakes are impregnated with jam, for example cherry, and a layer of cream is laid between the layers. Ready dessert put in the refrigerator for several hours. When a charlotte, a recipe with sour cream, is infused, it is shifted into a beautiful shape, decorated and served on the table.

It is very easy and quick to prepare a delicious dessert for the whole family.

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