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Crab sticks stuffed with cheese

Often we are mistaken, believing that the preparation of an unusual and delicious snack is a very expensive and troublesome process. This is not always the case, for example crab sticks stuffed with cheese, cook for a short while, besides they are very tasty and may well be an independent dish, and not just a snack.

In order to prepare this dish, the following products are needed: one package of crab sticks, 200 grams of cheese, boiled carrots, two cloves of garlic, mayonnaise and, of course, greens (for decoration).

So, we begin to prepare stuffed crab sticks, the recipe of which is simple and light. To build such a dish is within the power of even the most inexperienced culinary expert. The main condition - before you start cooking crab sticks, stuffed with cheese, they must be thawed. In this form, they quickly unfold and do not tear. For now, this process lasts, you can do the preparation of the filling. It is necessary to grate cheese, cooked carrots and crust garlic very finely. Then mix all the filling ingredients and season with mayonnaise.

After the crab sticks completely defrosted, you can tackle them unfolding. Movement in this case must be very accurate and accurate, which will avoid tears. After the wand is unfolded, the filling is carefully placed on it with a tea spoon, and the stick is twisted equally carefully and carefully (it is necessary to try to give it the same appearance).
In order to serve the dish beautifully, crab sticks stuffed with cheese, it is necessary to lay out on a plate, and top with mayonnaise and sprinkle with herbs.

For example, you can consider several more options. They will answer the question, than stuff crab sticks.

You can cook sticks, stuffed with liver cod. To do this, you will need products such as the cod liver itself, two boiled eggs and mayonnaise. After mixing these ingredients, sticks can be stuffed. As a filling perfectly fit and sprats. All that is needed for this dish is just a fish jar and mayonnaise. Before stuffing, the expanded stick is smeared with a thin layer of mayonnaise, put the curds and the stick is wrapped. No less tasty filling for sticks, consisting of meat with pickled mushrooms. Boiled meat is taken in the amount of 200 grams, as well as a little green onions. Marinated mushrooms must be finely chopped, as well as meat with onions. The resulting mixture is filled with crab sticks, and then fried in batter.

Whichever stuffing is used, the dish will look very nice if the products are cut and laid out on lettuce leaves. Also in the design you can use various vegetables, for example, on crab sticks stuffed with cheese, put chopped pieces of tomato or sweet pepper - it will turn out bright and pretty. It will look great, but the taste is simply gorgeous!

Apparently, crab sticks stuffed with cheese - this is not the only version of what can be cooked on the basis of crab sticks and various fillings. Fantasy is welcome!

In conclusion, you can give some advice on the choice of crab sticks. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the appearance. The wands should look very neat, to the touch to be elastic, similar to the meat of crabs. If they are strongly frost-bitten or, conversely, dry, it is better not to buy. In order to be sure of the purchase of a quality product, it is necessary to look at the conditions under which it is stored, for example, if the freezer has a temperature below 18 degrees, then the useful substances contained in it will be lost. And if the pack shows ice or snow, it indicates that the product was subject to repeated freezing, and it should be abandoned immediately. Crab sticks should be evenly colored, and on the packaging the manufacturer is indicated, as well as all information regarding their shelf life, conditions and storage rules.

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