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Russian universities architectural: rating, description, features and reviews

The development of engineering plans and drawings, the implementation of grandiose construction projects, the completion of the created facility and its delivery to the customer are all areas of professional activity of architects. In this article, we list the well-known and most sought-after architectural universities in Russia, and this will answer the question of where to go to a graduate who wants to bring to this world beautiful on a large scale.


This abbreviation stands for the Moscow Architectural Institute, sometimes also referred to as the state academy. This institution of higher education, whose history has been counted for more than two and a half centuries (despite the date the institute was founded in 1933 by the Politburo decree, in fact, it was the continuer of the traditions of the first specialized Moscow architectural school established in 1749), is Leader in the production of specialists in the field of architecture and construction. To be more precise, here professionals are trained in the field of reconstruction, restoration, architectural design. The State Academy itself was accredited by the world-famous organization RIBA, or the Royal Institute of Architects of Great Britain. Like some other architectural universities in Russia, MARCHI offers young people the actual respite from the army, and, without exception, to all needy students, provides housing in the hostel. Within the walls of the Institute you can get a diploma of the state standard at the following departments:

  • Engineering and technical;
  • Architectural design;
  • visual arts;
  • Humanitarian education.

And on the following, subdivided into separate profiles, specialties:

  • Design of the architectural environment ;
  • Town planning;
  • architecture.

Conditions of admission and feedback about the MARHI

It is not easy to enter a school graduate here: for free education on a budgetary basis, it is necessary to provide the results of the USE examinations with an average score exceeding 74-76 units per subject. In order to be trained on a commercial basis, it is required to pass the USE on average by 70-71 points, however, enrollment occurs at lower rates. At the same time, you will have to pay up to 206,000 rubles for a semester. The Institute is located at: Moscow, ul. Rozhdestvenka, 11/4, building 1, page 4. Judging by the feedback of the user audience, spatial thinking is developing particularly well in the Moscow Architectural Institute. But over the inculcation of practical skills necessary for the profession in the profession, in the opinion of the disaccustomed, it is still necessary to work.

Architectural Universities of Russia: MSSU

The full name of this educational institution is the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. The university was established in 1921. Today, the university positions itself as a research center, which, in addition to testing construction technologies and materials to improve the construction and operation of bridges, houses and communications, also produces first-class specialists from its doors. The university realizes full-time, part-time and distance learning forms in the following institutes:

  • Fundamental education;
  • Mechanization and engineering and environmental construction;
  • Architecture and construction;
  • Power engineering and hydraulic engineering;
  • Management, economics and information systems in real estate and construction;
  • In the branch of MSSU in Mytischi.

Among other architectural universities in Russia, this NIU is distinguished by offering students a wide range and choice of specialties, namely:

  • architecture;
  • management;
  • Information technologies and systems;
  • Communal infrastructure and housing;
  • Metrology and standardization;
  • Technospheric security ;
  • Applied Mathematics;
  • Restoration of architectural heritage;
  • Applied mechanics and many others.

The average USE score for admission to MSSU should exceed 64 points. If you do not get to a budget place with such or fewer indicators, you will have to pay about 165 000 rudders and higher for 1 semester for tuition on a commercial basis. MSSU also offers students a hostel.


This, at first glance, complex encoding conceals the name of the St. Petersburg State Architectural and Construction University. It is impossible to imagine the rating of the architectural universities of Russia without this educational institution: it was founded back in 1832, the university still does not lose its relevance and popularity among entrants. This educational institution, belonging to the category of state, offers incoming and budget places, and a hostel, and 3 standard forms of training for the convenience of all (day, evening, correspondence), and the choice of directions in institutions:

  • Professional retraining of specialists and advanced training;
  • Construction and technical expertise;
  • Road safety;
  • Survey and design of buildings, structures and structures.

On the basis of the university there are also faculties:

  • Law and forensic examinations in transport and construction;
  • building;
  • architectural;
  • Automobile-road;
  • Urban economy and engineering ecology;
  • Non-disruptive forms of training;
  • economics and Management.

In SPbGASU on a budgetary basis of study, the entrant can pass if each of the results of his exams exceeds the 68.8 level mark (depending on the chosen specialty and the competition, those who wish this indicator can vary). Otherwise, for the receipt of education on a commercial basis will need to pay from 84,000 rubles per semester (for different faculties their prices).


Next, a list of architectural and construction institutions of higher education in Russia is calling us to Samara, where at ul. Molodogvardeyskaya, 194, is the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. This educational institution for higher education was founded in the 30th year of the last century. Today it is an authoritative university not only of the city (8th place in the list of city universities), but also of the country (347th place in the all-Russian top-list). The basic profile is the sphere of training of diplomaed architects and builders in the following specialties:

  • Environmental management and technospheric security;
  • Management of technical systems;
  • Technologies and engineering of construction;
  • Computer facilities and informatics;
  • Fine and applied arts;
  • architecture;
  • economics and Management.

SFASU in figures and facts

Today the university has more than 5 thousand students. It will not be difficult to enter here if the average score for a given item is more than 64 units. The average cost of training is from 42 to 88 thousand rubles. SSSAU belongs to state universities, it has accreditation and license, offers young men and girls the opportunity to live in a hostel. The university also has a branch branch in Belebey (Republic of Bashkortostan).


One of the best architectural universities in Russia is located in Novosibirsk - it was founded in 1930, the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The average passing score for the USE is about 60.1 units. The university conducts the following faculties:

  • Architectural and construction;
  • Engineering and environmental;
  • Construction and technological;
  • 1 st stage of higher education;
  • Management and economics;
  • Humanitarian education;
  • Distance learning and branches;
  • Information and engineering technologies;
  • On working with students - citizens of foreign countries.

Architectural and construction institutions of higher education in Russia: list of additional institutions

The above mentioned institutes and universities (by the way, all of them, which are important, belong to the state category) are not the only places for obtaining a specialized education in the field of construction engineering. The list of architectural universities in Russia is much greater, and the choice of the entrant is much richer. For example, you can also stay at the Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Voronezh, Tyumen, Tomsk, Kazan or Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and many others. It becomes obvious that the educational institutions that prepare graduates in the construction and architectural spheres today are based not only in the capital or large cities, which means that young people and girls from all over the country can study their favorite business.

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