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Karmic connection between a man and a woman

Probably, there is no such person who would not have heard of karma. This concept came to us from Indian philosophy. Someone believes that this is the law of retribution, a causal relationship, some believe that this is fate or lot. Moreover, this concept is applicable to many aspects of our life and, last but not least, to relations.

Karmic communication means a relationship between people whose souls are already familiar in past incarnations. After all, many of our meetings are not accidental at all, but are a consequence of the actions we did once. Such relations often arise with our parents, children, friends, relatives and even colleagues and bosses. But the greatest interest, of course, is the karmic connection between a man and a woman.

It is understood not just the relationship between partners who have met before, namely between people who have experienced strong feelings, who have debts to each other. In this case, they still had unresolved problems. Once they could not find a way out of the confusing situation. These people can experience attraction to each other or, conversely, hate. But, one way or another, they are given a chance to return karmic debts.

Often the same situation is reproduced for a while. Such relationships can always be recognized by some features. And first of all, the fact that there is a karmic connection, Indicate emotional states, such as dependence, guilt, fear, jealousy, anger, resentment. Partners experience the same emotions, repeat the previous scenario of relations. The purpose of the new meeting is to show other qualities, higher - will, self-sufficiency, compassion, acceptance, humility. And, accordingly, make another choice.

Let us give an example. In the previous incarnation, the man was insanely jealous and harassed his wife with reproaches, made him suffer. As a result, his wife left him. In desperation, the abandoned husband laid hands on himself. The woman lived the rest of the days with an irresistible sense of guilt. In a new incarnation, their souls meet again. The situation is repeated, but now the wife is not haunted by the fear of being abandoned. What should they take out of this relationship? He must show humility, forgive and let go without offense. And she? She has to cope with a sense of guilt.

In addition, there is another sure sign that indicates that this is a karmic connection. This is swiftness. Partners very quickly get married, in many cases unconsciously, than they introduce into perplexity relatives. In this case, often one of them has to move to another city or country. Awakening and disappointment comes later, often in a year. A person does not understand why he did it, often there is a depression that can last for years. In addition, previous friendships or kinship ties are broken.

Karmic connections can also be indicated by extreme situations. As a rule, this is a drug or alcohol dependence of one of the partners, or a disability. In this case, the man and woman are probably changing places. The one who humiliated in his past life, now appears in the role of the humiliated. The one who threw in trouble is abandoned. Here, besides health problems, one can also attribute the early death of one of the spouses.

One of the signs of karmic communication is also the fatal relationship. This unrequited love, mental suffering and anguish, a love triangle. In this situation, partners often can not be together, and separately.

And one more factor is the infertility of the couple, the inability to continue the genus. It often happens that the spouses reconcile with the situation and adopt an orphan. In this case, the debt is extinguished, such a couple often owns a child.

Karmic communication can be of two kinds - destructive and healing. In the case of a destructive connection, a man and a woman first experience attraction to each other. Over time, there are tears, suffering, or reproaches and insults. And one of the partners (and sometimes both) and would like to break the relationship, but can not and tolerates. You can often hear from such people that it is fate, karma, they usually argue their indecisiveness in the presence of children in the marriage. But the situation does not change. In this case it is important to let go of each other without reproaches.

A healing bond is a relationship of kindred souls. Partners do not alter each other, they are able to forgive and support in difficult situations. Communication brings them pleasure, there is a feeling that they can not talk, and parting causes pain.

In any case, karmic communication implies spiritual growth and development. And only if the lessons are passed, we can say that the karma knots are unleashed, and the meeting was in vain.

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