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Nudist beach - a place to relax in the style of nude

Nudist beach is no longer a curiosity, people enjoy sunbathing them in nude style. In Crimea, tourists often find simply uninhabited places and without unnecessary looks rest naked. But when Russians want to luxuriate on a nude beach in Moscow, they choose specially organized venues. After all, just on the bank of a river or a lake not everyone can lie on warm sand under the sun without clothes and without constraint.

The most popular nudist beach in Moscow

In the capital of Russia, there are very few places where a naked man could calmly sunbathe. One of the most beloved and famous such zones, is the naturist beach of Silver Boar. Every weekend here is full of people, lovers of "naked" holidays meet with their old friends and get acquainted with new ones.

Naturalists treasure this beach, because it is officially authorized, and most importantly - it is safe. Holidaymakers feel very comfortable in this area. For the convenience of style lovers, nude nudist beach is enclosed by a concrete wall. Such precautions allow avoiding unauthorized access to paid territory. The entrance is open to nudists every day, which makes the beach even more popular with holidaymakers. Silver Bor is on a separate island, the distance to it from the capital is quite large. Thanks to this location, a nude beach creates the most comfortable conditions for lovers of "naked" recreation. Also this zone is so loved by the people for several reasons. First, there is a medical center on the territory. Secondly, the presence of several toilets. Thirdly, a large selection of cafes.

Nudist beaches of Crimea

Places where a person could sunbathe naked, many tourists would like to know. In Crimea there are quite a lot of nudist beaches. The alienated zones on the peninsula are more than twenty, and this is only known.

The most popular nudist beaches of Crimea are in Alushta and Sudak, the New World and Koktebel, on the Kerch coast and in Gurzuf. On the peninsula for lovers of "naked" recreation there is a huge choice of wild and deserted places.

The names of nude beaches in the Crimea are widely known to tourists. For example, it is the Turtle beach, Kazantip, the town of Ordzhonikidze and many others. Wild recreation areas attract people with their natural beauty, immeasurable depths and freedom of the body. A nudist beach is a place where there are no complexes and constraints. Also, a person gets a smooth and beautiful tan. Fans to take pictures of naked bodies and just spectators, visit the beaches with a view to gaze at holiday-makers in the style of nude.

Koktebel village and Kazantip cape

Every year naturalists find new places for nudism. Of course, there are long-favored zones. In the village of Koktebel, near the hill Yunge, there is a nude beach, it differs in that it borders on the traditional one. Between these zones is just a small stream, vacationers perfectly see each other, there are no barriers.

Nudist beach in Koktebel is still famous for its holiday "The Day of Neptune". The theatrical performance takes place in August every season.

Cape Kazantip, which is located near the area of Shelkino, is the first nudist beach on the island of Crimea. A place for recreation of naturalists is located near the base "Lavender".

Simeiz, Fox Bight and Ordzhonikidze

In the Crimea there are nudist beaches, which are tanned by non-traditional tourists. Simeiz is just such a place, men are grouped and free to rest. Often girls who do not want special attention to the opposite sex come here to sunbathe.

Fox Bay refers to the official naturalistic beaches of the Crimea. For holidaymakers to the bay, they bring essential food and food.

In the village of Ordzhonikidze there are three nudist beaches: one only for tanning with bare top, the other two - completely.

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