"Barskaya usadba" of the Tver region: recreation, prices, photos and reviews

The Tver country is famous for its cultural and historical heritage, on its vast expanses there is a huge number of archaeological constructions and centuries-old monuments. Every year tourist flows increase. There are many hotel complexes, sanatoriums and boarding houses built in the most picturesque places of the region. Almost every second hotel provides a transfer service and has a children's corner on its territory.

Here you can find a complex for a secluded holiday, a romantic weekend, family vacations and active pastime. Especially popular was the luxurious hotel "Barskaya Usadba" of the Tver region, which was recently opened in 2009. The boarding house is a place for relaxation leisure, as it is located far from the metropolis amid the forest and endless fields.

Location and brief description

Complex "Barskaya Usadba" (Tver) is located in a picturesque outback, on the banks of the Volga River, just 55 km from the central part of the city. But even in some remoteness from civilization, a favorable infrastructure has been created here, contributing to comfortable suburban vacation. The hotel has a beautiful landscaped area, decorated with a fountain, even alleys and artificially created islands with flowering shrubs.

The management constantly supports the high European status of the tourist complex. Improves its services, trains and re-trained cadres. Perfection here reigns even in small things. The credo of the hotel is customer care and the creation of maximum comfort for a relaxed pastime. Each guest, getting here, feels a festive atmosphere and serenity.

Residential fund

With regard to accommodation, the hotel "Barskaya Usadba" offers several options for accommodation: economy class rooms, deluxe category rooms and individual VIP cottages with individual amenities. VIP-houses are located far from the main building, there are only 10 of them on the territory. Near the villas there is parking for cars.

There is a cozy sleeping area, a spacious living room, equipped kitchen, a small hall with a dressing room and a bathroom in the cottages of the complex "Barskaya Usadba" (Tver region). Prices for accommodation in a guest house with a three-time meal range from 5000 r. - on weekdays, on weekends - from 7 thousand rubles. Standard room will be much cheaper (within 2000 rubles).

All rooms are decorated in warm shades, equipped with a bathroom (in the presence of a set of hygienic media). The windows offer stunning views of the park area and the forest. Guests have access to high-speed Internet, TV and telephone.

About nutrition

The main trump card of the hotel is a great cuisine. Hotel "Barskaya Usadba" of the Tver region takes care of its guests, therefore it carefully develops the food system. Dishes are served in a cozy dining room as a buffet. The diet is dominated by national, eastern and European dishes.

Skilled chefs surprise guests with culinary masterpieces: stuffed pike-perch, roasted suckling pig and other delicacies. Sweet creatures will be delighted with fresh baked goods. At its true value you will appreciate a luxurious restaurant with exclusive repair and a varied menu. The big hall of the restaurant accepts 200 people. Regularly there are dancing evenings and solemn events.

Enjoy a homely atmosphere and aromatic coffee guests inviting bar, working around the clock. On the local area there is also a phyto-bar with a rich assortment of ice cream, varieties of tea and oxygen cocktails. Tents with gazebos are equipped, where everyone can prepare meat on the grill with his own hands.

Beach holidays

Everyone associates summer with the sea or the river. It is not necessary to go on a long journey to foreign resorts, an excellent beach with clean water can be found in the boarding house "Barskaya Usadba", which is a couple of steps from residential buildings. In addition to sunbathing, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment services: boating on the river. Volga, fishing, catamarans, volleyball.

Leisure and service

Complex "Barskaya Usadba" (Tver) is proud of its AquaCentre. It consists of a large swimming pool with heated floors. A separate safe pool is built especially for the youngest visitors. For adults, a beach area with sun loungers is organized. In the center there is a Jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna with hot and dry steam.

There is a hammam (Turkish bath) with heated walls, floors and sunbeds. There is a relaxation area with TV, billiards and a bathroom. For connoisseurs of this steam room there is a Russian bathhouse with brooms and an ice pool. This is where you can cleanse the body of waste and salts.

For recovery and beauty, there is a SPA-salon, built in the form of a ship's cabin. From the porthole there is a beautiful view of the inhabitants of the marine world. In the center you will be offered different wraps, peelings, cosmetic procedures, aromatherapy and massage.

For children

With special attention and care the hotel "Barskaya Usadba" of the Tver region belongs to the children. For their leisure there is a zoo with real animals and birds. Inhabitants of the farmstead of the farmstead are foxes, squirrels, iguanas, crocodiles and other strange pets.

Fun and active kids can spend time in the club "Cartoons". It is something like a kindergarten, only without a kitchen area. It employs experienced teachers, engaged with children drawing, modeling, moving games. There are many developing toys, balls and other children's elements in the club. Children include animated films, arrange sports contests, competitions and entertainment programs. For the children there are guided tours of the Museum of Russian Fairy Tale.

Business services

At a high level, business leisure is organized for corporate performances, parties and competitions. The spacious and technically equipped conference hall is designed for 300 people. Here you can hold different kinds of seminars, presentations, weddings and name-days.

The "Barskaya Usadba" hotel in the Tver region has a VIP room for private conferences and negotiations. On request, the hotel staff can help in arranging receptions and business lunches. There is a spacious hall for ballroom dancing and physical training with mirrored walls.

Recreation programs

A gorgeous entertainment program is prepared for the guests of the complex. Exciting parties with exciting shows and performances are held in the hotel "Barskaya Usadba" (Tverskaya oblast). The photo of the complex itself can be viewed in the article. Periodically, the hotel hosts sports, festive concerts and festivals, where tourists can take part and receive prizes. In the evenings a disco with dancing, contests and grandiose fireworks opens.


A wide range of active entertainment is presented in the boarding house "Barskaya Usadba" (Tver region). Guest reviews are mostly positive. According to people, this is an amazing country complex, in which real professionals work, who know the needs of each client. The friendly atmosphere in the hotel sets up a positive mood and a measured rest. Praise to the sound of attentive staff, also liked the quality of service.

Guests are delighted by the presence of a variety of sports events that bring people to a healthy lifestyle. Enumerate the virtues can be endless. Excellent vacation and vivid impressions!

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