Vacation in the village of Sedovo (Azov Sea). Pensions and sights

Travelers, going on holiday to the Sea of Azov, often do not expect a full rest with visiting the sights and walking. The village of Sedovo (Azov Sea) is currently one of the most popular resort places not only among locals, but also visiting tourists. This is a settlement where fishermen used to live. Located on Krivoy Kos, it attracts tourists with its magnificent beaches, not too deep and warm sea. In comparison with the visit to the Black Sea resorts, vacationers will be pleasantly surprised not only by the prices for services and housing, but also by the developed infrastructure.

Rest on the Sea of Azov. Sedovo

The mild maritime climate is very valuable for people who go on vacation not only to relax, but also to improve their health. Since the entertainment in Sedovo is more aimed at young people, here you can find a lot of attractions and clubs, as well as a beautiful amusement park. Cafes and restaurants that are open almost round the clock, as well as relatively low prices for housing allow tourists not to feel any discomfort during the rest. The village of Sedovo (Azov Sea) can also offer not only an excellent pastime on the beach, but also a variety of entertainment related to visiting various museums and natural attractions.

The main points of the search for housing

So, to get a job in a boarding house, it is worthwhile to look through various options in advance, as the conditions in each of them will differ, however, as well as the prices for various services. Although even if the traveler decides not to take care of the accommodation, before arriving in Sedovo, several people will approach him and offer a room or an apartment. Mostly in the village, housing is provided in a low-cost category. When visiting resorts and other places, you can save money and at the same time not limit yourself in anything, if you were in Sedovo. The Azov Sea is famous for its affordable prices along with a wonderful holiday, interesting entertainment and clean air. All these factors attract more and more tourists every year.


Arriving in Sedovo, you can visit the national natural park Meotida, the oldest stone Belosarai lighthouse, look at the church of St. John Chrysostom and the Savior Basil the Great in the highest point of Yalta. Another thing worth visiting is a sailing museum and a zoological garden that will be of interest to young tourists. Vacationers do not feel any restrictions in the movement in the village of Sedovo. The Sea of Azov (see the photo of the coastline below) is equipped with good infrastructure. There are often buses to Mariupol and Donetsk. And if, when going on vacation, the tourist decided to familiarize himself with boarding houses for recreation and, perhaps, wanted to book a room there, first of all he will meet the following most popular boarding houses of the resort.


Hotel "Helios" offers travelers the opportunity to stay in an ecologically clean place. There is a high level of service and excellent rooms for every taste and purse. The hotel owns its own beach, which offers canopies and sun loungers. There you can play volleyball and badminton on specially assigned and equipped venues. For the kids there is an excellent children's complex, in which animators work. They entertain kids while parents sunbathe and bathe. Also, the hotel offers the possibility of renting bicycles, there will help determine the most interesting walks and most interesting sights. There are three meals a day, comfortable recreation areas and a lot of local entertainment that will not make any traveler bored. Approximate prices for rooms range from 600-2400 rubles. The cost depends on the comfort, the number of seats and other nuances.


Holiday Hotel "Cholodok" is a small, cozy complex that is surrounded by greenery. Here you can also choose the most suitable accommodation for tourists. The price will depend on the person's preferences. For example, the standard number will cost in the range of 70 UAH, and the suite number - about 600 UAH. In rubles, the value varies in the following range: from 200 to 2.5 thousand rubles. The difference is in the comfort and convenience of the boarding house in Sedovo. The Azov Sea is known by one nuance: in the standard rooms there is only cold water, and in the suites there is also hot water. The institution offers travelers to enjoy a variety of offers for outdoor activities both on the territory and beyond. There are playgrounds, a small swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and a bar. The territory of the boarding house is located on the second line. The administration offers the following beaches for holidaymakers for their comfortable rest: "Gold Coast", "Seagull" and "Wave".


The boarding house "Metallurg" is located in a beautiful park area. It is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous plantations. On the territory there are a couple of swimming pools: one for adults, and the second with numerous water slides for children. For recreation, there are billiard tables, tennis and volleyball courts, a sand pitch for football. The diet is diverse and will surprise both adults and young tourists. The boarding house is famous for three meals a day and healthy, which is served in two rooms: an adult and a children's room. Rest in "Metallurg" year-round, as the infrastructure and amenities are perfectly developed. There will always be entertainment suitable for each tourist individually.


Active, interesting and informative holidays offer boarding houses in Sedovo: Azov Sea is rich not only cafes and restaurants, but also numerous water parks. Here cultural and entertainment events are held. On the territory of the boarding house there are sports grounds and there are parks where you can relax. Prices for the room start from 120 UAH per person per day (about 350 rubles). The only exception is the lack of food in the guest house, included in the room price. For a fee, you can use the services of a local dining room.


If travelers decide to go light and already on the spot to look for accommodation, it is important to remember that the prices for apartments and rooms will differ depending on the convenience of location and range from the coastline, the comfort of living in the house. For example, many tourists, choosing to save money, rent inexpensive rooms, and then sadly notice that it's too far to go to the sea, and furniture is absolutely unsuitable for living during a holiday in Sedovo (Azov Sea).

The private sector of the village is rich in any type of housing. It is in such cases that it is worthwhile to plan your vacation in advance and become acquainted with all offers. After all, there are many excellent and convenient options for apartments, settling in that, tourists left themselves only pleasant memories. Reviews of travelers about the various boarding houses and private houses where they lived are completely different. Someone was pleased with their choice, but some did not. But in any case, they all unanimously celebrate the excellent rest in the village, its developed infrastructure and amazing nature.

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