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IPhone-headphones: a history of development

Modern smartphones have become a kind of multimedia combine, combining in one compact device the functionality of a phone, camera, video and music player. Together with them, complementing and expanding their functionality, headphones also developed. Now no one is bewildered by a person walking along the street in the headset or speaking "to himself" using the microphone built into it. A big contribution to this was made by Apple, which released the iPod and iPhone. The earphones of this company are recognized from afar and have a history.

From EarPhones to EarPods

The first model, released together with the legendary iPod, was released in 2001. I must say that the "apple" headphones quickly won the hearts of users. Even in them, Jobs showed the ability to surprise the world with seemingly familiar things, looking at them from a different angle.

EarPhones, of course, differed from competitors, but, what is most interesting, their calling card was not unique sound quality, but color. Nobody wanted to make white headphones before. Apple tried and not lost.

A new impetus to development and an incentive for recognition EarPhones received in 2007 with the release of the iPhone. The headphones purchased a small remote control, allowing you to control the playback of music tracks and answer calls without taking the phone out of your pocket. Literally a year later Apple released a separate headset called In-Ear. They have never been bundled with the company's products and sold separately as a fashion product. Their main highlight was the use of balanced-arm technology, which is distinguished by high quality of sound transmission.

In 2012, there was the release of the fifth model of the iPhone. The headphones, which came with it in the kit, underwent a decisive redesign and got a new name - EarPods. From their predecessors, as well as from the products of competitors, they were characterized by a drop-like execution. With him safely lived four releases of the iPhone - so successful were these headphones. IPhone 5S, 6 and 6S were equipped with them without any external changes.

Without wires

Another historic change Apple made with the release of the seventh version of its smartphone. EarPods, along with the "seven" lost their usual audio connector. Instead, it now uses the same Lightning port as for charging.

Literally after a few months Apple altogether deprived its headphones of wires. They have retained the now-famous shape of the drop, but now they use advanced Bluetooth technology to transmit the sound.

How to distinguish a fake

In the shops you can find different color solutions in which the iPhone headphones are made. Is it original or not? As we said above, Apple released its white headset. Since the very first model of other colors, the company has not applied. Consequently, all the color variety that the counters are strewn with is nothing more than a careful craft of our eastern neighbor.

Usually the headphones coming with iPhone are going through a smartphone. But if it so happens that you broke or lost them, you know, not all white EarPods on sale are original. On how to distinguish Apple products, written a lot of articles and instructions, and find them is not difficult.


Here, briefly, looks like almost a twenty-year history of the development of headphones "apple" company. One of the popular products, in the creation of which the ideas of the legendary Steve Jobs are used.

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