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Statuses about the mood for the right opinion

What else, if not the state of the soul, affects the perception of others? That everyone understood, whether it is possible to conduct conversations with you on this day, or not, choose suitable statuses about mood for the pages in social networks. They will help to fully convey their condition and readiness to solve important issues.

Statuses about mood for self-expression

Today, it is difficult to imagine social networks without sayings, adorned on users' pages. Statuses about the mood very often can be seen in different formats. Choose any one to fully describe your current emotions.

  • The mood is excellent,

In the pocket there is cash.

The day off came today,

I'm very, very happy.

  • My mood is epic today,

Thoughts even visit heroic.

The day off came -

The mood gave.

  • I have such a mood today that only a journey will save him. And if you are not going to offer me an interesting trip, then do not apply.
  • Strange, but I perceive the same hit differently in a bad and good mood. When it is excellent - I hear only positive, and when bad, there are notes of a negative. I'll go, I'll turn on this song, but I can not understand if I'm good or evil today.
  • I smiled in the morning, and the sun woke up. Although there were clouds, so it's better to smile.
  • How will you treat the world, so it will be for you. You will laugh - will give the sun, you will constantly cry - you will get rain.
  • The mood is creative - I can do anything.
  • Today I got up from that foot, but that's just the cactus, which was near the couch. I really do not know now how to believe these beliefs.
  • Even the darkest clouds disperse the smile of the mouth of the silent.
  • And I always smile, let them better think that I'm sick than sorry.
  • People are strange creatures. Around so much good happens, and they pay attention to all sorts of bad things and silently fall into depression.

It is better to write statuses about a good mood, let people envy. After all, gloomy thoughts attract bad events, and only positive can paint everyday life with all the colors of the rainbow!

Statuses about bad mood for social networks

Of course, a person is not obliged, and can not always be in a good mood due to fatigue, turmoil and weather changes. Statuses about the mood, which leaves much to be desired, also have the right to their existence.

  • If you know how a time bomb works, then you need to understand what my mood is now.
  • Urgent need a recharge for the mood, it's discharged.
  • There are days when only a bottle of whiskey and purring pussy will help.
  • I have a bad day today. Apparently, my recovery began with a fall from the couch.
  • I'm in a great mood! Just do not look at me with such doubt!
  • I have such a mood today that I want to go to kindergarten - to feed, drink, play and put to sleep at lunch.
  • Even the best mood will be spoiled if someone really insists on it.

And it does not matter, the status of the good mood or the bad you put on your page social networks. The most important thing is that you express emotions that really are on your mind, and it makes you feel better.

Poetic statuses about the state of mind

Sometimes only in long rhymes can you fully express your emotional experiences. For example:

  • My mood is to roll mountains,

Go to the goal, pave the way.

Let it always be so,

So that there was no behind the screen of beautiful paintings.

  • I'm always cheerful,

Why bother?

You need to live your life properly,

With positive live.

Let the stream flow in a brilliant stream,

All good day and delicious cookies.

The mood in short sayings

Of course, not everyone wants to write a long and overloaded sense of status about the mood. Funny statuses that cause delight, can consist of a couple of lines.

  • I'm fine, but my ideal order is a mess.
  • Why ask about my mood if you are not interested? In any case, the answer is that everything is wonderful.
  • Beware of me when I'm in a bad mood, if you do not want to see how the bombs actually explode.
  • Life is beautiful if you smile at it.

Only a good mood and a high-raised head provide a positive in life. Laugh more often, the world loves our smiles!

Choose the statuses that will fully convey your inner mood and state of mind. Do not be afraid to show emotion.

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