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What can happen if you play video games too long?

Video games are great! But what if you play too much? This can give both positive and negative results. Throughout the world, there are examples of how gamers who have played too long, literally did not live up to the credits. Brute force in video games can be a serious problem. As with all the pleasant things in this world, everything should be in moderation. Too much of anything, from sleep to water, can lead to certain negative consequences. But, despite some tragic effects, video games are not so bad. First, they deliver incredible pleasure. Secondly, they can improve almost everything in you - from critical thinking to coordination of movements. Sometimes they can even make you smarter. Therefore, it is necessary to understand more carefully what video game impact can have on a person and what harm they cause to the body.

You can die from thrombosis

Long game sessions are not unusual. But what if they threaten your life? Yes, then it's still bust. A condition known as deep vein thrombosis can develop if sitting still for a long period of time. One British gamer died due to the fact that he formed clots of blood caused by thrombosis, the cause of which was his way of life - every day for 12 hours he spent behind computer games. A New Zealander gamer got to the hospital because of blood clots formed at his feet, after he spent four days on vacation for his console.

Your heart can refuse

A 32-year-old man from Hong Kong was found dead in a computer club, where he stayed for three days in a row. The man entered the club on January 6, 2015, began to play - and was found dead on January 8. The cause of death is heart failure due to lack of mobility, low temperature and complete exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Employees of the club reported that the same man often stayed in the club for three or four days, and other gamers did not pay much attention to what was happening when the body of the unlucky gamer was taken to the street.

You can develop "nintendoit"

Even if you make breaks between game sessions, the repeated use of the gamepad for hours, days, weeks, months and years can have a negative impact. The game usually requires the gamer to repeat repetitive monotonous movements with large and other fingers, and in 2003 the results of the study were summed up, during which it became clear that many gamers suffered from repeated stretching of the arm muscles (a syndrome called "nintendoite").

You can hurt your back

The study, conducted in 1999, studied back pain in schoolchildren, as well as their relationship to what children love to do, including watching TV and playing games at the computer. The report indicated that there is a connection between computer games and back pain. These pains were manifested in those children who informed researchers that they spend at least two hours a day at the computer.

You can hurt your eyes

You should not be surprised that a long look at the screen, whether it's a TV, computer, smartphone or tablet, does not have a positive effect on your eyes. There is even such a disease as the syndrome of computer vision. It manifests itself in people who spend several hours a day at computer screens.

It can literally affect your brain

If you like playing too long in computer games, this can begin to affect your brain. Literally. Studies show that frequent game sessions can change your brain. Speaking of specific examples, small children, who spent more than nine hours playing computer games a week, had an increased center in the brain, responsible for the rewards, which made them want to play even more.

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