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Leo Babauta - a fighter with procrastination

Personal crises are not uncommon. In our dynamic world of people, a wave of incompleteness is overwhelmed, things are constantly piling up, they are forced to experience stress, irritability, there is no vital energy in order to start doing something - the circle closes ...

And you also catch yourself on the fact that you are ready to do anything during the day, just not to work, not to act for your own well-being? Then this article is for you.

Procrastination is the scourge of modernity

Day by day we produce thousands of actions, but if we look at them, they are often aimed only at one thing: shirking work. In this case, "work" is not only the place where we go day by day to get a livelihood, but it's also household chores, the development of children, our health, the physical body, its beauty, and happiness, finally.

In the era of information, it is simply strange to be ignorant of any matter. Anything you can read "online" in any place convenient for you. One of the most popular authors for today is Leo Babauta. The books he writes occupy a niche for the self-development of the person, a very popular direction today.

How to become productive

One of the ardent fighters with the problem is Leo Babauta. "There is no procrastination" - this is his author's technique, showing on a personal example how you can become a productive, and therefore, a successful person.

Leo made a breakthrough in his life, having six (!!!) children in his arms. Do you still have excuses why you can not improve your life?

How it works? It is necessary to shift the focus of your attention to the place where things go worst. Acting gradually, maybe even for 5-10 minutes a day, you can very soon significantly increase your productivity and much to manage.

On the way to personal success

Books (Leo Babauta) are freely available on the Internet, they are not voluminous in content, anyone can overcome them in a short time. An interesting thing, successful people share their secrets for free, they study their labors, but there are no more successful people around us. Why does this happen? The solution is that we do not act. Yes, they downloaded literature, yes, they read it, but they understood it, but they did not go over to practice.

Leo Babauta calls for one innovation at a time. Subtracting useful advice, you must definitely try to implement it in your life, without effect, the result will not come. Efforts will gradually improve life, active people are always in the center of attention, because success is their faithful companion.

The book "52 changes"

Success will be achieved gradually, just a step in a week. Turning back a year later, you can find out how life has improved in all its areas. Leo Babauta "52 changes" - this is a real bestseller about how you can move to a quality level in your destiny.

Do not forget to enjoy each of your changes, without this innovation will definitely not take root in life. By the way, the changes proposed in Leo Babauta's book are not at all an axiom, it is necessary to write down those things that you really need.

It's time to decide and begin to gradually change your destiny. When a person begins to act, his life always begins to improve. And only those who live as if the plant "roll-field", will vegetate to its end.

To be in time in 1 minute

Allocate to tasks of 5 minutes a day - it's better than doing nothing. Basically we do not undertake any business, thinking that they can take too much time, in fact, even 1 minute a day works wonders.


You just can not bring yourself to learn English.

  1. To advance in this matter, you can download an application to your smartphone and visit it every day, starting from 1 minute a day.
  2. You can use the program not in a certain period of the day, but, for example, only when traveling in public transport, stand in line, at lunch time.
  3. The use of such a technique quickly gives results, because, as you know, the actions carried out regularly, always become a habit.

It's easy, day after day, new knowledge, skills, and skills will be acquired that will then help you qualify for a better position that will bring worthy money, look better, and live in an environment of order.

The secret lies in the fact that one fine day will grow into 10, 20, 30 ... And then it will be possible to reach even greater heights.

The rule of one minute works in everything: in sports, at harvesting, in self-education.

  • Every day, swing the press (crouch), starting with a couple of minutes;
  • Daily learn "blind method of typing on the keyboard";
  • To keep a blog, publish posts in social. Network;
  • Every day, allocate five minutes to put things in order on the desktop;
  • A couple of minutes to remove unnecessary files from your computer, phone;
  • Read 10-15 pages of any book.

You can come up with a lot of things, if you deliberately fight against procrastination, then soon it will stop overwhelming you. It is simply impossible to stop when you are flirting with success. Leo Babauta says that people, of course, will continue to "hang" in the interactive space, but things will be done, many things to do!

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