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Instructions on how to increase your earnings, or How to delete a vKontakte page

Many of us, the jolly children of the age of information technology, spend too much time in vain. Especially in social networks. The reason why we registered in them, each has its own, but, one way or another, not everyone can adequately dose their pastime there.

You should think about how to delete the page in VKontakte (or any other social network, but let's consider this site in this article as an option by default), if:

- You sit in it, even if there is nothing to do on the site.

- More often than once every five minutes, press the F5 key to check if a new message has arrived.

- You have more than 150 friends, and many of them you do not even know. And you correspond with them in style: "Hello, how are you?". For those who do not understand the indirect exposition of the facts, we explain. In this paragraph it is meant that you are wasting your time on meaningless conversations with strangers. You determine the status of a person by how many friends he has.

In general, in aggregate, all these items mean only one thing. Social networks play a bigger role in your life than it should be. It is necessary to decide something. Why? Yes, because you waste your life. Therefore, many who start to realize this, think about how to delete a page in this social network.

The process of deleting is divided into two parts: the actual deletion of the page and the final cleaning of the user's data. Simply, as well as removing the home page in the browser, here it will not be possible. Because many people store various interesting information in their profile, they can eventually change their mind and return to the network, which the system takes into account. Therefore, the final cleaning of the user's data takes place 7 months after the last visit to the page. Although, to be honest, who knows if your personal information will remain on the servers after the expiration of this period. However, let's move away from the conspiracy theory and return to our topic - consider the removal algorithm itself.

How to delete a vKontakte page :

- Go to the "My Settings" menu.

- At the very bottom will be the inscription: "You can delete the page".

- Click, choose the reason, wait a couple of months - and you're a free man.

Now about the little tricks. If you are a conspirator, and therefore it is extremely important for you that no one knows about you, then you should consider the following:

- If you have commented something, the record will remain on the social network even after the page has been completely deleted.

- If the page was tied to the phone number, then its fate - to lie forever in the server brains.

What to do? Before deleting the page, go to your profile settings and put the order there. Privacy everywhere put "Only me" and "Nobody", delete information about yourself, if possible change your name and / or surname. In general, take everything away. And to untie the page from the mobile phone will not hurt.

In the end I want to draw your attention to two things:

  1. A social network is not just a website. This is a powerful and extremely useful tool for communication between people. You can lose your stupidity. Do not forget about it. Before deleting your page, try to deal with the problem in yourself - no one has yet abolished willpower!
  2. Your personal information, in one way or another, can be processed by strangers. Therefore, do not fill, but if filled, then remove the life description that has been meticulously exposed for everyone. Whoever is informed is armed. You may someday become very insulted if you are beaten because you silly told strangers about yourself.

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