HDD Recovery Software: brief instructions for using HDD Regenerator utility

Although hard disks are inferior in performance to SSDs, many users prefer drives of this type because of their main advantage - the price per megabyte. And since the HDD is still popular, the issue of the possibility of their recovery is sharp. This article describes the best program for HDD recovery - HDD Regenerator.

HDD Regenerator Features


  • View SMART table data;
  • Checking access time to drive sectors;
  • Testing of the surface of plates for the presence of broken sectors;
  • Repair of the hard disk by reversing the bad blocks.

HDD Regenerator is a unique application that does not just make damaged sectors invisible, but really restores them.

Methods for restoring the magnetic storage

Under the restoration of HDD, it should be understood the reduction in the number of broken sectors (or bad blocks). There are two ways in which you can perform this operation. The first one is ordinary. It is used in almost all specialized utilities. The program to restore the HDD drive marks the broken sector as unused. Data after this is no longer written to it. The information that was stored in the sector is lost.

The second method is used only in the HDD Regenerator application. During the recovery of the bad blocks, the program affects the sectors of the hard disk with magnetic pulses of different strength. Blocks are remagnetized and can again store information. The data already stored on them is not lost.

HDD Regenerator is a paid program for HDD recovery. It is worth 90 $. Downloading a trial version is pointless, since it immediately after the first sector found requires the purchase of a license.


Before you begin, you need to download the application. Installation is not required. Immediately after the utility is launched, its working panel will appear on the screen with a choice of actions.

In the main window of the program, click on the inscription Stars under Windows.

The application prompts you to select the drive that you want to work with. Select the disk and click on Start Process.

The program for HDD recovery will display a window warning that before the start of work you need to complete all applications. If possible, disable as many programs as possible, and then click on OK.

The display will open a command window with four options: 1 - quick check; 2 - testing and (optional) recovery; 3 - information about the program; 4 - view the report.

First you need to press the button "2" on the keyboard. A new dialog for selecting an action appears on the screen. In it again it is necessary to press on "2". The program will begin the test without recovery.

After the end of the utility, the utility displays statistics. The most important indicators in it are the number of sectors that take a long time to read and the number of bad blocks. If a large number is indicated opposite the first item, it is likely that the disk will soon begin to fail, and work on the computer will cease to be comfortable. If the utility found bad blocks on the disk, you need to perform a scan with recovery.

To start the scan with the restoration of the health of the sectors, you need to perform all the above actions, but in the last dialog with a choice click on the button "1". After that, the recovery program will start. HDD Regenerator will display the number of regenerated sectors and the total number found. Changes in indicators will occur in real time.

Scanning is a long process. Its duration can vary from several hours to several tens of hours, so do not run the application in regeneration mode, if the computer may be required for urgent business.

Creating a bootable USB flash drive

The utility can not always perform regeneration if it is running on Windows. Sometimes the operating system blocks access to the drive at a low level. In this case, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive and perform the recovery by booting into DOS mode.


  1. Run the utility.
  2. In the main window, click on the icon "Bootable USB-Flash".
  3. Select the drive that will later become bootable. Its capacity should be more than 1 GB. If the flash drive has important data, you need to save it to a different location. Click on OK.
  4. If the program to restore HDD in Russian displays an error message, go back one step and click on the "Reset Size" link.
  5. When the drive is formatted, the selection dialog again appears on the display.
  6. Highlight the newly formatted USB stick and click OK. After the operation is completed, the boot drive will be created.

BIOS Setup

Creating a device with a program on board is an important step, but not the last. Now you need to configure the computer so that it is loaded not from the HDD, but from the USB flash drive.


  1. Restart the PC.
  2. Press the Delete button as soon as the information messages appear on the screen. The button may be different. Follow the inscriptions at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the Advanced Features tab.
  4. Move the cursor to the Boot Sequence line and press the Enter key.
  5. Switch the 1st Boot Device selector to USB-HDD.
  6. Save the changes by pressing the F10 button.
  7. Exit the BIOS.

After performing these actions, the program for HDD recovery will be loaded automatically.

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