Vertical beam - installation features

The log, strengthened vertically, what is it called? A wooden pillar. They do not cease to be used as an effective means for arranging fences. Let's consider the features of installing decks in the ground, determine the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution.

Selection of wood

The log, reinforced vertically, must withstand the loads imposed on it. Therefore, selection of suitable wood is of considerable importance in its selection.

As practice shows, oak poles are the most durable and reliable. A good option for the organization of fences is the use of logs from beech, birch, hazel, larch. Coniferous and fertile wood species are not very suitable for performing such work, since the latter have a fairly soft core, which is prone to rapid rotting.

Advantages and disadvantages

A wooden log, reinforced vertically, has been used since the ages for the construction of fences. Despite the availability of a whole mass of more effective options, this solution has its advantages:

  • Low cost and availability of material.
  • Ease of handling and installation.
  • Ecological cleanliness.
  • Attractive appearance.

As for the obvious shortcomings of the use of wooden poles as the basis for the construction of the fence, it is worth noting the sensitivity of the material to the effects of natural precipitation, a shorter operating life in comparison with the same metal.


How to properly install a log reinforced vertically? The answer to this question is as follows:

  1. To start with the help of twine and pegs, the territory is marked out, in the course of which the line of the future fence is determined.
  2. Further grooves are prepared for the pillars. To securely install a log reinforced vertically, usually a pit of about 70-80 cm depth is sufficient.
  3. The surface of the apertures is tightly trampled.
  4. The bottom of each indentation is covered with a roofing material, which will serve as protection against penetration of moisture.
  5. Direct installation of poles is carried out, the lower part of which is also wrapped with insulating material.
  6. Concrete is prepared in the end. The grooves are filled with mortar.

Helpful Tips

Using a log reinforced vertically, as a basis for installing fences, it is not necessary to prepare a concrete mixture for pouring with fillers in the form of expanded clay or brick fights. These materials can be quickly destroyed under the influence of atmospheric precipitation.

During the installation of logs, it is necessary to ensure that organic matter does not fall into the prepared groove: grass, branches, foliage, which also contributes to the rotting of wood. This omission will lead to the formation of voids in the ground, which are filled with water. Stagnation of an abundant amount of moisture at the base of wooden pillars will cause the destruction of the support.

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