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Electric drill: types and features of choice

Electric drill is a multifunctional tool. With this device you can drill holes in wood of different hardness, metal and plastic, brick and concrete. Using special nozzles, you can twist and twist the screws, polish or sand the surface, use it as a mixer (mix construction mixes).

Like any tool, electric drills have a conditional division into household (amateur) and professional. The main criterion for this separation is the engine power and the duration of the operation. Professional models can withstand 10 hours of continuous work, while household models can last about 4 hours (with a break of 15 minutes, every 45 minutes of work). To ensure a long service life, all components and components of a professional tool are made of high-strength materials, which can not but affect the price. A professional electric drill (the price is several times higher than the household version) is also characterized by higher power (above 600 W).

Types of drills

The most common and often used option is impact drills. They, in addition to rotation, provide additional effort in the form of blows due to forward-backward movement. Use this function when drilling concrete or brick. If it is necessary to work with brittle materials (plastic, plasterboard, etc.), it is switched off. To work in hard-to-reach places, an electric corner drill is used. It can be necessary when repairing a car or during the assembly of furniture. Drill-mixers are used for stirring of building mixtures. Their characteristic feature - the presence of an additional grip, which allows you to fix the nozzles in the required position. Usually such models do not have a shock function. The electric drill-screwdriver has small power, small weight and size. Most often these are household models that are convenient for small repairs.

An electric drill can be powered from mains or batteries. Mobile versions with batteries have a high price and are very heavy, but they do not have very high power, while the price is much higher than the models operating from the power grid.

How to choose

First of all, you need to decide how often you will use the tool. If your professional activity is related to drilling, then get a better powerful model. If the electric drill is needed for periodic work during the repair, then it is quite possible to manage inexpensive household modification. Do not without the need to buy a model with additional features. Usually the presence of a large number of functions is compensated for not by a very high quality, otherwise the price would be prohibitive. Ideally, it is advisable to purchase a separate tool for each type of work: twist the screws - a screwdriver, drill holes - an electric drill. The feedback from builders clearly shows that such simplified models work much longer and perform a specific type of work better than devices with many functions.

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