Charozette: instruction manual

"Charozetta" refers to the group of gestagens intended for oral contraception. This drug is great for those women who want to take contraception during breastfeeding, since the vast majority of contraception can not be used during lactation.

The medicine "Charozetta". Instructions for use: indications

The drug has only one primary purpose - contraception.

When using contraception "Charosette", during the first 56 days the frequency of ovulation is not more than 1%. After the drug was canceled, it comes in 7-30 days.

The drug is Charozetta. Instructions for use: contraindications

Tablets should not be taken if you have at least one of the following list:

• pregnancy (even if presumed);

• venous thromboembolism;

• glucose-galactose malabsorption;

• thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries;

• bleeding from the vagina (due to an unclear etiology);

• severe liver disease;

• thrombosis in the deep veins of the lower leg;

Lactose intolerance;

• increased sensitivity to "Charosette";

• malignant tumors (hormone-dependent);

• liver failure.

In addition, this contraception should be taken with increased caution in the following cases:

• thromboembolic disorders (the possibility of relapse, which must necessarily be notified by the doctors);

• Chloasma;

• stable hypertension, which develops against the background of using the drug "Charozetta";

• Long-term immobilization.

The drug Charozetta. Instructions for use: overdose

About some serious problems as a result of poisoning the body components of the drug was not reported.

Symptoms such as vomiting, vaginal bleeding (minor), nausea may occur.

Some symptoms can only appear in young girls. There is no antidote for this situation. Therefore, perform symptomatic treatment.

Medication "Charozetta". Instructions for use: side effects

The most frequently manifested side effects are:

• soreness in the mammary glands;

• a set of body weight;

• Irregular spotting;

• mood changes;

• nausea;

• Acne.

In addition, there are also side effects that have been extremely rare. They are divided into subgroups.

Infections and infestations:

• Vaginal infections.


• decreased libido;

• headache;

• mood change.

Organs of vision:

• problems with wearing contact lenses.

Digestive system:

• vomiting;

• nausea.


• erythema nodosum;

• Acne;

• alopecia;

• urticaria;

• skin rash.

Reproductive system:

• Vaginitis;

• ectopic pregnancy;

• different discharge from the mammary glands;

• dysmenorrhea;

• soreness in the mammary glands;

• amenorrhea;

• irregular menstruation;

• ovarian cyst.

Other problems:

• increased fatigue;

• a set of body weight.

There are also side effects about which there is information, but there is no reliable clinical evidence. These include:

• hearing loss due to otosclerosis (hereditary);

• itching of the skin;

• porphyria;

• hemolytic-uremic syndrome;

• the appearance of gallstones;

• angioedema;

• Herpes pregnant women;

• cholestasis;

• Sydenham's chorea;

• Lupus erythematosus (systemic);

• Jaundice.

Terms and conditions of storage

The medicine must be stored in a place that is inaccessible to children. In addition , this place must be dry and protected from light. You can store at a temperature in the range of 2 to 30 degrees.

The remedy is valid for three years. After this time, reception of contraception "Charozetta" is strictly prohibited. Because this can be detrimental to your health.

Terms of sale in pharmacies.

Contraceptive tablets "Charozetta" can be purchased only upon presentation of the necessary prescription.

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