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Sacroiliac joint: treatment and prevention of diseases

Diseases of the joints are fixed today very often. Most often this is due to the wrong way of life and too much strain on the support apparatus. Often, people develop diseases that affect the sacroiliac joint. Consider what symptoms characterize these pathologies, why they appear and how to get rid of them.

Causes of Disease Development

It should be noted that there are many factors that can contribute to the emergence of the problem, for example:

- Osteoarthritis of the sacroiliac joint.

- Inflammatory process in bones or surrounding soft tissues.

- Fracture or other types of joint trauma.

- Large body weight.

- Wrong food.

- Lifting objects that have a large mass.

- Prolonged wrong position of the body.

Infectious pathologies of internal organs. Pregnancy and childbirth.

- Spondyloarthropathy.

- Dysfunction of the joint.

Symptomatology of pathology

Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint can manifest itself in different ways. The most common symptoms are:

- Pain syndrome. It can intensify after a long sitting in the same pose.

- Restriction of the spine.

- In some cases, an increase in body temperature is recorded, which may be insignificant but stable.

The arthrosis of this joint is characterized by the same signs and can be caused by the same factors. However, the peculiarities of treating this pathology are completely different. If you feel pain in the sacroiliac joint, you should always contact a specialist.

Features of diagnosis of the disease

In principle, laboratory tests in this case can not show a complete picture of pathology, although they will help to establish the cause of its development. Naturally, for an accurate diagnosis, you will need X-ray and MRI. An external examination is mandatory and complaints of the patient are recorded.

The specialist also conducts a series of tests to help him determine how badly and rapidly the disease develops. For this, the doctor does not need special instruments or equipment. It is enough just to know how these manipulations are carried out.

What tests are performed during the examination?

In order to study the sacroiliac joint, the physician should observe how the patient performs certain movements. You can produce them in different positions: sitting, standing, lying. So, the patient must pass such tests:

1. On the elasticity. Thus the expert can estimate, how much mobile is articulation.

2. On the evaluation of the tension of the leading muscles. This will make it possible to distinguish between the diseases of the sacroiliac joint and the hip joint.

3. Flexural (standing and lying). Here the doctor can see how well the joint is functioning.

4. Pressure test. It is used to find out the type of pathology.

Conservative treatment of the disease

It should be noted that the sacroiliac joint carries the main static load of the body. Naturally, if this joint can not function normally, then the person also can not perform his work and move around. Conservative therapy involves the use of painkillers (Drotaverin, Analgin, Dimedrol). And these drugs can be injected.

To eliminate inflammation, you can use corticosteroids, both intramuscular and topical (ointment). For example, you can use the drugs "Diclofenac", "Dicloberl". In the case of an acute form of pathology, antibiotics of the penicillin series may be necessary.

It is necessary to limit the load on the joint during the treatment period. To do this, use bandages. In order to remove puffiness in the joint, physiotherapy methods should be used.

Folk methods of elimination of arthrosis

The sacroiliac joint can be treated not only by traditional methods. Often to eliminate arthrosis, people's prescriptions are used. However, it should be borne in mind that in the case of fracture, joint injury, ligament rupture, such methods may not be effective. Therefore, before using alternative medicine, consult a doctor.

With arthrosis, you can benefit from such remedies:

1. Decoction of birch buds. To prepare this remedy, use 2 tablespoons of fresh raw material per liter of water. After the mixture is slightly exhaled over a small fire, it should be cooled and filtered. Drink the product should be up to 4 times a day for 1 large spoon. It is better to take the medicine before eating.

2. Camphoric little. It is used for rubbing the affected area. You can buy the product in the pharmacy. Next, it mixes with the beaten egg and a small amount of mustard.

3. To remove pain, you can use burdock leaves. They are simply applied to the affected area and tied with a warm kerchief. Leave the compress for a while. Before applying it, you can make a massage using honey.

Physiotherapeutic methods of eliminating the disease

If you have a damaged or inflamed sacroiliac joint, the treatment involves the use of such methods of eliminating pathology, such as acupuncture, ultraviolet heating, electrophoresis with the use of medications, infrared irradiation.

Naturally, an important stage in the treatment is the use of physiotherapy exercises and manual therapy. Massage should be done by a specialist. Firstly, you yourself can not carry out the procedure yourself anyway. Secondly, it is necessary to know techniques that will help restore the joint of its function and do not harm even more.

As for physical education, if the sacroiliac joint is damaged, the exercises should be sparing. First of all, these are different types of mobilization. For example, on the edge of the sofa, get on all fours. Thus one knee which is on a healthy half, should hang down a little. Next, try to relax as much as possible, after which you should feel the tension in the represented joint. Now you can make a springing motion with a downward knee down.

Mobilization can be done in the prone position. At the same time, you need to lie down on a healthy side. Now you need to lean your knee on the table, and with your hand press on the upper axis of the ilium in the direction forward and upward. This is rather inconvenient, however effective.

Prevention of pathology

So that you do not feel all the "charm" of this disease, try to implement all necessary preventive measures. First of all, start eating right. That is, eliminate from the diet of fatty, smoked and fried foods. More lean on fruits and vegetables, rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. If necessary, take special immuno-fortifying drugs.

If you have a lot of weight, you need to start fighting with it. Refuse to smoke, engage in a feasible sport (running, walking, riding a bicycle). Constant sitting in the office also has a disastrous effect on your skeleton. Naturally, periodically you have to do certain physical exercises that will help relieve the load from the joint.

That's all the features of treating damage to the sacroiliac joint. Be attentive to yourself.

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