Golden Ring Hotels: well-known and non-standard hotel establishments of the route

One of the most popular tourist routes in Russia is the Golden Ring. Not only Russians, but also foreign guests with pleasure go this way to admire the beauty of architectural objects, to visit unique historical places.

But since there are many who want to touch the past of the country, everyone is primarily interested in the issue of living and living. Recently, the development of the hotels in the route has been given serious attention, and today the Golden Ring hotels are comfortable institutions that are equipped with the needs of a modern tourist. Next - about the most popular hotels that are in demand.

"Kuptsov house"

This hotel, like the other three-star hotels of the Golden Ring, is a budget option. An institution is located in Yaroslavl, practically in the center of the city. Nearby are interesting for travelers objects - the Yaroslavl Kremlin, the Temple of Elijah the Prophet, the Academic Theater, the buildings of the Transfiguration Monastery and other important sights.

The hotel offers 20 rooms, all provided with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: a desk, air conditioning, minibar, TV and DVD.

"Cathedral Sloboda"

For those who are looking for a non-standard holiday, such hotels of the Golden Ring as the hotel "Cathedral Sloboda" are suitable. Moreover, it is difficult to call this hotel because it includes 13 houses. And not new, but well-restored, but preserved the whole old interior. Starting with a Russian stove and finishing with frames in the windows and doors - everything here is old-fashioned.

The additional service is also appropriate: for guests to relax from the road, dissipate, gain experience, similar hotels of the Golden Ring offer them the following types of entertainment - horse-drawn sleigh rides, boat skating, small forest walks, mushroom or berry trips. The choice of entertainment depends on the time of year and the taste of the holidaymakers themselves.

"Art Hotel"

Considering the hotels of the Golden Ring of Russia, one can not help but mention this hotel, located in the center of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. This is a large manor, where at the same time at least 12 people can live freely. The hostess of the establishment is a well-known artist. She not only prepares breakfast for guests, but also invites you to visit her art gallery, where everyone can take drawing lessons from her.

The furnishings in the guest rooms correspond to the taste of the hostess - there is a unique wooden furniture everywhere. Bathrooms are equipped with a shower, in addition, there is a Russian bath. In the garden there is a gazebo and cells with rabbits, which cause constant enthusiasm in children.

Hotels with swimming pool

For those who do not represent their rest without swimming, the Golden Ring Hotel of Russia with a swimming pool welcomes its doors. This is more than a hundred hotel establishments of a high level of comfort. Among them the most famous and popular are:

  1. «Mykolayiv Posad». It is located in Suzdal. This is a huge institution for 133 rooms, which provides a large number of services - a Turkish bath, babysitting, a spa, 24-hour fintes. In addition, the hotel has three restaurants, there is a conference hall, a sports field. Nearby (distance - less than 700 m) there are many places of interest, including Alexander and Pokrovsky monasteries.
  2. "Russian Manchester". Location - Ivanovo. The quality of rooms and the level of service are quite high. The spacious rooms feature a modern design and full technical equipment, and additional services are quite diverse and in a wide range. Many guests of the establishment are interested in why he has such a name. Ivanovo, like English Manchester, is the center of the textile industry, so the hosts decided to emphasize this feature of their region, calling the hotel "Russian Manchester".

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