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Chunky - are those who have roots?

This article will consider the question of what they are - stocky. This adjective is used only in relation to those nouns, which denote objects with roots? Or is it the other way round?

The large size of the root is a sign of stumpiness?

If we consider this adjective from the point of view of its composition, then we can distinguish in it the suffix -ast. It forms adjectives, for example:

  • "Big-eyed" - having large, catching eyes;
  • "Vyshastyye" - with a huge number of vortices;
  • "Toothy" - with a large number of large teeth.

By analogy and stocky - it's those who have a root of their size. And what has the roots? Plants, teeth, hair, words. There is also a mathematical root. And they also call it the root cause of an event, the ancestors of the race.

However, to all these nouns, with the exception of the word "plants", the definition of "stocky" does not fit in any way.

This will sound quite ridiculous: stocky hair, a stocky family, a stocky algebraic expression. And the value of the root in these cases does not matter.

The meaning of the word "stocky"

This adjective, oddly enough, approaches nouns that denote objects or living beings that do not have roots at all.

Such are people, animals, constructions, furniture.

Vasily was stocky: he was broad-shouldered and strong, he was not tall.

The little bear went to the hunter, protecting her cubs, stocky and powerful, with burning eyes.

From the example it is clear that those to whom the definition of "chunky" refers are small and dense creatures, with a strong physique.

After the urban high-rise buildings, this stocky building seemed to have appeared on Earth from long-gone centuries.

This example is already about the building. Here, too, the adjective indicates a fundamental and squat.

A stocky tree stood at the very road with a trunk in three girths; It seemed like a hero, on the shoulders of growing up in the ground.

Here, too, there is a sense of small growth and strong build. But, as it is now surprising, in explanatory dictionaries it is indicated that stocky plants are those with large and strong roots, and not an external, visible part.

But hardly anyone today will allow himself to say this way: "Carrots I was born stocky! The greens are so-so, two feathers. But the root is yes! "

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