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Astrakhan, fishing savage: where to go? Photo and description of fish places

Fishermen are a special category of people who are united by a single passion - fishing. They are ready to overcome any distances, regardless of the time of the year, for the sake of a fish place and gain new life experience. For beginners and for experienced, Astrakhan will become a good choice - fishing is a savage, where you can go alone, and with a group of friends. The choice of places is simply enormous, from the numerous streams and tributaries to the Volga and its delta.

Astrakhan Region

The Astrakhan region is rich in water resources. It stretches along both sides of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and covers an area of more than 40,000 m 2 . The nature of this region is very diverse - from the desert plains landscapes, which are replaced by meadows and forests, to the only mountain in these places, Big Bogdo.

Fishing is a savage in Astrakhan is possible due to the abundance of water sources, not yet captured by the hostels. Fish tourism is the most profitable and popular way of rest in this region. Many places are very picturesque. For example, in the delta of the Volga there are more than 280 species of birds and a rare lotus flower grows, the plantation of which occupies almost 5,000 hectares.

The climate is favorable for visiting Astrakhan. Fishing savage (where to go - it does not matter) in winter at an average temperature -12 also has a favorite occupation, as well as at +30 in the summer. The only unsuitable month for fishing is June, as during this time there is such an invasion of the midges, that people do not even want to leave the house, and not to live near the water in tents.

In the rest it is a very hospitable and friendly land, where even a former tourist will like fishing savage. In Astrakhan and the region there are enough places where it is possible to break camp and create quite comfortable conditions for a long stay in tents.

Savage or Civilization

Like all travelers, fishermen are divided into those who value comfort even when they occupy their favorite hobby and therefore choose camp sites and those who are more important than the catch and total independence. The last one is fishing with savages. In Astrakhan, there is enough space for this, even you can not leave far from the city.

But experienced anglers know that the farther from the large settlements the body of water, the more calm and biting it is. Today, more and more people prefer to stay away from civilization. There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, a fairly high cost of accommodation in the hostel;
  • Secondly, it is sometimes difficult for them to reach, because the roads are not asphalt everywhere, and some need to get on a ferry or boat;
  • Third, the binding to one place, which affects the quality of the catch in the conditions of fierce competition of the same lovers of comfort.

That's why when fishermen choose Astrakhan (fishing for savage), where to go, it does not really matter. Places can be changed at least every day, the benefit of this region is rich in both water bodies and fish in them.

The merger of Akhtuba, Ashuluk and Kharalyk

The reservoirs of the Astrakhan region abound with catfish, pike, zander, line and other species of fish, sometimes their number depends on the season. There are so-called pike places, there are catfish pits, and in autumn a good asp.

With such an abundance of fish, one of the best places for old-timers is the merger of three rivers - Akhtuba, Ashuluk and Kharalyk. In this floodplain it is easy to catch catfish kilograms by 70-100 or carp for 7, so there are numerous tourist centers, heavily promoting such a fishy paradise as Astrakhan. Fishing savage (where to go, the photo below will demonstrate clearly) in such an overpopulated area is possible only in the distance from civilization.

If you leave the district center of Kharabali for 30-40 kilometers, then the banks start to empty, and you can find a parking lot, and there are more fish here. Old residents say that fishing near the camp sites is a hard work, as there are a lot of competitors. Therefore, many fishermen prefer not only to save tens of thousands of rubles, bypassing holiday homes, but also to get the result of their enthusiasm in the form of a large catch.

The Buzan River

In 46 kilometers to the north of Astrakhan the Buzan river flows - the sleeve of the Volga, well-known for its abundance of fish and excellent places for parking. Here there are catfish, pike, carp, bream, asp, perch, white cupid and other species of fish. The banks of this river abound with beaches and shallows, comfortably located among thickets of alder and willow.

Going to fishing in these places, you should know that although Buzan's length is only 102 km, it is a large and fast river, therefore it is necessary to observe safety techniques on the water. In it there are catfish pits, and this fish is better to catch on the shallows, where it leaves at night to hunt. Catfish bite well on large bundles of worms, flesh or frogs.

Not less popular are these places for catching carp, for which experienced fishermen come for a few days. This cautious fish should be pre-feeded in order to really catch a decent specimen. A special feature of hunting sazan is the temperature of the water - in the cold it is better for bait with animal odors, for example, blood or a worm, and in the warm seasoned fishermen use boilies with the flavor of fruit.

This river is not replete with hostels, so here is the best fishing in Astrakhan, where you can go to the savage at any time of the year.

The Kigach River

In this sleeve, flowing in the lower reaches of the Volga River, there is everything for excellent fishing: the absence of noisy tourist centers, beaches surrounded by greenery for convenient parking, and an abundance of fish.

For those who like to try the bite in different places and have a motor boat, there is a choice: the Akhtuba river flows with its famous Jana Sotha pit in five minutes, Buzan in the twelve. Who is interested in fishing savage in Astrakhan in April-May, it will be interesting to him that on the river Kigach during this period is caught pike, buffalo, herring, ram, vobla and Chekhon. In June, fishermen (who are not afraid of midges) expect perch, carp, catfish, asp and bream. From July to November - the most fishy period, when you can catch almost all species that are found in the delta of the Volga.

Ashuluk River

Fans of fishing on the float and the feeder will like the sleeve of Akhtuba Ashuluk. The shallow river, on average 3-4 m, although there are pit from 8 to 20 m, does not have a fast current, therefore it is absolutely safe to catch from the boat. Especially these places attract hunters of predators - pike, pike perch and asp, which are found in abundance here.

To catch the king of the depths, you need to know when the catfish is the best fishing. Astrakhan, where to go in the autumn for this is preferable, is the best option to easily catch instances of 30-50 kg of weight. Better places than the confluence of the rivers Ashuluk and Akhtuba, for this there. In the autumn, the frogs hunt in the water for a long time, which catches soms from their depths. The main requirement for successful fishing is silence.

In addition to catfish, Ashuluk is home to such large sizes of zander that they can be considered worthy trophies. There are few tourist centers on the river, so it is not difficult to find a parking lot.

Fishing on the Volga

To experience a real drive from your favorite business, you should go to Astrakhan. Fishing savage (where to go - a secondary issue) will allow you to fully appreciate the surrounding beauty, and the abundance of this land, and put your personal best.

The most popular are the Volga and Akhtuba rivers, especially places at a sufficient distance from settlements. Here you can find wild tent camps and join them. On the Volga, there are quite good beaches for parking, and the fish is found here in such quantity that it can be caught all year round. Especially popular are places near the village of Rechnoy.

The Volga Delta

The largest number of fish camps is concentrated here, but the lower reaches of the Volga are divided into so many tributaries and branches that it is not difficult to find a parking spot. Especially good fishing here in autumn. In September, zhor begins with asp, pike perch and perch, and bream is caught on the donk.

October-November is the time of the borsch, zander and carp. They hide on the banks and in the bottom layers. Who is interested in the asp, then in autumn it goes to depth, so it is recommended to catch it with donka. By this time, the pike is gaining weight, and specimens of 9 or more kilograms are not uncommon. It should be caught in reed thickets along the shore. Also good at this time carp.

Winter fishing is no less popular in the Volga delta. The main catch is vobla, sopa, pike perch and bream. Especially popular among fishermen are the Kamyzyaksky and Ikryaninsky districts.

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