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New electronic passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation: receipt, deadlines and objections

All familiar paper documents in the near future will be replaced with an electronic passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation in order to facilitate the use of it. What does the government of the Russian Federation offer, what are the pros and cons, the risks of using such innovation?

What does an electronic passport look like?

Almost all contemporaries held bank cards at least once in their lives. Approximately the same will look like an electronic passport of a new sample. How will such a document differ from its current passport and bank card?

On the front side of such a passport will be the following information:

  • A surname, a name and a patronymic;
  • Date: birth, the receipt of the card and the time when it will be necessary to replace;
  • Photo (not familiar from the photo studio, but made in the Federal Migration Service when submitting the application);
  • floor;
  • Registered personal number.

All information will be contained within the card itself. After all, we do not know what balance on the salary card, until it is inserted into the ATM and we choose the function "show the status of the account on the screen." A knowledgeable person is aware that all information is stored in the database of the organization to which the card is attached. Approximately the same will have a new electronic passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. But there are a lot of nuances about this.

What are the advantages of a new passport?

This type of document will facilitate its operation, especially for careless owners. Almost every Russian has, in addition to his passport, other important documents. For example, a certificate of marriage, property, divorce, birth, TIN - a sheet of paper in A4 format or slightly smaller, which by negligence can be torn, burned. Often such things can get wet in the pouring rain. A person will have to restore these documents.

It is easier with the SNILS. The card is small, laminated and easily fits into the Russian passport under the cover. But you can lose. The bank card can also disappear or deteriorate. That's why they propose to make a single map with all the data. There will be only an electronic passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation - a small card the size of a bank, everything will be included in it.

When to expect the release of such cards and where to get

Since January 2015, electronic passports have been issued. But not all of Russia will receive them this year, but only some regions, including Crimeans. And already from January 1, 2016, it is possible to receive such a document for all Russians.

It is assumed that until 2025 it will be possible to use both old passports and new ones. But after that, absolutely all citizens must change their passports. Children under 14 years will receive their documents, but different from the current birth certificate. At the request of parents or guardians, you can insert a picture of the child.

To receive the electronic passport of the Russian Federation, you will need to contact the local department of the FMS (usually in the MFC), write an application for a new passport. It is supposed that you can address not necessarily at the official place of residence. If a person has a certificate of temporary registration on his hands, then without any problems he will receive an application and issue a new passport. It must be taken into account that the old passport will be taken away, two can not be used at the same time.

If there is no time or desire to go to the FMS in person, you can apply through the portal of public services. The list of copies of documents is indicated at registration of the electronic application on a site.

Change the card will have every 10 years.

Disadvantages of the electronic card

At first glance, everything is very convenient: a plastic card that includes many functions. Do not worry about missing an important thing. But it still has drawbacks:

  • Fragility, unreliability. Any plastic card is prone to break with careless handling. If this happens, you need to urgently go to the FMS and demand a new card. We will have to pay again the state duty (every year it will grow).
  • Appearance and wear. Any thing can wear out. Holders of social cards, magnetic cards of the checkpoint at the enterprises can tell what becomes with the plastic cards, if they are constantly taken out, presented, applied. They are erased, the outward appearance of such a thing changes in a couple of years. Can we guarantee the durability of passports for 10 years?
  • External and internal data corruption . If the outer part of the card wears out, then in time the symbols will disappear. Even if a wear-resistant material is made, it will not be possible to completely prevent the risk. The slightest scratch on the biometric area or photo can be an obstacle to reading information. Problems can create electromagnetic waves.
  • Problems in reading . No device is able to work perfectly. Even ultra-high technologies can fail. In serious circumstances (customs, emergency medical assistance, etc.), information may not be considered. An electronic passport of a Russian citizen in this case simply does not work. What to do? There will be trouble for both the citizen and the employees. At present we sometimes encounter such things, for example, at the cash desk in the store.

What is the secret of the electronic passport?

As mentioned above, such a passport becomes all documents at once. It is mandatory to note only the data that is in the paper passport. And if you want, you can write a statement to add other data:

  • driver's license;
  • INN;
  • SNILS;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • children;
  • Insurance medical policy.

This is an indicative list. Absolutely accurate information can be found only at the time in the bodies of the FMS. Every year everything can change. The introduction of electronic passports leads to many questions among citizens. An electronic passport is also a bank card. The citizen will not need to go to the bank to get a salary or a credit card. All accounts, payment for services will be reflected in such a passport. If until today everything was separate, now it will be, on the contrary, together.

Who can see the data?

A lot of organizations will have access to information about any person who has such a document. Why the set? Because each organization is engaged in its information, but nevertheless, information about the place of work will be available to the bank; The police will know in which hospital yesterday the man was lying; The pension fund learns who is married to whom. Almost everyone will know about everything, despite the confidentiality of information.

What happens? A man is seen right through, his whole life. Maybe each organization will study only the data that interests him, and if not? Where is the guarantee that someone will not give out sensitive information to someone? New electronic passports can even "see" what a person is doing, whether he works, or where he lives in this period. After all, it is possible that people even on transport will move thanks only to their new passport, to buy products (after all, a bank card will be included in it).

People against new passports

Is it just a habit of paper documents that can be a reason for protest? Not really. You can recall the old days, when the salary was given out in the hands of money, and now they charge everything on the card. There are pluses in this (do not steal colleagues on the day of advance or pay) and cons (card loss, ATM malfunction, error). Of course, this may be the reason.

The villagers are asking themselves: what should we do? After a lonely old woman in 50 years in a remote village will not live with one ATM or terminal for calling a taxi, which also requires payment by a new passport. Innovations will require global changes everywhere: in a polyclinic, a store, a bank, even in a school and in a canteen. It is necessary to change equipment to all organizations that are involved. And this is a huge expense of money and resources.

Electronic passports in Russia, such a huge country, in which the present era and the century before last merge, can make a huge number of people unhappy. Of course, in megacities everyone will change quickly. But the villagers will also be forced to change their passports. Let her own potatoes in the garden, the ladybird gives milk, you can eat. But you will have to pay for electricity and land tax only on a new passport. And then the question arises: what if a person works for a private farmer or sells himself from his farm? Money does not go to the electronic passport. As we see, there are a lot of difficulties to be resolved.

Danger of surveillance

At present, people are frightened by bikes about new "iPhone", which are allegedly equipped with sensors to track people. The American company Apple is working closely with its authorities. But is it?

"IPhone" is not so terrible as the fully-fledged electronic passport of a Russian citizen. After all, all the data will be in the public eye. Possible and hacker attacks on the server, hacking. If something like this happens, people will be in big trouble.

It is possible that people will be monitored for any purpose. For many, this prospect seems to be very dubious.

What else confuses the Russians?

Above, all the shortcomings and advantages of the new passports were listed. It is these shortcomings that can harm a person. If he is unemployed or a student, how will the money come to him? How will he pay for the products in the store and the passage in the subway?

There will be no need for labor books in the future, because all information about the work will be in the electronic passport. Do not carry copies of your passport and other documents. But all this will harm those who try to evade their obligations. The absence of a military ticket from a recruit will be discovered in our time not immediately, but an electronic passport will be notified immediately by the military commissariat immediately.

The Lasting Prophecy

Some Christians are against electronic passports because they know that the prophecy of John the Theologian is coming true in the book "Apocalypse". It says: before the end of the world people will take a seal on the forehead or the right hand, that is, "chipped". Without such a seal, they can not fully live. And what is it? The sign of antichrist. People are no longer named, but numbered.

Will it be possible to refuse? The first electronic passport in Russia has appeared since 2015. Within 10 years all citizens must replace the old document with a new one. As for antichrist, chipping, Christians need to be afraid of despair of the soul towards God, and not of the press. If you accept the new document as simply progress in the information age, then you should not be afraid of believers.

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