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Pyatigorsk Mountains: names and photos

Pyatigorsk is a land whose nature is unique. Many believe that the city received its name from behind the mountains, which frame it in a neat ring. In fact, this is not so. Mountains in this area are much larger. However, only a few of them have their own prehistory. The Pyatigorsk Mountains are a whole system, fascinating with its beauty.

Mount Sulahat

This is one of the highest mountains in Pyatigorsk. Its height is about 3439 meters above sea level. Almost all the mountains of Pyatigorsk are associated with legends. Many locals tell the story of the formation of Sulahat.

Legend has it that a young girl gave her life to save the inhabitants of a small Dombai. In ancient times, the tribe of Alans lived in this area. Their leader had a daughter who had incredible beauty and kindness. The tribe successfully bred domestic animals and farmed. However, cold winds began to penetrate the valley, which destroyed the planting. Most of the harvest was lost. As a result, hunger settled in the valley.

The young daughter of the leader could not watch how her people were suffering, and sacrificed her life, shielding her body with a gap through which the cold penetrated. The inhabitants of the valley long grieved for such a loss. Their tears formed three rivers: Alibek, Dili-Ulgen and Amanauz.

Mount Mashuk

There are other legendary Pyatigorsk mountains. Their names are heard by many tourists. First of all it is worth noting Mount Mashuk. If you believe the Balkarian epic, it is not just an elevation. This is a mountain of giants. Of course, it does not differ by its height - no more than 1000 meters. As history shows, on the western slope the great Russian writer M.Yu. Lermontov. To the place where the duel took place, leads a path that does not overgrow.

What to visit?

The mountains of Pyatigorsk, the names and photos of which are given in this article, are associated with many youth forums. Promising people gather here who have ambitions, create business projects and plan for the future.

Mount Mashuk has an elongated shape. Therefore, walking is a difficult activity. You can go up to the peak of the mountain for a fee. This is due to the cable car.

And what beauties are the mountains of Pyatigorsk! The names "Failure" and "Shameless Baths" are immediately associated with the height of Mashuk. It is located all at the foot. On the healing properties of the Lake Fail are real legends. Next to it there is a place where you can experience the impact of mineral water, which has a blue tint. This place is called "Shameless Bath".

Mountains of Pyatigorsk: Camel

From the height of Mount Mashuk, you can see the peaks of Mount Camel. Completely its slopes open when you move to the direction of Kislovodsk and Cherkessk. The mountains of Pyatigorsk amaze with its beauty. Find someplace else such a striking landscape is very difficult. Mount Camel is lonely. Around it stretches the plain.

This place was described by many famous people. However, earlier they did not know anything about this mountain. Although there is a mountain camel almost in Pyatigorsk. As for the name of the city, it was formed from the name of the height Beshtau. It is also called "Five Mountains" or "Türksk". It is worth noting that territorially Pyatigorsk does not belong to the mountain.

"Five mountains", or Beshtau

What is the height of the Pyatigorsk mountains? If you consider that the city is located above sea level by about 500 meters, then all the elevations seem small bumps. The highest is Mount Beshtau. It can be seen from almost any point. The landscape of this hill is amazing. Hiking is a pleasure. There is a ring road, which allows you to go around the mountain in a circle. By time such a walk takes about three hours.


To start walking is best from the city of Lermontov or from Zheleznovodsk. On the way to the peaks, you can see picturesque mountain streams that encircle the slopes of Beshtau, giant oaks, ash trees and thickets of beech. It should be noted that there are no coniferous forests on the slopes.

In the southern part there is the Second-Athos monastery. This place should definitely visit. Here are the purest springs. From two sources you can try mineral natural water. They are located from the side of the city of Lermontov.

Mount Beshtau got its name thanks to five peaks: Shaggy, Two brothers, Kozya Skala, Small and Big Tau. They all make up one whole and create an indescribable beauty landscape.

Mount Shelter

Beauty is not deprived of other Pyatigorsk mountains. Their height is insignificant. However, the plant and animal world is unique in its own way. Many argued that Mount Sheludivaya is different from the rest. According to many, there is scant vegetation here. From the central part of the mountain Sheludivaya is not visible. View of it opens at the entrance to the suburb of Vinsandy. In many directories of Soviet times, the mountain has a different name - Green. At that time its vegetation was thick. As a result of cutting down the relict trees, the landscape has changed a lot. The western and southern slopes also underwent changes. In the 80 years of the last century, mining was carried out here. The mining industry left behind its mutilated slopes.

The beauty of the Pyatigorsk mountains amazes and excites. These slopes are impregnated with life. Refuse to walk in such places is very difficult. After all, here a person begins to feel like a part of nature itself, being healed by the soul.

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