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Fishing in the Saratov region: the best places

Successful fishing depends on many factors: favorable weather, suitable gear, a good bait ... But the most important thing is the choice of a reservoir. This article contains information about the best fishing places in the Saratov region.

General information about fishing in the Saratov region

The Saratov region is quite "manned" with water resources. More than one hundred and eighty rivers flow here, one of which is Mother Volga. And since there is no shortage in water, and fishing in the Saratov region is at an altitude.

In reservoirs, rivers and ponds, bream, carp, roach, white carp, carp, pike and other fish are found. You can hunt them both overboard and underwater; From the shore or from the boat; Using a fishing rod or a network.

Fishing in the Saratov region is divided into summer, lasting from May to October, and winter - from December to April. The choice of equipment, bait and tactics largely depends on the season. But not only from this, but also from a specific place.

Volgograd Reservoir

Volgograd reservoir is often called the sea not only because of its dimensions (540 km in length, 17 - in width at a maximum depth of 45 m), but also due to the rich fauna. Fans of fishing can expect here to meet with pike, carp, catfish, bream, carp, burbot, carp, perch, roach, chub, broom, etc.

The infrastructure at the reservoir is well developed, and anyone can try their hand at being a savage, and as an organized tourist - the blessing, specially equipped for these purposes, there are many bases.

The dominant fish in Volgograd is roach. It is taken mainly from the shore and in the cooler season. By the end of spring, roach biting is reduced - it can be found only at depth. And it is restored only by September. And the queen of a hot summer is a bleak. She does not care about high temperatures.

On large representatives of fauna - pike perch, bream, pike and carp - it is better to hunt from the boat. And from the shore, in addition to roach, a perch is good, as well as an idol and a chub, adoring quiet harbors.

Saratov Reservoir

It is popular among the fishermen of the region and the Saratov Reservoir, stretching for more than 340 km in length and 17 km in width. Its depth reaches 30 meters.

The permanent inhabitants of the pond are pike perch, carp, pike, roach, catfish, chub, ide, burbot, perch, crucian, asp, borsh, bleak, etc.

The coastal relief of Saratov has its own specific features that make it practically impossible to fish from the shore. It's better to use a boat. Then there are great chances to catch on the spinning huge pike-perch (weighing about 12 kg) and even more oversized pike that are found near the flooded islands and in the places where the rivers flow into the reservoir. Even the standard crucian in these places tightens a half kilogram, and the average perch weighs a kilogram (the latter, by the way, very fond of shell and grassy fields).

There are relatively few fishing bases here. We can say that in this reservoir fishing in the Saratov region is one of the best, there is enough animal stock.

The river Ilovlya

Another notable place in the region is the Iłowl River. It flows through the territory of the Krasnoarmeysky district, is characterized by small dimensions and picturesque landscapes. And also a valuable fauna. In Ilovl, a pike, a bream, an ide, a perch, a crucian, a roach and an ide are waiting for the fisherman.

The banks of the river are thickly overgrown with reeds, so it's better to hunt from the boat. Yes, and fish at a depth more - close to the shore, she is afraid to approach.


The river Chardim is also in very picturesque places and is littered with a lot of islets. Its name translates as "forest river". But not only this attracts fishing in the Chardim of the Saratov region, but also, of course, its "population". Chub, perch, asp, borsch, pike, catfish, ide and even trout (!) Are found here. The latter is rare and small in size, but you can try. The most favorable time is spring or late autumn, when the water becomes as bright as possible.

Well, the main inhabitant of Chardym is a chub. It is here that most fishermen go there during the warm season (from May to October).

In chasing the chub, there is a good chance of catching a pike too. There are even quite large individuals weighing up to five kilograms.

Fishing here is taken from the shore. The most important thing is to keep yourself quiet. This is the key to success.


Approximately seventy kilometers from the center of Saratov is the village of Usovka, near which the Volga acquires a rapid current and is characterized by great depth. Also there are many (several hundred) islands of the most intricate shapes, grooves, caves and ditches. This place in the people is called the "Bermuda Triangle", and fishing in Usovka (Saratov Region, Voskresensky District) is held even at the level of the All-Russian Championships.

Do not complain and amateur fishermen who have at their disposal a boat (from the shore hunting is impossible). In the pits of the Gusikh and Kayukovskaya channels, huge pike-perch, pike and catfish hide. On the scyges come across whole flocks of asp, perch and chub. Pike (up to 12 kg) can be found with great probability in the Podvorotnoe and Tula wrecks, overgrown with grass.


Fishing in Vyazovka of the Saratov region is also very popular with experts in its field. It is especially good in winter, when you can hunt a predator from the ice. True, this pleasure is not free-there is a special base in Vyazovka.

In general, paid fishing in the Saratov region, as in other regions of Russia, is already quite a common phenomenon. And has a lot of adherents, because it guarantees the result.

Among the most famous fishing bases of the Saratov region are "Aryash", "Bakalda", "Sulfur", "Dubki", "Ogorevsky", "Slavyanka", "Forest Fairy Tale", etc. Rest in the bosom of nature, successfully fishing with comfort Here it is possible for very little money.

Well, he who wishes a "free flight", can quite make it on a common reservoir. Fortunately, free fishing in the Saratov region is still available almost everywhere!

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