A handful is a lot or a little?

Looking through the culinary magazines and studying various recipes, you can quite often come across the term "handful". Old, "grandmother's" recipes and at all variegated with such recommendations, because in their time there were no comparatively convenient measures, no kitchen scales, or precise marks on measuring cups. So they measured everything with handfuls and pinch, bringing the dishes to the ideal purely for taste.

But what is a handful? And can this term be used today?

What is a handful?

The term is derived from the word "handful" and means palms folded together in the form of a boat. Fingers must be tightly closed so that what is typed in hands does not pour out through the gaps.

A handful is a space that is formed when the palms are folded.

Also a handful is often called the space formed by one palm, also folded "boat". Although, to be honest, it's only half of a full handful.

Another handful can call not palms folded, but what has fit into this space.

A handful is inaccurate

The term "handful", probably, will soon leave at rest, after all it is as inaccurate, as well as "pinch" of something. For one pinch you can take as one gram of substance, and five. Is there a small difference? And if you solish something?

A handful is a very inaccurate term, because you can collect full palm berries, and you can only cover your skin lightly. Both will be considered a handful, but the weight of the berries in these two cases will be very different.

There is still confusion with a full handful (when two palms are folded) and half, which is also simply called a "handful" (when one palm is folded with a "boat").

The test "Three cakes"

Imagine that three people cook the same recipe in order to make the same cake. According to the fictional recipe, we will need:

  • 2 handfuls of flour;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • a pinch of salt.

The cake is prepared by an adult man and woman and a little girl. What will come of them?

The proportions will, of course, be met as they are prepared, but the cakes will all be of different sizes, since everything depends on the size of the palms.

So, the girl will cook the smallest cake, because she has the smallest hand. This means that her handful will also be the smallest.

And she'll be lucky if her cake comes out, because only handfuls of flour were measured, and the rest of the ingredients are unchanged.

The woman's cake will be of normal size.

At the man it will be the largest and, most likely, the driest because of a plenty of a flour.

So the conclusion is unequivocal: a handful is very inconvenient!

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