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Interesting facts about the life of fish. The most interesting fact about fish

There is a lot of things on our land that cause astonishment. For example, here you can include interesting facts about the life of fish, and here are some of them.

List of the most-most ...

Whale shark by right takes the place of the largest fish. It is found in three oceans - Indian, Pacific and Atlantic. Its main diet is plankton. The largest captured specimen from this family was discovered in 1949. When it was measured, it reached a length of 12.65 meters.

The oldest fish was 88 years old. It was an eel that died in 1948. He lived in the Swiss Museum in an aquarium. When he was caught out of the water, he was (according to rough data) three years. This happened in 1860.

The next interesting fact about fish, perhaps some will already be familiar. The most dangerous and bloodthirsty among the freshwater are the piranhas. They keep flocks and together attack the victim regardless of its size. They live in South America. In Brazil in 1981 there was a shipwreck, and three hundred people were caught in the water. No one could survive, as there were piranhas.

The fastest inhabitant of the water abysses is a sailfish. In Florida, tests were organized, which confirmed this fact. In just three seconds, this fish overcame 91 meters. Its speed reached 109 km / h.

Amazing Fish

On our planet there are fish, the existence of which many do not even guess. Here are some of them. There is a fish that freely leaves the water and moves overland. It is called anabas. Without water, it can stay up to eight hours. Help her to move fins. Anabas come out of the water to find food or to move to another pond. They can also climb trees.

There is another interesting fact about fish associated with acne. Some of their subspecies can swim backwards. The rest of the fish can not do this "trick".

Taste sensations skates surpass human. At that time, as a person taste buds there are only 7 thousand, this fish has 27 thousand.

Pisces are "waterbirds". Every day they consume a quantity of fluid equal to their own weight.

There is a predator who always has a "fishing pole" with him. At the sea edge on the head there is an appendage, which he uses to lure the fish.

Unbelievable but true

It is worth paying attention to other interesting facts about fish that seem at first sight incredible. So, it is known that these creatures can also drown. If there is a small amount of oxygen in the water, the fish can suffocate, since air is important for its vital activity.

In the family of the imperial angels there is a very unusual subspecies. The males have several wives. But if he dies, his place is taken by the female. The most surprising thing is that she changes her gender to head the "harem".

How to Train Your Fish

Another interesting fact about fish is that they can be tamed. Of course, this applies to aquarium inhabitants. This is possible if the fish develop a reflex. To do this, it is necessary to feed it at the same time every day and at the same time produce a certain sound, for example, a knock. A few days later your pet may have a reflex to tapping, which tells him that it's time to eat.

About cartilaginous fishes

An unusual class are cartilaginous fish. Interesting facts about these water inhabitants help to broaden the horizon. To begin with, it should be noted that this class of fish for a long period was considered to be bone relatives.

Many species of their representatives today are inhabitants of oceanariums.

Representatives of some species of this class distinguish with their glands poisonous substances that can harm a person, and if a short time does not help, the victim will die.

Cartilaginous fishes differ by internal fertilization.

About sharks

The most famous cartilaginous predators are sharks, but despite this, the facts about them are very interesting. For example, these fish almost always feel hungry. They can eat whatever they see, even their own insides that have fallen out of the ripped belly.

In the belly of this predator, strange things have been repeatedly found that do not harm her. These are suitcases, horseshoes, and pans.

The structure of the shark is also of interest. Her jaws and skull are not connected to each other, so if necessary, for example, before a bite, she pushes them forward. In addition, they have no bones at all.

Males of blue sharks during courtship bite females, and therefore their skin is thicker three times than males.

Fish that can fly

Another representative of the underwater world is the flying fish. Interesting facts about her are also impressive. These fishes have large fins that help them soar over the water surface for a while. During the flight, their speed can rise to 80 km / h. These fish float in the air on average 50 meters. But if you're lucky, they are able to extend the flight due to the caught airflow. Thanks to fins, fish can change the direction of flight. Caviar of these creatures is widely used in Japan for making sushi. It's called tobiko.

Clown fish

Another unusual representative of marine fauna is a clownfish. Interesting facts about these creatures are very bright and entertaining. Despite its small size, this fish is very brave and steadfastly protects its territory from uninvited guests. She is ready to enter into battle even with divers, whom she perceives as encroachments on her property. In his anger, a clown can even bite a person (the teeth of a fish are not sharp). It is also a fact that the territory is protected only by females. These representatives of fish live in active corals. Despite their militant temper, they are afraid to sail away from their house more than a meter. After the death of the female, some "boys" change their sex. All fry are born male, but over time, some of them turn into "girls."

Fish in antiquity

Here are some interesting facts about fish and how people perceived them in the past:

  • Monks of the Middle Ages were confident that the beaver is a fish. This animal was included in their menu during the period of posts.
  • The Romans and Greeks thought that the rays had an extraordinary energy, because at that time people had no idea of electricity.
  • In ancient times, it was believed that the stingray is a therapeutic fish, and they were used to conduct shock therapy sessions. If a person suffered from headaches, he was put on his head on this fish.
  • The first mention of the goldfish was mentioned in 1590. According to Chinese characters, these fish had bulging eyes and symmetrical body parts. The most beautiful individuals were those with particularly large eyes. They were called telescopes. At some representatives eyes reached five centimeters.
  • Here is another interesting fact about fish-swords. It is known that they attacked and still continue to attack ships. In the past, from these encroachments, the ships sank, as swordfish can puncture the skins made of even two centimeters steel. From its impact there is a gap of 25 centimeters in diameter.

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