Types of women's coats: photo, description

Since a woman is a graceful creation, all her clothes, including the upper one, should advantageously emphasize the dignity of the figure. That is why the fashion designers and designers with a worldwide reputation work tirelessly on this task. They come up with unique models of fur coats, sheepskin coats, jackets and down jackets. About what kinds of women's coats were invented earlier, and which are relevant today, we say further.

Brief information about the outer clothing

Coats are considered one of the most common types of top women's clothing, intended for the demi-season or winter period. Initially it was created for the sole purpose of protecting the beautiful half of humanity from frost and cold. For the same reason, the production of this garment, as a rule, used wool and other fabrics with worsted threads.

A little later the coat acquired a somewhat different meaning. Its creators began to think not only about the comfort and preservation of heat, but also about its aesthetics. In particular, it was necessary to come up with new styles that would fit into different types of figures. This task was solved, and new types of women's coats appeared (photo models will help you to understand them). But what kind of varieties are these? And how much are they in demand today?

What kinds of women's coats are there? Classic

There are several varieties of women's coats that differ in form, style, style and other characteristics. Also, different models of outerwear may or may not have bright decorative elements.

In addition, the color spectrum of outerwear is diverse, allowing you to put on coats for any ceremonial events, parties or use for everyday wear. For example, at present classical models that can be conditionally divided into the following types of women's coats are common:

  • Single-breasted with three buttons, lapels (lapel pockets on the chest) in classic style and inclined, chest or horizontal pockets;
  • Single-breasted with a concealed clasp, classic lapels and with several variations of pockets (oblique, horizontal or breasted);
  • Single-armed with three buttons, standard lapels and embossed pockets;
  • Double-breasted with three rows of buttons, several variations of pockets and lapels with sharp tips (such a cut of outer clothing is also called military or army).

Such types of coats (female) - a classic of the genre. They can be worn anywhere. They will not give you out of the crowd, but they are suitable for everyday wear. And, of course, this kind of outerwear perfectly matches almost any clothing, whether it's a black pencil skirt or favorite jeans.

Examples of a coat of conservative style

A vivid example of the conservative style of outerwear is a covert. This model is a narrow single-breasted coat with four decorative seams, present below and on the cuffs of the product. Because of this unusual visual effect, this decor is also called the "railway".

It is believed that the first types of women's coats, made in a similar style, were used by hunters mainly in the cold season. That's why this model is endowed with a huge internal pocket, located on the right side below. Presumably, here hunters hid provisions and stores with spare cartridges.

In addition, the cover coat, as a rule, is complemented by a spectacular collar made of dark brown velvet. And the fabric used for sewing such a model is made exclusively in beige or gray tones.

Kinds of coats (female): names

Among such a huge variety of coat models you can find products of different cuts. For example, the most famous is the Olster, which involves the use of a dense twill when creating a long coat with a detachable hood and belt.

No less popular is the Balmakaan, named after the hunting grounds in Scotland. This model, as a rule, involves a short collar, raglan sleeves and a folded buckle. It is noteworthy that such types of women's coats are usually made of hard wool.

Pea jacket is a double-breasted (rarely single-breasted) coat with a warm lining and a stylish turn-down collar. In addition, these models have neat pockets. By the way, initially such clothes were exclusively among seamen. It was they that allowed to close the neck during a strong wind, and the pockets served to transport various instruments.

What types of coat silhouettes are?

Any woman planning to buy a coat dreams of finding a model that will fit perfectly on her figure. However, for this you need to choose one of three silhouettes, corresponding to growth, composition and style.

For example, it can be a straight, fitted or trapezoidal silhouette. In the first case, classical models of outerwear can be used as a basis, which are mainly produced with a belt or belt to emphasize the contours of your waist. Shattered coats - models with sleeves in three quarters. They assume a rounded gate and resemble a bell in shape. In the third case, the coat has a rather rectangular shape and a pronounced double-breasted collar.


One example of the loose cut of outer clothing is dafflkot. Typically, such models with a hood are short (up to the middle of the thigh) and a rather remarkable decoration in the form of massive buttons and decorative hinges. For the manufacture of such a product, a special wool "with a fleece" is usually used, presented in a dark blue color. There are some kinds. The women's coats, made in this style, almost do not differ from the similar tailoring of men's outerwear.

What types of coat-mantle exist?

In addition to the classic cut of a coat, there are also models of unusual tailoring. For example, it is to these that one can refer to the outer clothing made in the inverted style. Such a coat, unlike others, does not have sleeves. Instead, there are only small slots for the hands. And the product itself has a free, slightly glued shape and a length of three quarters.

Another of the varieties of coat-mantle is a product with one large and wide sleeve. Such capes are usually made of fur. They do not contain pockets and fasteners. And, finally, another kind of coat a la "bat" or, rather, "flying squirrel", is a poncho. This product, like a puzzle, consists of 1-2 large rectangular pieces of cloth, neatly sewn together. It has no sleeves, hoods and collars with bumps. But for the hands in the poncho two slots are provided, and there is also a hole for the head.

Short and long coats

Depending on the style, there are short and long models of outerwear. And in the first case it can be fitted or flared kinds of coats (female). The photos with the cut-off bottom of the models clearly demonstrate the short length of the product. But as practice shows, it can be up to and just below the knee.

There are also pre-fitted models, barely covering the bulging parts of the buttocks. They are more like a light jacket than a coat. Long models, for example, of straight cut, on the contrary, can reach the knee, and even reach the very heels.

What is a coat?

There are other types of women's coats that are different from other types. The hood is one of the examples of varieties of outerwear of non-standard cut. Typically, these types of coats are more like a sports pait or hoodie. Their length is usually up to the middle of the knee. They are also characterized by the presence of a large hood, zipper and sleeves with cuffs.

In a word, there are a lot of different styles and silhouettes. That's only when choosing a particular model, you need to take into account the characteristics of your figure. Remember! Your coat should not emphasize its shortcomings. On the contrary, it is simply obliged to point to virtues.

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