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What to cook with peanut butter? Variants of useful and tasty dishes

Sports enthusiasts, gourmets, connoisseurs of desserts and masters of cooking - everyone loves peanut butter, and I'm unsurprising. You can eat it just like that, add it to desserts or use it to transform a salty dish. The possibilities are just a huge amount! In addition, peanut butter is also good for health if you use natural. In the processed oil, there can be a lot of sugar and fat, and in the natural one there should be only nuts and salt. If you want to eat more of this useful product, without gaining excess weight, you should use this list of recipes. Perhaps, in it you will find your new favorite dish!

Apple nachos

Few version of the snack is able to compete with apples served with peanut butter. Add this combination of raisins, chocolate chips and coconut to make an incredible treat. In this case, you do not have to be afraid for the figure: in this dessert there are no extra calories or harmful sugar.

Oatmeal cookies that do not require baking

Small pieces of such cookies are perfect when you are not too hungry or you just need something sweet that will not spoil your diet. Use this recipe - and you will be ready for such situations. You only need fifteen minutes to prepare. In combination with flaxseed seeds and chia seeds, as well as almonds, it will be very useful and tasty.

Fruit sauce

The combination of Greek yoghurt and peanut butter is a wonderful protein duo that perfectly complements your diet. Get a thick cream sauce, which you can take with you or eat at home with slices of apple. Use natural yogurt without sugar or syrup, it is better to add cinnamon or vanilla to it yourself.

Chocolate sweets with peanut butter

If you like a combination of peanut butter and chocolate, you will like this recipe. Very delicious sweets are obtained, which will have a rich aroma of peanut butter, and with no extra ingredients. Such sweets are very simple to cook, besides, it is enough to eat one or two, to feel a rush of energy after dinner.

Banana ice cream

This banana ice cream will conquer you: it includes only frozen fruit, peanut butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon and sea salt. In this dessert there are more calories than in ice cream from the store, but there are no harmful additives in it. You can enjoy an incredible cream and sweet dessert without using harmful ingredients.

Cookies with chickpeas and chocolate

On the basis of peanut butter with chickpeas, you can make a perfect dough! Just add the vanilla extract and the chocolate crumb to make the cookies more sweet and you will achieve the goal! In addition, there are no raw eggs in this cookie, which means you can even try raw dough without fear.

Brownie without cereals

You no longer need a ready mix for baking. You can make brownies on your own, besides not using flour or sugar. In this case, the dessert has an ideal consistency, which makes the brownies so delicious. Using a combination of bananas and peanut butter, you can get an ideally sweet taste with notes of salt. At a time when you want chocolate, this dessert will save you, especially if you combine it with a glass of warm almond milk.

Cake without baking

A pie that does not need to be baked? You are guaranteed to enjoy! Calories in it a lot, but they are all from useful products like nuts or dark chocolate. The crust consists of walnut, pecans and cashew nuts. In addition, it tastes like ice-cream cake, which everyone loved in childhood, only without excess sugar.

Useful hook

What could be better than a healthful jelly that does not contain fats or corn syrup! Use a banana so that the taste is sweet enough. The recipe uses coconut oil, so that the dish will fill you with energy for a long time and help you lose weight.

Chocolate-banana protein cocktail

Peanut butter and chocolate in combination with fruits? This dish is not just delicious, but also full of antioxidants. In addition, preparing this cocktail is surprisingly easy. You just need to mix all the ingredients in the blender and add flakes, berries and cannabis seeds, which are a great vegetable source of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Parfait with chocolate and chia

When you do not want oatmeal, you can start the morning with this dish, full of protein. Combine bananas with cocoa powder, chia seeds and peanut butter to get more fiber. This dessert will ensure you satiety without excess calories. Use a slightly unripe banana, in which there is more starch.

Oatmeal with dough flavor for biscuits with chocolate

There are cookies for breakfast nice, but so it will be difficult to lose weight. It's better to use your favorite tastes in oatmeal. Add the vanilla Greek yogurt, so that there is more protein in the dish, just make sure that it contains as little sugar as possible.

Pancakes with flaxseed

If you wake up with a desire to eat pancakes, you can use this recipe. The combination of oatmeal flakes rich in fiber and flaxseed, which is very healthy, makes this dish ideal. You do not have to worry about the figure, and the feeling of satiety will be with you all morning.

Honey and banana cupcakes

Take a cupcake with you to work very conveniently when you do not have a spare minute. You can make them on Sunday and eat throughout the week. It is a hearty and very fragrant dessert, for which you do not need to blame yourself. As a sweetener, honey is used, because it is an excellent alternative to sugar. Honey reduces inflammation and does not increase blood sugar levels so dramatically.

Thai pizza with tofu

Use the ready-made pizza base from wholemeal flour, so it will be easiest to cook. The combination of vegetables and tofu is a wonderful base, and a sharp sauce based on peanut butter will bring even more benefits. In this dish, a lot of vitamin A and calcium, so this is an excellent option.

Spicy salad with chicken and noodles

If you are fond of proper nutrition, you know how useful buckwheat is used for the production of noodles. It is a good source of protein and fiber, besides, it has a lot of magnesium. This mineral helps to lose weight.

Asian salad with noodles

What could be better than an appetizing and healthy salad? Salad, which is easy to take with you! You can make it in a jar so that the pepper remains crisp and the dog does not lose shape. Add the edam, carrots and rice noodles to make it even tastier.

Roast with sweet potato and spinach

Serve this roast with cinnamon or lentil, to get a particularly useful combination. It is a warm and satisfying dish full of flavors of vegetables and cereals. You can add more broth - and you will get a wonderful soup.

Chicken with pineapple in Thai

In a combination of sweet and sour tastes of pineapple and nut butter aroma there is something special. If you do not eat meat, you can try to make the same dish with tofu - it will be not less tasty and useful. In pineapples, there is a lot of magnesium, a mineral, important for a normal level of energy.

Salad with cauliflower

Cauliflower is an excellent alternative to a heavy carbohydrate. It has a low glycemic index, so you will feel full for a long time. Cream filling based on peanut butter gives the dish an originality. This salad is good both as an independent dish and as a garnish.

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