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Hang gliders with a motor, their variants

Hang gliding became very popular in the seventies of last century. Then lovers of extreme rest from all corners of the planet began to massively use light aircraft without an engine. As a person always wants something more, some time later the first hang glider with a motor appeared. Photos of this device are shown below.

Hang gliders with motor: characteristic

Relate to the second group of ultra-light aircraft. Characterized by a balanced control. There are separate types in which the wing is equipped with a steering surface. However, this significantly reduces their reliability and leads to the complication of the design. Hang gliders have a wheeled or float chassis and are able to even carry a small load. Compared to analogs that are not equipped with motors, these devices are characterized by a higher level of safety. Among other things, hang-gliders with a motor are very simple in terms of take-off and landing.


Depending on the layout of the engines, there are several varieties of these aircraft. In particular, the power unit can be located behind the pilot's back, under the wing, on the mast, on the motorbike and on the fuselage. In addition, several engines are sometimes installed.

The oldest option is the hang-gliders with the motor on the mast. This layout has been used since the very first days of the design of these aircraft. But the modification very quickly outlived itself due to the fact that the design became less stable, and controllability only worsened. A similar situation arose also with the installation of a motor on the fuselage.

The location of the engine under the wing is considered the safest for the pilot, because in this case the screws are far enough away from him. Moreover, the installation itself is much faster than other structures. At the same time, the simplicity of controlling the aircraft is ensured and comfort is enhanced. Such hang-gliders with the motor are in great demand not only here, but also abroad. Sometimes two engines are mounted in this way. The advantage of the devices is that you can fly and balance even when one of the engines does not work. At the same time, we can not but note the fact that the devices did not meet the expectations placed on them due to the significant complication of the design.

When the engine is mounted on a motorized carriage, it is also possible to transport goods. In this case, in addition to the motor, the chassis, the pilot's seat and all other elements are attached to it. Among other things, the use of the trolley implies the use of a stronger construction, assembly and disassembly of which does not take much time. In management, this kind of something resembles a sporting modification.

Answering the question about how much a hang glider costs with the engine, it should be noted that everything here depends on its variety and intended purposes. The simplest version will cost about 400 thousand rubles, while sports models are much more expensive.

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