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The film "Sergeant of Militia": actors showed the victory of good over evil

During the days of the Soviet Union, when ideas of honor and human dignity were still popular, much attention was paid to the so-called upbringing of the younger generation with the right films. In them good was always won by evil forces, triumphant decency and kindness, mutual understanding and mutual assistance. Especially popular in those early years used the tape about the guards of order. About one of them with the name "Sergeant of Militia", the actors of which played another glorious story, and will be discussed.

Story line

This remarkable film shows the usual everyday routine of Soviet militiamen, who daily guard the peace and work of the peaceful population. From distant Siberia to Leningrad for admission to the university comes the entrant Alex Severtsev (actor Alexander Alexandrov). He becomes an easy prey for criminals who managed to deceive him. Severtsev lured into a deserted place, beaten and robbed.

Investigate a committed crime entrusted to a young police officer who simultaneously ends his studies at the University's law faculty, Nikolai Zakharov (actor Alexei Minin). This is the story of the film "Sergeant of the Militia". The actors taking part in its creation lived images of their heroes, breathing life into them.

The sergeant enters into confrontation with a large gang of criminals, led by a fairly brutal and very cynical leader, nicknamed Prince (played by one of the great actors of the twentieth century, Oleg Yankovsky).

The crime will be solved!

Very brightly shows the main and minor heroes of the film "Sergeant of the police." Actors and roles played by them, still excite the minds and hearts of spectators of different ages.

With the help of a senior friend and colleague, Major Grigoriev, whose image was embodied on the screen by the unforgettable Ivan Krasko, the young sergeant reveals this malicious crime. He manages to practically neutralize a whole gang of criminals, showing courage and resourcefulness.

In parallel with the intriguing detective line of the film, the actors of the film "Sergeant of the Militia" showed the spectators two other ways of the film: social, that is, a certain responsibility for the profession chosen by the person, a great sense of duty and other, and also romantic when love comes to the main character. That's why even when watching this tape is not the first time, there is no feeling of fatigue or boredom from another viewing.

From rustling pages to buzzing cameras

Favorite by millions of viewers the film "Sergeant of Militia", the actors of which passed a very careful selection before the shooting, was shot based on the novel of the same name by the famous writer Ivan Lazutin. This happened forty years ago. But despite the fact that all this was so long ago, the topic touched on in the film does not lose its relevance to this day.

This film was one of the last, which was directed by Herbert Rappoport. The entire workflow was fine-tuned. Every actor was in his place. Here is the very leader of the criminals Prince, a rare scumbag. But how talented and charming it was played by Oleg Yankovsky! And no matter how strange, but because of his charisma the leader could surpass the main positive hero - Nikolai Zakharov.

The film "Sergeant of Militia", whose actors and roles are still loved by millions of spectators, showed Yanovsky in his role real, alive. When you look at him, it seems that inside chills, arising from the fact that his character is a servant of the cult of gold and silver. But Alexei Minin, who played the sergeant, is somewhat sketchy. Perhaps this was the director's idea.

Different impressions. Different opinions

The film "Sergeant of Militia", the actors and the characters they have played to this day are discussed by spectators, remains one of the best detectives shot in the Soviet Union. Even if it was somewhat trivial, and Nikolai Zakharov turned out to be a little bit patterned. Most likely, this writer put a young, without special luggage experience of the actor in a certain framework.

On the one hand, when you see a criminal, you understand that there can not be anything cute and attractive in him, but on the contrary there can be a feeling of disgust. On the other hand, in this film the "dark forces" were shown more interesting than the "powers of light". Unfortunately, some of the teenagers of that time, after watching the pictures, where the bandits were shown more interesting than the heroes of the positive, wanted to take an example from all of them. Villains became their idols. True, the guys with a strong inner core and the right moral attitude evaluated all the stories consciously.

Well, one way or another, but this film has decorated itself with the treasury of Soviet cinema. Actors were so convinced that after the release of the film on the screens they attributed the features of their characters. And this is aerobatics mastery.

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