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Best teen bikes for boys

Teenage bicycles in most cases are characterized by a rigid frame. In addition, it should be noted that they can be quite simply regulated. In particular, this concerns the saddle at the steering column. The most popular for today is considered to be urban modifications. However, the store also has many mountain bikes.

According to the type of suspension, models are divided into rigidity and chordail modifications. There are also two-pendant bicycles in stores. Special requirements are imposed on models for children, and this should be taken into account. Frames are most often made of aluminum. However, there are also many steel bicycles, or made of carbon fiber.

How to choose a good model?

In order to understand how to choose a teenage bike for boys, it is necessary to study its construction in more detail. Nowadays many people think that the frame should be of an open type. However, in this situation, much depends on the growth of the child. Also note the position of the saddle. In some cases, bicycles can still adjust the angle of the steering column. Due to this, a child, even a small stature, can feel quite confidently on a bicycle with a closed frame.

If we talk about the speed switch, then today the most common are the models for ten gears. In this case, the three asterisks must be in front and seven at the rear bushing. The brakes are divided into mechanical and hydraulic. In addition, there are combined models. If you choose a bicycle among the more economical options, it is better to give preference to the mechanical type. This vehicle will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

Models of the firm "Stern"

The indicated brand of teenage bikes for boys reviews are good. They differ in their simplicity. Brake systems in them are often provided with a mechanical type. However, if you want, you can always find models with hydraulic brakes. If we talk about frames, they are usually made of an open type. At the same time, they are strengthened from the front part.

On average, the thickness of the metal at this point is 2.2 mm. The steering columns are installed in the "Promo" series. To choose a model with a wide saddle the user has the opportunity. You can only adjust the angle of the steering column in several models. Average cost of this company's bicycle is 15 thousand rubles.

Review of the bike "Stern Rocket 20"

Bicycle teen for boys Stern Rocket 20 is most suitable for fast trips. On asphalt areas it is stabilized quite well, and there is no big shaking. However, when driving off-road, a person may have some troubles. The rims of the presented bicycle are used with a double wall, however they can not withstand a large load.

It should also be taken into account that the saddle in this configuration is rather rigid, so it is not suitable for everyone. The brake system is of a mechanical type and is located only at the rear hub. The seat post of this model is made of aluminum. Transfers in this bike can be switched. There is such a model for today in the region of 14300 rubles.

What is interesting "Stern Attack 20"?

Bicycle teen for boys Stern Attack 20 belongs to the class of hybrid modifications. Sleeves in this case are reinforced with special lining. The steering column of this model is used by the series "Zoma" and is of high quality. Pedals in the presented sample are made of plastic, however they are strong enough. Of the shortcomings should be noted only the rapid wear of the rims. This bicycle costs about 13200 rubles.

Models of the trade mark "Cross"

Children's teen bikes for boys of this brand are most suitable for riding in the city. The frames are of medium rigidity. At the same time, various types of damping systems are installed. In addition, it should be noted that all the rims are made with a double wall. Brake systems are most often installed hydraulic type.

The width of the steering column for a bicycle can be selected. Unfortunately, it is impossible to regulate its position. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the bicycles of this brand are equipped with rather weak seat pins. Their diameter is on average 31 mm. The bicycle of the firm in question costs about 15400 rubles.

Overview of the bike "Cross Arena"

These teenage bikes for boys (shown below) from other models are characterized by a reliable braking system. It is installed at the front bush and the rear. The asterisks of the presented modification are erased very slowly. In this case, a special protection is used near the circuit. The steering column of this model is used by the series "Keno", it is able to boast a polyurethane gasket. The seat post in this case is set to a diameter of 27 mm. The front bushing of this bicycle is made of aluminum, and there is a protective ring on it. In turn, the back box is protected by a cap. The saddle in the presented bicycle is installed in the "Shino" series.

Adjust its slope, unfortunately, can not, but the height can be adjusted. The rims of this bicycle are fitted with a double wall, so they can withstand large loads. Pedals in this case are aluminum, and there are lining on them. A qualitative transmission system deserves special attention in the presented device. Total speed bike has ten. It is worth about 13,900 rubles today.

Who is "Cross Avalon" for?

This teenage bicycle for boys (20 inches) is most suitable for mountain trips. However, on asphalt terrain, he also feels confident. The frame in this model is installed with an oval section, and the thickness of the metal in the lower part reaches 3.4 mm. The steering column in the presented bicycle is present in the Primo series, it is made entirely of an aluminum alloy. Protective caps on the sleeves are available.

It should also be noted that the braking system is installed in hydraulic class. All this suggests that the model stops rather smoothly, and there is not much stiffness. Rims in the presented bicycle are used as standard with a double wall. The circuit in this model is installed in the class of PPX. The front speed switch works from coins. The bushings are used in this case steel. In turn, there is a steering column of a semi-integrated type. It is worth a sample on the market of about 15,600 rubles.

Models of the firm "Felt"

Teenage bikes for boys of the indicated trade mark are most often produced with open frames. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the carriages at them are installed rather rigid. Thus, for mountain trips they are not suitable. Brake systems are most commonly used disk type. However, it is possible to find standard mechanical modifications on the market.

Of the disadvantages of bicycles of this brand, we can note the weak strength of the seatpost. In this case, it is usually installed with a diameter of not more than 35 mm. The front bushings are of a combined type, and they are rarely equipped with protective rings. In this store, there are many bicycles with cassette transmission systems. It is an average of this model 14500 rubles.

Characteristics of "Felt Pitch"

These teenage bikes for boys gear system have a cassette type. The total speed in this case is twelve. The fork of the presented specimen is quite rigid, but on the asphalt terrain this is practically not felt. The bicycle is equipped with a remote lock. The rear speed switch for the model is missing.

The carriage is used by the series "Ralo" and is equipped with special connecting rods. Rim for a bicycle fit with double walls. The frame in this case is of a closed type and is quite strong. Its section is oval in all areas. In the lower part of the frame, the thickness of the metal reaches 3.2 mm. The chain for this bike fits the PX class. The front connecting rods have a diameter of 3.4 mm. Grips in this case are used only with protective locks. If we talk about the steering column, you can adjust its position, but the angle of inclination does not change.

The length of the specimen is 70 mm. The seat post is used rather sturdy, and before buying it should be considered. In addition, it is important to mention that this bicycle has a medium-rigidity seat. Unfortunately, it is impossible to regulate its inclination angle. The specified model for today approximately in 14600 rubles will cost.

Should I take Felt Tangerin?

These teenage bikes for boys in our time are quite in demand. However, it should be borne in mind that the frame is made of steel. Due to this, such a bicycle on the market is quite expensive. The brake system is of a disc type. The front switch works with special coins.

The rear system is cassette-type. Rims for the model are aluminum. Connecting rods for a bicycle are suitable only for steel. Grips in this case are of the "Roll" class and equipped with protective locks. Among the shortcomings, it should be noted that the bicycle is small. However, the seatpost can be adjusted in height. The specified model costs about 16200 rubles.

Models of the trade mark "Gost"

Forks of the bikes of this brand are installed in the "Gamo" class. To date, the market has modifications of small and medium hardness. Seat pins, as a rule, are produced with a diameter of no more than 30 mm. Brake systems are most commonly used disk type.

The pedals of many models are made with nylon gaskets, they practically do not slip. Switching systems are only used in cassette type. Teenage bikes for boys at seven speeds in the shops are. Carriages in this case are used only on cartridges. The average model on the market is about 15,100 rubles.

Features of the bike "Gost Actinum"

This teenage bike for boys is universal, it is well suited for city trips. On the irregularities of a special vibration in the saddle is not felt. The switching system in this case is installed in the "Plateau" class. There is an anterior change in this model. In addition, it should be noted that the brake system is installed quite high quality, and wear of the bushes is extremely small.

The pedals of this bicycle are of the type "Koloder" and are equipped with nylon gaskets. The chain in this case is suitable for the PPH series. The connecting rods on the switch are only aluminum. The carriage at the submitted copy works from cartridges. It is worth a given teenage bike for boys to date about 14900 rubles.

Based on the above characteristics, choose the most suitable bike for your child. Successful purchase!

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