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This wonderful knife throwing

Throwing knives are not very similar to the products we are accustomed to. They will not find a comfortable handle, and the blade is almost incarcerated. But the most important thing for such a knife is its shape and high strength of the blade, so that, being stuck in the target, it is not damaged. Often it is distinguished and thickened steel, especially strong it should be a few centimeters from the tip. This is due to the fact that when you hit a tree in this place there is a reaction to the break, for this reason often break simple knives. The design of the throwing knife can be almost anything, but in general, the design must be properly balanced and perfectly even. Balancing will not allow the blade to rotate in flight, but a properly forged shape will reduce air resistance. Qualitatively executed knife throwing will serve more than 50 years, it can not be broken or bent. Most often the blades are made of high-quality steel. However, it is possible that someone prefers to throw knives from bulat or other models that differ from the standard weight and material of manufacture.

Features of throwing knives

What is the secret of the beautiful flight of this dangerous toy? The throwers, who are professionally engaged in this kind of sport, use wooden stands, previously moistened with water, as targets. This allows the tip to gently penetrate the target. The most common techniques of throwing: this technique with the rotation of the blade in a half-turn or without any turnover. The first is used at a distance of 3-5 m. When the knife is thrown without revolution, the wave motion of the body is used. When performing the swing, you can not use the brush, otherwise the blade in flight will randomly rotate and get past the target. It is also very important to release it from the palm of your hand in time. Remember and one more useful rule: the closer the target, the closer to the center of gravity you need to hold the blade. The greatest distance from which you can throw a knife throwing - 12 meters. If you move away from the target further, the percentage of successful hits will decrease several times.

The most common models

Knife "Sturgeon". This model was invented and developed by the famous V. Kovrov. The thickness of the blade is 6 mm. Such a knife thrower is suitable for technology "in circulation". As the main material, high - quality steel grade 30ХГСМ is used.

Knife "Leader". This blade is convenient to hold the handle, as it has a non-standard center of gravity - it is shifted forward, to the blade. It is often used for training various throwing techniques, suitable for both throwing into circulation, and for wave technology.

Knife "Scan" like those who own wave technology throwing. Thanks to the recesses and engraving on the handle, this throwing knife is perfectly held in grip and does not slip out of the hand. It was very ergonomic and convenient.

Throwing knife "Wasp". This model is known as a military weapon, produced for special services. The "Wasp" is intended for throwing from a short distance and can be used in hand-to-hand combat. Now there is a modification for wearing and throwing by civilians, it is narrower (the thickness of the blade is 2.4 mm), but in Russia this knife is prohibited for use.

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