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Details on what sesh means

Slang expressions have become part of our lives. They come into it from communication on the Internet and from modern culture. The founder of many expressions was rap. American and Russian performers often use slang in their texts, and later these expressions become winged and diverge among the youth. Now everyone knows what sesh means. We will also talk about this word.

Where did the word sesh come from

This expression, like many Anglicisms, came to us from the United States. There it was used among young people with skateboarding and smoking of narcotic substances. There was this word from the session, translated as a meeting, meeting or meeting. Less often this word is used in the meaning of time, session, occupation or section.

The American youth knows exactly what sesh really means. After all, teenagers on the streets call each other to smoke or ride a skateboard with the phrase: Let's go to sesh! However, now this word has come into mass rap culture, and very few people connect it with banned substances and their use.

Who put the word in the mass culture

In mass culture, the question of what sesh means is different. This is the name of one of the directions in which rappers and bitmakers work. It came about thanks to the California-based Elmo Kennedy O'Connor, better known by the Bones nickname.
Elmo knew the true meaning of the word, but he did not make any sense to it. Moreover, he founded the Team sesh movement, which we'll talk about just below. If you ask the rapper what sesh means, he will say that this is the direction in which he works.

What is this style?

Despite the fact that the rapper does not associate sesh with prohibited substances, his work evokes thoughts about them. Raised Elmo was in an unfavorable area, and at age 16 and at all dropped out of school for hip-hop. His idols were black rappers, who boasted of their material status and dependence on prohibited substances.

The themes in Elmo's texts directly hint to the listener what sesh means. Bones for his work has chosen the themes of drug addiction, beautiful life and gangsters. Critics believe that this is a usual gansta-rap, but Elmo argues with them. He believes that he creates something new. The most important thing is that his creativity is liked by fans. He collects concerts not only in America, but in Italy and Russia.

For their tracks, Bones uses free bits, which lay out newcomers on specialized sites. He also does not shoot high-budget clips, but does video on an analog camera. At the same time, many famous labels all over the world work with him.

Team Sesh: what does it mean

It was thanks to Elmo, the world learned about this unusual term. So the rapper calls the community of directors, beatmakers and reference points. They united them under this own label. The creation of this association, according to Elmo, was necessary not to answer the questions of major labels, whose promotion services he does not need.

There is also a downside. American journalists persistently spread rumors that the Bones family is not so simple and poor as it seems at first glance, and the story of a self-made teenager is just an invention. His uncle is a famous vocal teacher, father and mother are designers, and his brother earns a living by editing video. Thus, many believe that the career of this rapper was carefully thought out.
Even the creation of your label is a clever tactical move.

Despite very interesting proposals, the Bones refused them for their own benefit. If he promotes himself, profit from sales of tracks or performances will go only to him. Although the fans, he said that he wants freedom of creativity. Nevertheless, the rapper and his team are so popular that their name has become a slang expression for many fans of hip-hop.

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