Bags "Salome": customer reviews

In Russia, most of the companies that manufacture haberdashery have been operating since the times of the Soviet Union. Of course, this indicates that the manufacturer can be trusted, because he has a lot of experience. On the other hand, the model series of bags manufactured by factories are still almost the same as in the glorious old days. A completely different story with the goods that produces under the name "Salome".

All about the brand

The factory of bags "Salome" (Novosibirsk) was opened in 1997. The plant was founded literally from the ground up by a few enthusiasts who realized how expensive, stylish, fashionable bags there are for domestic buyers at an adequate price. I must say that the organizers turned out to be very responsible people and were able to lay a business that proudly lifted its head successfully passed through more than one crisis.

What can be said about such well-proven products as NSC Salome bags? The reviews are exceptionally positive. In many ways, this is due to the fact that only designers who have been trained in the best Italian companies work in production. All assortment is made on the modern equipment brought from abroad from the most reliable suppliers. In the working process, they resort to technologies successfully tested in European factories for the manufacture of bags.

For the most fashionable

Reviews of the bags "Salome" (Novosibirsk) allow us to conclude that all goods are classical elegance, which fully meets the expectations of customers. Choosing such a handbag, a woman can not doubt: she immediately becomes the object of envy of friends and colleagues.

However, the company offers interested buyer and interesting fashion models, unusual, designed for demanding young people. Such will come to the liking of experiment lovers. Haberdashery stands out not only interesting forms, but also unusual, fantastic coloring. The designers of the factory follow the latest fashion trends. Choosing bags "Salome", the customers will have the most relevant things of the season.

About bags "Salome" reviews from the photo show that the goods are sewn in accordance with international quality standards. This is a guarantee of reliability and high level of manufacturing of each product. Another advantage of the product - the material from which it is made. All products are sewn from a completely safe for man and the environment of raw materials.

In demand - and not in vain

Women's bags firm "Salome" like the buyers for many years. This is due to the balance of price and reliability of the goods. Why products are inexpensive? They are made of an artificial material, tested, reliable, resistant to wear. Do you doubt whether it's worth believing in artificial skin? Pay attention: bags "Salome" reviews deserve only positive! Therefore, you can trust the experience of other customers.

The performance of each product is at an altitude. The variety of models is amazing. The brand regularly releases new items that can please and fall in love with any fashionista.

New clothes for joy

Women's bags "Salome" are really very popular and please their owners. Some customers say they bought handbags on the occasion. In Novosibirsk, the company has its own store in the city. Many come just because they walked by, drew attention to the sign and ... could not resist buying!

Even if this pleasant event in life happened several years ago, the bought bag of years remains as new. Women admit that they did not expect a long life of the goods at such a low cost. Many consumers simply did not expect a long service life, they feared that they would get their hands on. But neither they nor the bottom do not lose their appearance even after two or three years from the date of purchase, despite the severe Novosibirsk climate. "Salome" - a bag shop, where all goods are of equal quality, because they are sewn from a similar material and on the same equipment.

For those who need style

Some customers tell how they first saw the bags of Salome. Photos attract attention at once - stylish and beautiful products, these are the actual ones in this season. Pleasantly surprised by the price, because, for example, in the capital a good bag for a half thousand can not be bought, even from artificial material.

After reading about the bags of "Salome" reviews, many decide to take risks, after all the money is small, so it's worth trying. Even for a couple of times, bags are good and just like ladies.

However, even after a year, two and three, with regular use in winter and summer, the products do not lose any appeal. For example, Moscow has a very bad ecology, which affects not only people, but also things. The chemical components contained in the atmosphere destroy the natural skin and adversely affect the artificial materials. But bags of "Salome" are sewn from such a reliable leatherette that even the atmosphere of Moscow is not terrible for them.

For any weather and mood

Some ladies buy their first "Salome" handbag by chance, but they remain so satisfied with the new clothes that in time they want to replenish the collection of their accessories with a large number of brand goods. Reading reviews, you can find out that some of your first successful purchase was made many years ago, on the occasion of being in Novosibirsk, and then faced with complexity, because in their native places "Salome" was not to buy. For example, it is not so easy to get such things in the Northern capital. But some time ago, sites of joint purchases were actively developed. On the one hand, on the bags of "Salome" reviews confirm that successful purchases are not an exception, but as a rule, different people acquire quality and reliable things. On the other hand, the Internet provides an opportunity to buy an inexpensive new thing.

Women write that they are happy to regularly buy new items from Salome. This is the brand that fits most - not too expensive, stylish and really high quality. This is appreciated, because everyone likes reliable things, and products from the "Salome" for many are ideal.

It is worth noting, the climate of the cultural capital of Russia is rather difficult. Here, high humidity, strong winds and in winter there is a short period of very severe frosts. In such conditions, the skin (both natural and artificial) quickly bursts, climbs, in short, the thing loses its appearance. But, as the photos of happy owners show, even a few years after the purchase of the bag "Salome" retains a beautiful appearance. This is due to the use of a very reliable material.

Do not let you down!

Many customers agree that the first bag from the company "Salome" appeared in her wardrobe quite by accident. Many find the favorite in the future aksessuar in a shop located near the house. Unknown to many brands at the time of purchase, as a rule, nothing says, and the price is so low that the product is not expected to last long.

For such customers, Novosibirsk brand bags become a source of faith in the domestic industry, after all, even years after the handle is still in order, it does not get stuck and does not deteriorate, the decorative elements are securely fastened, and the lightning is in excellent condition.

This longevity provokes the ladies to learn more about what happens to the bags in their hands by a lucky coincidence. Many learn only on the label that this is a domestic brand based in Novosibirsk. Already the fact that the company produces goods in Russia, rather than leasing a line at a Chinese plant, causes respect for it and a desire to support the domestic producer.

For connoisseurs of economy

Positive feedback on bags "Salome" is increasingly found in regional forums of cities, in recent years, occupying low lines of rating on the economic situation. Local people are accustomed to spending money wisely, but in recent years it is absolutely impossible for us to buy a decent product. Everything is too expensive, but instead of quality - pshik.

Undoubtedly, customers are remembered for a long time, when they are shown before acquaintances with a new handbag "Salome". Usually colleagues literally fall asleep with questions - where did such a charm come from? And many gloomily promise that it will fall apart in just a few days. And how they laugh when they find out that this is a Russian brand! They say that it will fall right at the seams.

A lot of surprise for both the customers themselves and their entourage is caused by the fact that neither a month later nor a year later the bag does not crawl, does not peel and generally shows itself very well. Many people later say that friends and colleagues are also starting to buy goods of the same brand.

Start for business

There are also stories of satisfied customers who were among the first in their city from among those who understood all the benefits of joint purchases and began to promote them to the masses. Such people have the experience of opening forums and trying to explain to distrustful inhabitants why it is really beneficial. Before them in due time there was an uneasy problem - to pick up such goods which would please consumers with the quality, differently all invention could collapse suddenly.

Many then chose bags "Salome", which was equivalent to jerk in the pool with his head. Of course, the experience of women in other cities suggested that the brand can be trusted, but still the businesswomen remember that it was very scary. One failure - and everything could go to waste. Fortunately, those who preferred the Novosibirsk brand, they chose a truly trust worthy brand. Already the first testimonies of customers were positive, and even after six months and a year there was no discontent.

Now "Salome" in almost all regions is a constant purchase. Wishing a lot, because the brand is well-deserved fame. People realized that he can be trusted, and through the forums they can buy bags practically at the factory price. Organizers themselves go with bags of this company, and every new season provokes to take something from the new collection, so the models of "Salome" are so good.

For the whole country

Many say that they first bought a bag of "Salome" in the online store. Often people do not even think about what they want, but only design estimates. However, another factor - a low price, as well as the desire for new things. It's no wonder that in such a situation you can not resist.

The reviews show that the bags not only do not disappoint the hostesses, perfectly fitting into the wardrobe, but they also show themselves well. Even after a few years they are not cracked.

Now many regular Internet shoppers already have several bags of this brand. They say that they like their design. In addition to bags, the factory makes wonderful cosmetic bags. They are roomy, comfortable and durable. Attractive colors - discreet, pleasant. Very successfully combined with all items of the wardrobe. Following the woman who first buys a bag of the Novosibirsk brand, her friends follow. Many people say that they plan with their friends to issue a wholesale order on the site of the factory, because the groups are going to be big enough to make a joint purchase without an organizer. It will be quite cheap! Undoubtedly, this is an occasion for joy.

Summing up

As you can see from the reviews, the Salome women's bags are really trustworthy. You can buy them directly from the manufacturer, if you need a wholesale lot, and one by one they are sold in a branded store in your hometown, through joint purchases, as well as from sellers in different regions of the country.

Excellent quality of the goods is provided by modern technologies and the latest equipment. The company actively works with clients. There is a customer support service, and all managers are friendly and responsible. Thanks to this, not only the quality of the goods at the height, but also the level of service.

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