"Lada Vesta" - technical characteristics of a Russian middle class car

One of the newest and, accordingly, modern Russian cars is Lada Vesta. The technical characteristics of this middle-class car are of interest to many people. Fans of AvtoVAZ are interested in this topic and are watching test drives, as there are not enough comments yet. Far not everyone still bought this car. Well, it's worth telling about this model and its advantages in more detail.


Before talking in full detail about the car "Lada Vesta" (technical characteristics, design, exterior and everything else associated with this model, will be discussed later), it is worth mentioning a couple of words regarding the premiere of this model. The very first body of the pre-production version was produced by manufacturers in 2014, namely - on November 5. It was in the city of Izhevsk. And in 2015, on February 5th, the same body was welded and painted the first body of the future "Libra" by serial technology.

For a long time, manufacturers have created a car that could replace the "Prioru". And just recently, in early autumn 2015, the premiere of this machine was held. The new "Lada Vesta", whose technical specifications are really better than those of "Priora", seemed to the world.

Development technologies

Interestingly, the cost of developing this project, within which Lada Vesta was created (whose technical characteristics really impress, unlike most of its predecessors), amounted to about six billion rubles. The car turned out overall and much more solid. It looks, in any case, better than the famous and famous "Priora". Initially, the developers planned to set the cost of 400 thousand rubles. Quite a bit - many used cars are not worth that much now. But then Boo Anderson, the president of AvtoVAZ, said that the cost would be about 500-550 thousand rubles. Initially, the sedan will come on sale, after which the hatchback will also be launched. Buyers who are residents of the Russian Federation, this car will be offered in several trim levels. To be more precise, there will be four versions of the car "Lada Vesta".


So, this machine was created on a platform called Lada B. This is the further processing of the project, which was called Lada C. As you can remember, he was not realized. The new car's Dizan was based on two concept cars. This is Lada XRAY Cross, as well as Lada XRAY. Interestingly, the model received a completely original, brand-new front suspension, featuring L-shaped redheads, as well as completely different, not as before, pivoting fists. Also it is impossible not to mention the castor at five degrees. And of course, the steering that was taken from Renault Megane. Still the steering column of the model is easily adjustable both on the flight and on the slope (all versions and complete sets, except for the initial one). It is also interesting that many parts and components concern borrowed from Renault-Nissan. This radiator, brakes, something from the interior and much more. In general, the car "Lada Vesta" turned out to be quite good. Technical characteristics, clearance, design - everything has already reached the European level. And it can not but rejoice.

Engine, design and interior

As it was already possible to understand, "Lada Vesta" has good technical characteristics. Photo of the car shows us a car made in modern European style - interesting, attractive, solid. This will be beneficial to look on the road and definitely like the fans of off-road vehicles. Although - it's a car.

So, this machine will be equipped with "VAZ" engines - for 106 liters. from. (1.6-liter) and 87 liters. from. (The volume is the same). Still, by the way, on some, more expensive versions will be installed a motor from Nissan - famous HR16DE. Its volume will also be 1.6 liters, but the power is higher than the rest. Namely - 144 liters. from. "Lada Vesta", the technical characteristics, ground clearance and safety of which are at a very decent level, will be offered with three variants of the transmission. This is a mechanic for 5 speeds, a standard "VAZ" automatic and a variator.

Interestingly, starting from this year, 2015, this model became the basis for a racing car, which will be known under the name LADA Vesta TC1. Then this machine will participate in the World Championship, held among cars. So far, only two cars have been prepared.

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