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"Jetiks" channel: list of all cartoons

Probably every child is familiar with the TV channel called "Jetix". The list of all the cartoons can not but rejoice the children. Here are animated pictures for boys and girls of all ages. Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Canada, France, the USA and other countries demonstrate their masterpieces on "Jetix". A list of all the cartoons is offered below. Consider these funny series.

"Jetiks": a list of all the cartoons of the famous TV channel

So, more. What is the Jetix channel? The list of all cartoons pleases not only children, but also their parents. But first things first.

Fox Children`s Network appeared in 1990. After 10 years, small Russian viewers were also able to join the global audience of this channel. During his lifetime, he was shown a lot of diverse cartoons. They were able to gain immense popularity. In the actor cartoons were left even after two decades. The most popular paintings are:

  • "Auggie and Cucarachi."
  • "Mad Jack Pirate."
  • "Life with Louis."

In 2002 the channel was named "Jetiks". The list of all the cartoons did not change at all. New owners continued to show the old series, not having new projects in stock. Over time, the airtime began to fill with other cartoons. Among them:

  • "The Devil."
  • "The new Adams family."
  • "Monsters are warriors."
  • "Spider-Man".
  • "The Dark Oracle."
  • "Children from class 402".
  • "What about Andy?"


Jetix Russia Channel is a team created in 2011. With the support of TV viewers, volunteers and former employees, the project was registered in 2012. In the media space, the team is officially recognized and takes a deserved place. You can find it in social networks and on YouTube. All the original content of the TV channel is freely available. Internetcasting is conducted around the clock.

Cartoons of different countries

The most diverse countries here are provided with incredibly interesting projects. Let's list the most famous cartoons of the channel "Jetix". List of Canadian animations:

  • "Iggy Arbuckle."
  • «World of Quest».
  • "Tim Galaxy."
  • "What about Andy?".
  • "Tutenstein."
  • "Jimmy Cool."

Americans also showed a lot of funny TV series. Among them:

  • "Fantastic Four".
  • The X-Men.
  • "Children from class 402".
  • "Spider-Man".
  • "The Enchantresses."
  • "The Black Oracle."
  • "Life with Louis."

Pay attention to the French TV series. It:

  • The Tofu Family.
  • "ATOM".
  • «Oban: Star Racing».
  • "Galactic football."
  • Total Spies.

Japan also stood out. On the channel were broadcast:

  • Naruto.
  • Sonic X.
  • "Shaman king".
  • "Pokemon. AI: Combat measurement. "
  • "Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl."

Showed interesting cartoons and other countries. Of the most famous:

  • "Combat Rangers: Operation Lightning."
  • "The mystical power of combat rangers."
  • Lentyaevo.
  • "H 2 O: Just add water."
  • "Pukka".

Magnificent children's channel

Many kids were entertained by the wonderful cartoons that went along the "Djetiks". The list offers pictures for a wide audience: girls and boys of all ages. Probably, every child dreams of a children's channel, which does not show news or TV programs for adults. And if earlier you could really only dream about it, then today the wishes are fulfilled! Now it is not necessary to purchase compact discs and videocassettes with cartoons. "Jetix" solves these problems!

Dreams Come True

Let's look at the memories of some of today's grown-up people. When they were small, then, like all children, they would like to watch cartoons from morning till night. But there was simply no such possibility, as mentioned above. And suddenly "Jetix" appeared! Cartoons »The list (old) immediately gave many kids the fulfillment of the cherished dream. However, the new list did not disappoint anyone either. The children were just happy. After all, not everyone at that distant time in the house had cable television. Because not every family could afford it.

With the advent of such a channel, children watched the TV for hours, watching all the cartoons in a row. Many boys and girls knew any advertisement and a series of each cartoon, sang along with all the screensavers. In general, the life of the kids turned into a real fairy tale. After all, whatever time they turned on the TV, they always showed the cartoon. Is not it wonderful?

The channel is alive!

In a word, the present "Jethiks" presented children with real joy and happiness. The list of all cartoons and films has been replenished with new projects over the years. Toddlers grew up, grew up. They had their own families, their own TV sets. But suddenly there was a "huge injustice". It can be said a tragedy for many children and their parents. The Jetix disappeared. The canal was closed. And instead of it was launched "Disney".

Of course, many were upset. The childhood channel, which you could only dream of, was closed. But nobody could find the reasons.

Several years have passed. And today on the Internet those cartoons that were shown on the channel "Jetiks" began to appear. As a result, many of them were found on YouTube. Fans of the "Jetix" began to search persistently, whether there is still something connected with this channel. A full-fledged "Jetix" was found on YouTube. Here is collected a huge number of childhood cartoons of many kids. Now the happiness of the guys is simply no limit. However, as well as the happiness of their parents, despite the fact that they are already adults. The channel is broadcast via the Internet, just like it was once on television.

Most likely, a lot of people missed the old animated channel. Therefore, to those who could not reconcile with its closure, it was decided to convey the fact that the Jetix is working again. Although the network, but it functions.

Thanks to Andrey Milovzorov

Cartoons channel "Jetiks" found a second life thanks to one beautiful person. His name is Andrey Milovzorov. He was able to revive the beloved channel of millions of people. What for many in childhood was the main thing and became, indeed, so dear.

But, in fact, we sum up. This channel, according to many viewers, is a real happiness for every kid. Be sure that the list of cartoons will definitely have to your child's liking. As, however, and you. After all, adults are also looking at the Jetix with great pleasure. Cartoons differ not only in wit and fun. They are also instructive, thoughtful. That is definitely solid pluses.

Thus, if you want your children to have fun and interesting leisure time, think about watching the cartoons of this TV channel. The animations presented here will surely bring them pleasure, raise the mood, will bring satisfaction. This is proved by many people. Try to relax - and make sure! Enjoy watching!

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